Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Today is the Day! Join Us in Celebrating the National Day of Prayer ...... Today is the Day! Join Us in Celebrating the National Day of Prayer ...... Today is the Day! Join Us in Celebrating the National Day of Prayer ......

National Day of Prayer, Prayer Rally
Thursday, May 6th, 2021 - 12:00-1:00pm
Fortuna Veteran’s Memorial Building
1426 Main Street, Fortuna
(gathering outdoors on the front steps and in the parking lot)
Join us as we pray for our Communities, Cities, County, State and Nation - Bring Your American Flag - Social Distancing

What a great turn out! Thank you to everyone who participated in this this very memorable event!



Sunday, May 2, 2021

If the FBI tapped into Rudy Giuliani’s iCloud messages in 2019, we should all be asking how is that legal? I thought Apple had insanely strict privacy standards?

ICYMI ❗We’re one step closer to recalling Gavin Newsom. More than 1.6 million signatures have been verified!

Here Is What Republican Voters Really Believe in. It's a Shame the GOP Has No Idea

by Wayne Allyn Root

What's amazing is that the GOP leadership in Washington, D.C., and the Republican National Committee have no clue what their most loyal, passionate voters believe in.
I'm here to spread the gospel. I'm here to report that "the truth will set you free." The people are desperate to hear the raw truth. Preach it. Let it rip. This is how you get standing ovations from tens of millions of Republicans, conservatives, patriots and capitalists. This is how you win elections.
I began my speeches by saying: "Here is what I know. Here is what I believe. Here is raw truth. Let me know if you agree by your applause. Only applaud if you agree."

Powerful teachers union influenced CDC on school reopenings, emails show

Saturday, May 1, 2021

Tim Scott’s GOP Revival Message A powerful rebuttal to Joe Biden’s big government agenda.

One of  The Most Inspirational and Optimistic Messages This Year!

Deadly California Wildfire Was Ignited To Cover Up A Murder, Sheriff Says

Think crime is out of hand now?

Texas Democrat Facing Calls to Resign after Calling Tim Scott an ‘Oreo’

Tim Scott has received a racist insult from a Democrat Congressman after giving the Republican rebuttal to Biden's speech.
Texas Democrat Facing Calls to Resign after Calling Tim Scott an ‘Oreo’

Friday, April 30, 2021

Why it is important to have a free and open discussion of the pros and cons...

From the comments: "I remember watching this episode of 60 Minutes when it first aired. That was when the 1934 Communications Act was still in effect. That was also when we had a REAL 4th estate If Mike Wallace were doing investigative journalism in today's media environment, he and this 60 Minutes episode would be banned across all TV channels and major social media platforms, plus he would have all of his social media accounts deleted." It is on YouTube, not banned yet.

Anti-Tech Censorship Bill Passes Florida Senate

DeSantis Posts His Ws Online as Florida Senate Passes Anti-Tech-Censorship Bill

Be sure to listen to the excellent "TimCast" video at the bottom of the article.

Should we all move to Florida/Texas ??

From the great Don Surber - 20% of Recall Signatures Rejected

ITEM 16:

Breitbart reported

  "California’s Secretary of State has rejected 20% of all the signatures gathered thus far to force a recall election of Governor Gavin Newsom, according to figures released on Monday, but rejected fewer than 1% of mail-in ballots during the 2020 presidential election."

Learn to ballot harvest.

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Recall effort to oust California Gov. Gavin Newsom officially has enough signatures (NBC 4/26/21)

Thanks to you, we now have enough signatures to trigger a Recall Election!
The Governor now has 30 days and will try every trick he can to get you to cancel your recall petition signature. Don't sign anything else, or fall for any of his tricks!

Horribly skewed polls attempt to paint Biden success

‘How’s All That Incessant, Insufferable, Woke, Depressing Lecturing’ Going?