Thursday, November 18, 2010

Are we ready to help build a more enduring conservative governing majority across the country?

Building a Conservative Majority Starts at Home - Warner Todd Huston at
If conservatives intend to translate Tea Party enthusiasm into actual power they are certainly going to have begin to put like-minded folks into office and not just at the federal level. Every office from dogcatcher, to city offices, to county and state offices needs to be filled with Tea Party advocates. Conservatives cannot expect an enduring governing capability by focusing solely on federal elections. read the rest


Central Committee Greets New Members; Honors Retirees

by Peter Hannaford, First Vice Chairman

Humboldt County”s new Republican Central Committee for 2011-12 will be installed at the November 4 meeting. Retiring members will be honored at the same meeting.

Initially, the new committee will consist of those elected at the June primary, plus three ex officio members. The elected members are: First District, Mark Erdmann, Peter Hannaford; Second District, David Crane, Jean Giannini; Third District, Sharon Pierson, “Vee” Sorenson, Sam Trumbull; Fourth District, Parke Bostrom, Blaine O'Shaughnessy, Darus Trutna and Tim Trutna.

Ex officio members will be Kathy Rodriguez for Congressional 1st District candidate Loren Hanks; Joy Finley for 2nd District State Senatorial candidate Lawrence Weisner; and Gwen Morris for 1st Assembly District candidate Karen Brooks.

The new committee will begin with seven vacancies, seven in District One, two in District Two, none in Districts Three and Four and three in District Five. Nominations to fill vacancies will be received at the first meeting, January 6.

Retiring members of the current Central Committee to be honored are outgoing Chairman Patricia Welch, Colleen Hedrick, George Benzel, Gary Gundlach, Janine Mahoney, Joe Bonino, Linda Hills, Gene Schnell, Dan Jackson and Steve Rodriguez.HRWF Redwood Alert Newsletter (PDF)