Friday, September 30, 2011

Saving Money in Wisconsin

Walker Budget Works for More Local Governments, Saving Taxpayers More Money - via Scott Walker on Facebook

Germantown School District - saved $1 Million
Hudson School District - will save an estimated $1.1-1.2 million annually
Ashland School District - A health insurance provider switch saved Ashland School District nearly $378,000
Kimberly School District - The district saved $821,000 by dropping WEA Trust
Baraboo School District - will save about $660,000 next year after deciding to change insurance providers
Pittsville - will see up to a 9% decrease in the school portion of their property tax levy
Appleton Area School District - will save $3.1 million just in health insurance costs alone due to competition among health insurance providers
Oshkosh school board OKs new insurance provider, saving $3.7 million - The Northwestern