Saturday, September 10, 2011


Humboldt County’s Republican Central Committee will conduct an orientation and organizational meeting for a new chapter of the California Young Republicans Federation.

The meeting will take place at 6 p.m., Monday, September 12 at Republican Headquarters, 311 Fifth Street, Eureka. All Republicans between the ages of 18 and 40 are invited and are eligible to join the YR unit. Refreshments will be served.


George W. Bush Flight 93 Memorial Speech

Race to Replace Anthony Weiner Update: Poll Finds Republican Leading by 6 Points

Hoping to stave off an embarrassing loss, national Democrats have purchased nearly $500,000 in television advertising and labor unions and other Democratic-affiliated groups are readying a major get out the vote effort they hope might save their candidate. - Michelle Malkin
Poll: Republicans On Verge Of Shocking NYC Upset - National Journal
Republican Bob Turner holds a six-point lead in next week's special election to replace disgraced former Rep. Anthony Weiner, D-N.Y., according to a new Siena College poll released early Friday that shows voters in the overwhelmingly Democratic district are poised to deliver a stinging rebuke to President Obama and his party.

Turner leads Democratic Assemblyman David Weprin in the poll, 50 percent to 44 percent. Six percent of likely voters in the Sept. 13th election are undecided.
Weprin does not reside in the district and cannot vote for himself on Tuesday - He would not, however, commit to moving into the district should he win the race.. - NY1
NY-9 TV Ad: You Can't Be Pro-Israel and Pro-Obama - Weekly Standard

NY-9: Boots on the Ground - The Other McCain

GE Decides to Dump Off-Shore Wind-Power Plans Despite Collecting Millions in Stimulus Funds for Wind Projects

link - Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit

GE was awarded 44 contracts totaling over $46,000,000 and 44 grants totaling more than $79,000,000 from the Obama-Pelosi $757 billion dollar stimulus package. Millions of dollars in stimulus funds were used by GE in green energy projects.

Today GE announced that it was going to gut its offshore wind-power plans...

GE Guts Offshore Wind-Power Plans - William Pentland for Forbes

“I called out what he was doing had nothing to do with education,’’ Lewis said. She said she told him, “So this is not about education. This is about safety. ... This is babysitting and warehousing.”

Teachers union president says Mayor Emanuel ‘exploded’ at her - Chicago Sun Times

Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis says Mayor Rahm Emanuel “exploded” at her during a conversation in his office about his signature longer-school-day effort, pointing his finger at her, yelling and telling her, “F--- you, Lewis.”

“I just want to call it immense disrespect for me and the Chicago Teachers Union,’’ Lewis told the Chicago Sun-Times Friday. “I didn’t appreciate the way he talked to me.

The unhappy warrior

Barack Obama looked and sounded angry in his speech to the joint session of Congress. - Michael Barone/Washington Examiner

He bitterly assailed one straw man after another and made reference to a grab bag of proposals which would cost something on the order of $450 billion—assuring us on the one hand that they all had been supported by Republicans as well as Democrats in the past and suggesting that somehow they are going to turn the economy around....

I don’t think these proposals have the potential to turn around the careening economy, I don’t think many of them will become law and I don’t think this campaign initiative is likely to prove successful. From the demeanor and affect of the unhappy warrior at the podium last night, I suspect he may feel the same way.

PBS alters transcript to hide Obama gaffe

Jobs Plan, Media bias, President Obama

At one point Mr. Obama made a major gaffe; he identified Abraham Lincoln as the founder of the Republican Party. - American Thinker

The New York Times transcript has the following quote:

"We all remember Abraham Lincoln as the leader who saved our Union. Founder of the Republican Party. But in the middle of a civil war, he was also a leader who looked to the future -- a Republican President who mobilized government to build the Transcontinental Railroad -- (applause) -- launch the National Academy of Sciences, set up the first land grant colleges. (Applause.) And leaders of both parties have followed the example he set."
But how does it appear in the PBS transcript? (screenshot at the link)

"We all remember Abraham Lincoln as the leader who saved our Union. But in the middle of a Civil War, he was also a leader who looked to the future - a Republican president who mobilized government to build the transcontinental railroad; launch the National Academy of Sciences; and set up the first land grant colleges. And leaders of both parties have followed the example he set."
Is BHO Crazy Like A Fox? - The Other McCain

Looking at the “Lincoln founded the GOP” kerfuffle, one is tempted to wonder if the verbal gaffes aren’t intended as a distraction.

Gunwalker and Solyndra really should be even bigger deals than they are; nothing short of a thorough investigation is enough for these scandals.

Valerie Jarrett: No Jobs Bill Yet; "The President Is Going To Draft The Legislation"

Jarrett implies the complete jobs bill has not been fully written yet, however it will be by next week and the President will submit it to Congress for cost scoring. - Real Clear Politics

Democrats push a higher rural fire fee in California

Gov. Jerry Brown and legislative Democrats are pursuing a firefighting fee on rural homeowners significantly higher than the $90 charge passed last week by California's fire board. - Sacramento Bee

The new proposal would impose a minimum of $175 on the first building and $25 on each additional structure. It would also assess a land fee starting at $1 per acre for the first 100 acres.

Homeowners who live in fire districts, which includes 94 percent of the roughly 730,000 rural structures being charged, qualify for a $25 discount.

Deal to delay tax collection by clears Legislature

A last-minute deal to avoid a referendum on a new online tax collection law has won approval in the state Legislature. - Sacramento Bee

The bill gives retailers like a one-year reprieve on collecting the taxes while they lobby for a federal collection measure.

The legislation, introduced via amendment on the final day of the legislative session, was the result of a deal hammered out between legislative leaders, Amazon and brick-and-mortar stores. Assembly Bill 155 puts the law on hold until at least Sept. 15, 2012 -- the delay could be extended until 2013 if Congress enacts a federal online sales collection law by next summer. In exchange for the delay, Amazon has agreed to drop its effort to ask voters to overturn the tax law, which was approved as part of this year's state budget package.

Friday, September 9, 2011

"There is nothing more complex than tax reform and trying to jam through a proposal on the last day of session without transparency or input from the public and tax experts is irresponsible," Senate Republican Leader Bob Dutton of Rancho Cucamonga wrote in a letter to Brown on Thursday

.Senate expected to vote on governor's jobs plan - Mercury News

With the legislative session closing, Gov. Jerry Brown's plan to promote job creation through tax reform remained in limbo Friday night in the state Legislature.

The state Senate was expected to take up AB40X1 in the last hours of this year's session. The Assembly approved it Thursday with bipartisan support.

The bill requires Republican votes, but so far the GOP leader in the Senate says the proposal is being rushed.

9.11: We'll Never Get Over It, Nor Should We

You've got to be loyal to pain sometimes to be loyal to the glory that came out of it. - Peggy Noonan at The Wall St. Journal

Herman Cain. 9.11 Tribute

Feds Visit Homes of Solyndra CEO, Execs, White House Officials Sat In On Solyndra Meetings

The raid and visits come amid increasing evidence the Justice Department and Inspector General are exploring whether Solyndra mislead the government in securing its $535 million loan in 2009 -- and landing a vital refinancing of that loan earlier this year. - ABC News
'Connected' Energy Firm Got Lowest Interest Rate on Government Loan - ABC News
What the Solyndra debacle reveals about Obama's economic strategy -

Fourteen months ago, the president was using his sonorous baritone to deliver soaring rhetoric about how his policies helped launch that now-broke company, which made cylindrical solar panels. The administration fast-tracked Solyndra's loan guarantee through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act—i.e. the stimulus—perhaps because Solyndra's principal backers just happened to have donated huge sums to the Obama election campaign. Washington guaranteed more than a half-billion in loans to Solyndra on the promise of 4,000 jobs.

Confirmed: White House Officials Sat In On Solyndra Meetings - Gateway Pundit

"From The Blotter: Officials from the Department of Energy have for months been sitting in on board meetings as “observers” at Solyndra, getting an up-close view as the solar energy company careened towards bankruptcy after spending more than $500 million in federal loan money.

Obama Using “Jobs” Plan to Pay for Campaigning

This is really so annoying. Obama is campaigning on your dime again. - White House Dossier

Ostensibly, he’s headed out into the hinterland to “discuss the bipartisan proposals to grow the economy and create jobs as part of the American Jobs Act he unveiled in an address to a joint session of Congress on Thursday,” as the White House puts it.

But really he’s using this new “jobs” bill as an excuse to campaign in key swing states. Since the travel is billed as “official business,” taxpayers pick up the tab. So all expenses get added to the national debt....

Virginia + Ohio + North Carolina = 46 electoral votes Obama desperately needs in states where the presidential hand to hand combat will be brutal.


Stocks on Wall Street declined sharply on Friday and bond prices soared after a speech by President Obama on jobs added to the uncertainty already weighing on financial markets over European sovereign debt and the weak economic recovery. - NYT

Usually, the press gallery is standing-room-only; this time, only 26 of 90 seats were claimed by the deadline.

The irrelevancy of the Obama presidency - Dana Milbank/Washington Post

White House floods reporters’ inboxes after Obama’s jobs speech - Chris Moody/The Ticket

The White House really wants you to know that the $447 billion jobs plan that President Obama outlined in a speech to a joint session of Congress Thursday night has support--that is, from unions, liberal groups and other Democrats.

The White House Press Office sent nearly 50 e-mails to reporters overnight with statements of support from the president's allies, including The International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Democratic lawmakers, The Center for American Progress, the mayor of San Francisco and members of Obama's own Council on Jobs and Competitiveness....

Reporters, to say the least, took note.

"The White House Press Office has vomited all over my inbox," wrote Talking Points Memo's Callie Schweitzer.

"White House Press Office says Malia and Sasha support Obama's jobs plan," cracked Washington Examiner opinion columnist Phil Klein.

No surprise: Jihadist utterances such as “Kill the Jews,” “Allahu Akbar” and “Behead all those who insult Islam” are not among the “hurtful words” studied.

All the wrong 9/11 lessons - Michelle Malkin

9/11 was a deliberate, carefully planned evil act of the long-waged war on the West by Koran-inspired soldiers of Allah around the world. They hated us before George W. Bush was in office. They hated us before Israel existed. And the avengers of the religion of perpetual outrage will keep hating us no matter how much we try to appease them.

The post-9/11 problem isn’t whether we’ll forget. The problem is: Will we ever learn?

The 9/11 ‘overreaction’? Nonsense.

The new conventional wisdom on 9/11: We have created a decade of fear. We overreacted to 9/11 — al-Qaeda turned out to be a paper tiger; there never was a second attack — thereby bankrupting the country, destroying our morale and sending us into national decline.

The 9/11 ‘overreaction’? Nonsense. - Charles Krauthammer/Washington Post

The secretary of defense says that al-Qaeda is on the verge of strategic defeat. True. But why? Al-Qaeda did not spontaneously combust. Yet, in a decade Osama bin Laden went from the emir of radical Islam, jihadi hero after whom babies were named all over the Muslim world — to pathetic old recluse, almost incommunicado, watching shades of himself on a cheap TV in a bare room.

What turned the strong horse into the weak horse? Precisely the massive and unrelenting American war on terror, a systematic worldwide campaign carried out with increasing sophistication, efficiency and lethality — now so cheaply denigrated as an “overreaction.”
read the rest...

The ugly gash of 9/11 - Michael Gerson/Washington Post
An Economic Lesson from 9/11, How capitalism helped save lower Manhattan - Ira Stoll at

In the text of the speech last night given to a joint session of Congress, Obama was supposed to make a single reference to Abraham Lincoln

Unfortunately, Obama felt the need to take a partisan shot at his opposition, and in doing so, offered up a historic flub - Ed Morrissey/HotAir

Er, not quite. Lincoln wasn’t even the GOP’s first Presidential nominee; the first Republican nominee was John C. Fremont in 1856. As the Independence Hall Association recalls, the actual founders of the Republican Party are “Northern leaders such as Horace Greeley, Salmon Chase and Charles Sumner.” Lincoln joined early, as did other anti-slavery Whigs whose party was unraveling at the time, and Lincoln came in second for the 1856 vice-presidential nomination, but he was not a founder of the party. By the time he became a factor in the GOP, the party had already taken a majority in the House of Representatives (1855); it also carried 11 states and 114 electoral votes in the 1856 election that sent Democrat James Buchanan to the White House.

Next time Obama wants to lecture Republicans on their own history, maybe he should take the time to learn it first.

Palin knew Revere better than Obama knew Lincoln - Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion
"It’s even worse, because Palin’s (accurate) comments were made in an on-the-fly interview whereas Obama’s were in a prepared speech." - Althouse
Obama: Lincoln Launched the Era of Big Government - White House Dossier
Surprise! Media covers Lincoln gaffe - HotAir
He gives a good speech, but he’s loose with the facts. He called Abraham Lincoln the “founder” of the Republican Party. Nope. Lincoln was not the founder of the party; he wasn’t even the first Republican nominee (John Fremont was, in 1856). Lincoln was, of course, the first Republican to be elected president.
Great work by Time, huh? Only this piece wasn’t written this week. It was written in September 2008, and fact-checked Mike Huckabee, not Barack Obama. And guess who wrote this historical correction? Time Magazine’s Jay Carney … who now works as Barack Obama’s press secretary.
Jay Carney, 2008: Lincoln not founder of GOP - Byron York/Washington Examiner
PBS alters transcript to hide Obama gaffe (with screenshot) - American Thinker

NYT: Sarah Palin's Ideas Cross the Political Divide

Let us begin by confessing that, if Sarah Palin surfaced to say something intelligent and wise and fresh about the present American condition, many of us would fail to hear it. - Anand Giridharadas/New York Times

But something curious happened when Ms. Palin strode onto the stage last weekend at a Tea Party event in Indianola, Iowa. Along with her familiar and predictable swipes at President Barack Obama and the “far left,” she delivered a devastating indictment of the entire U.S. political establishment — left, right and center — and pointed toward a way of transcending the presently unbridgeable political divide.

The next day, the “lamestream” media, as she calls it, played into her fantasy of it by ignoring the ideas she unfurled and dwelling almost entirely on the will-she-won’t-she question of her presidential ambitions.

So here is something I never thought I would write: a column about Sarah Palin’s ideas.

Sarah Palin may be the one liberals have been waiting for - Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion
Why doesn't the word "Alaska" appear in this NYT column perceiving that Sarah Palin has some ideas liberals should like? - Althouse
NYT shocked, shocked to find Palin has anti-establishment principles - HotAir

'Pass This Jobs Bill' Remix

Thursday, September 8, 2011

In 1863: The First Hispanic Governor was a Republican

In 1863, Romualdo Pacheco was elected state treasurer of California, and then to the state legislature. In 1871, he was elected Lt. Governor. Four years later, the incumbent governor was elected to the U.S. Senate, making Pacheco the 12th Governor of California. Following his ten months in office, he won three terms in the U.S. House of Representatives and then served as ambassador to Honduras and to Guatemala during Republican President Benjamin Harrison’s administration.

Republican Accomplishments

RNC Chairman Priebus Statement On Obama's Jobs Speech

A Stale Speech

Why all that straw-man caricaturing ad nauseam, when after three years it is well beyond old and stale and, what’s more, Obama has a desperate need now for bipartisan support? - Victor Davis Hanson for National Review

Rep. Allen West (R., Fla.) “Did I really need to have a speech for this? You could have given me the American Jobs Act and allowed me to read it and understand it; give it to the CBO, let them evaluate it. Now he’s put the cart before the horse, telling people we need to pass something that none of us have seen. In fact, we knew nothing about this since the speech didn’t come out until 7 p.m. We didn’t have an opportunity to really read and understand these points and proposals.”

“This presidency is absolutely in real trouble,” he concludes. “What I heard at the end was a real sense of desperation. He kept talking about 14 months, we need to do this now, but where was that sense of urgency 34 months ago?” - National Review

Watch the speech on C-SPAN


cspan on Broadcast Live Free

Hundreds of union workers storm port, hold guards hostage...

Longshoremen storm Wash. state port, damage RailRoad - AP/Yahoo
Union thug alert: Day of Rage festivities start early in Longview WA; Update – Video added; cut brake lines, smashed windows, dumped grain, took hostages; UPDATE: Spreads to Tacoma, Seattle - Michele Malkin
Keep in mind: The union-promoted ◼ “Day of Rage” is coming up on September 17.
Obama invites AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka to jobs speech - USA Today
A Trumka history lesson for Mrs. Obama - Michelle Malkin

Time to play Big Speech BINGO! 4:00 PM PT

Back by popular demand…to help you get through the “Jobs Speech” on Thursday night (7:00 p.m. Eastern), Americans for Tax Reform once again presents Obama BINGO! Use the cards to check off terms and phrases likely to be used by President Obama.
Bingo Card #1
Bingo Card #2
Bingo Card #3
Bingo Card #4
Bingo Card #5

Comprehensive List of Obama Tax Hikes

Hash tag: #ObamaBingo

Herman Cain Takes On Entire MSNBC Roundtable After Debate

Herman Cain

(Note: Cain is right. Sharpton is wrong. ◼ Civil Rights Act of 1964 - ◼ Voting Rights Act of 1965 ) ◼ VIDEO: Herman Cain Smacks Around Liberals in MSNBC Post-Debate Panel - the Other McCain

President Barack Obama continues his downward spiral in the eyes of voters, with the percentage who believe he deserves re-election falling to 33%, his job approval tying the low mark of his Presidency at 39% and the percentage of voters saying the nation is on the wrong track reaching a high of 75%

IBOPE Zogby Poll: Obama Numbers Further Erode -

Fox and Friends’ Gretchen Carlson and White House Press Secretary Jay Carney on President Obama’s highly-anticipated jobs speech

Obama to call for urgent steps on economy - Reuters
Obama's jobs plan may top $400 billion - CBS News
Obama: $43m more for ‘wind energy’ green jobs - Daily Caller

What The Heck Is The "Chilean Model"?

Last night at his party's debate, GOP Presidential nominee Herman Cain shared his views on social security. He said that he advocated the "Chilean model." Which prompted most people to say, huh? - Business Insider (image source)

...(H)ere's how they do social security in Chile according to Workers are given the choice as to whether they would like to stay in a pay-as-you-go plan (like we have in the U.S.) or a new system in which they can put their entire payroll tax into a retirement account. That way, they can benefit from compound interest.

Chile's Social Security Lesson For The U.S. - CATO Institute

Examiner On The Debate: Team Coverage

Perry comes out strong, but faces grave danger - Byron York
The Reagan Library/MSNBC/Politico debate - Michael Barone
Perry endures shots from rivals in first debate - Susan Ferrechio
Romney: 'Hey, I'm for the Tea Party' - Hayley Peterson
Huntsman: Republicans must not 'run' from science - Hayley Peterson
Perry's glaring weaknesses in last night's debate - David Freddoso
Debate recap: Soc Security was the defining moment - Philip Klein
Yes, applauding Perry's execution record is creepy - Timothy P. Carney
Huntsman's declaration of victory - David Freddoso
Two key facts on Perry's Gardasil mandate - Timothy P. Carney
VIDEO: Perry and Romney pull punches in GOP debate - Charlie Spiering
GOP candidates' post-debate late night spin - John Vaught LaBeaume
Power Rankings: The Reagan Library debate - Tim Carney and David Freddoso

When did they announce?

Barone: The Republican candidates performed well at last night's debate

The Reagan Library/MSNBC/Politico debate - Michael Barone/Washington Examiner

The biggest mystery about the Reagan Library/MSNBC debate last night is why the Reagan Library allowed MSNBC to be the co-sponsor. Brian Williams, whom I haven’t watched much in recent years, seems to have been drinking liberally of the MSNBC kool-aid; many of his questions were so steeped in liberal distaste for Republican positions that it was embarrassing....

Perry's glaring weaknesses in last night's - David Freddoso/Washington Examiner
The process of political fusion turned out to be a bit unpredictable. - John Hayward aka Doctor Zero for Human Events

Breaking: FBI Raids Headquarters of Obama-Connected Solyndra Energy…

FBI agents executing search warrant at Solyndra - San Jose Mercury News, via weaselzippers

Just days after the company filed for bankruptcy protection, federal agents swarmed around the Solyndra facilities in Fremont to execute a search warrant.

FBI agents were joined by officials from the Department of Energy's Office of the Inspector General in the early morning operation.

Officials would say little about the search, which seemed to center on the Solyndra buildings on Page Avenue off Interstate 880.

"Everything is under seal," said Julianne Sohn, a spokeswoman for the FBI.

FBI at Solyndra Headquarters - nbcbayarea via Drudge

How did Solyndra get a sweetheart interest rate?

How did Solyndra get a sweetheart interest rate? - HotAir
The White House has to explain why it overruled the FFB’s auditors and ignored the warnings from appraisers while fast-tracking over half a billion dollars to a teetering company at loan rates far below what FFB charged other companies. Obama also needs an explanation of why his bundler George Kaiser will get his capital back before taxpayers see the first dime of that $535 million that got destroyed in Solyndra’s collapse. If they don’t have a legitimate explanation for these, then Congress may need to start issuing subpoenas to get answers, because right now it looks very much like Obama used taxpayer money to try to bail out a key campaign donor and left us all holding the bag.
Solyndra officials made numerous trips to the White House, logs show - Daily Caller
Not only does the now-bankrupt solar energy firm Solyndra have a cozy financial relationship with the Obama administration, company representatives also made numerous visits to the White House to meet with administration officials, The Daily Caller has learned.

When Gold Turns to Dross

When Gold Turns to Dross - Peter Hannaford for The American Spectator

California is still a land of political surprises--outlandish, foolish, and mischievous ones. Consider the latest:

The state legislature is about to pass a bill (AB 889) requiring that adult babysitters (age 18 and up) be paid the minimum wage, overtime pay and worker's compensation insurance. In addition, they must have a break every two hours, plus a meal break. This means parents will have to hire two babysitters at the same time, one on duty, the other to take over during the breaks. It's the Nanny State run wild, for the sitters would have to keep time sheets and the parents who engage them would have to issue paychecks, keep payroll records, and pay an employer's share of payroll taxes. Outraged parents in the state have dubbed it "The Babysitter Bill."

Gibson Guitars CEO to attend Obama’s jobs speech as guest of Marsha Blackburn

Henry Juszkiewicz, the CEO of Gibson Guitar Corp., will either sit in the House Gallery as the guest of his member of Congress, Rep. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn. (members of Congress each get to invite one guest to sit in that balcony), or he will be invited to sit in the speaker of the House’s box for the speech, Republican officials tell ABC News… - HotAir

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

NBC News - Politico 2012 Presidential Candidates Debate - Watch it here!

Protein Wisdom
Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion
Ace of Spades
Weasel Zippers

We'll have links to the recorded version as soon as they are available.


Humboldt County’s Republican Central Committee will conduct an orientation and organizational meeting for a new chapter of the California Young Republicans Federation.

The meeting will take place at 6 p.m., Monday, September 12 at Republican Headquarters, 311 Fifth Street, Eureka. All Republicans between the ages of 18 and 40 are invited and are eligible to join the YR unit. Refreshments will be served.



POLITICO-NBC News Republican Candidates Debate details

WHEN: Begins at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT on Wednesday, Sept. 7.

WHERE TO WATCH: POLITICO will be livestreaming the debate online – with a pre-debate show from the Library beginning at 7:30 p.m. ET and post-debate analysis immediately following. Watch it at: or on the POLITICO iPad app. The debate will also air live on MSNBC and re-air on CNBC and Telemundo.

DEBATE LOCATION: At the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, as a part of the Reagan Centennial Celebration.

MODERATORS: POLITICO Editor-in-chief John F. Harris and NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams, with questions from Telemundo's Jose Diaz-Balart.

QUESTIONS FROM READERS: POLITICO has been soliciting questions from readers for the last few weeks and will incorporate them into the debate.

COMPLETE COVERAGE: ◼ At and ◼ on Twitter, #reagandebate.

It will be Rick Perry’s first Presidential candidates debate. The eight candidates taking part in the debate at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California are Mitt Romney, Jon Huntsman, Michelle Bachman, Rick Perry, Rick Santorum, Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul.

MSNBC Preps for Republican Debate - Mediabistro (image source)

MSNBC has also moved some of its programming to California for the week, including “Hardball,” which will air live editions at both 5 and 7 PM ET.

Following the debate around 9:45 PM ET, MSNBC’s primetime anchor lineup of Rachel Maddow, Ed Schultz and Lawrence O’Donnell will host a post-debate analysis roundtable until 12 AM ET.

The decision is an interesting one. The debate itself is sponsored by NBC News, with “NBC Nightly News” anchor Brian Williams co-moderating, but it is airing first on MSNBC, which has moved toward opinion programming in primetime. The current programming lineup will effectively have a non-partisan debate flanked on either side by partisan programming.

Live Streaming Video: NBC News-Politico 2012 Republican (GOP) Presidential Candidates Debate

See? It is a lack of “political skills” — a failure attributed to Obama personally – that liberals identify as an excuse, rather than daring to think the unthinkable: Obama is failing because liberalism doesn’t work.

They can’t allow themselves to think that, because if they did, they wouldn’t be liberals anymore. - The Other McCain

NBC's Chuck Todd: "Our Pollsters Are Concerned" With Obama Approval

link - Real Clear Politics
Discussion at Lucianne

Sound Familiar?

Barack Obama has lost the Hamptons.

Over the Labor Day weekend, I went to a number of events in the Hamptons. At all of them, Obama was discussed. At none of them — that’s none — was he defended. That was remarkable. After all, sitting around various lunch and dinner tables were mostly Democrats. Not only that, some of them had been vociferous Obama supporters, giving time and money to his election effort. They were all disillusioned. - Richard Cohen/Washington Post

Frankly, I was surprised. The Hamptons are a redoubt of New York liberalism. It is to campaign money what the Outer Banks are to fishermen. I expected more than a few people to defend the president. No one did. Everyone — and I do mean everyone — expressed disappointment in him as a leader.

Obama's NEW Rule For Political Civility

White House Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer told WMAL that President Obama is not going to "serve as the speech police for the democratic party. "

Pfeiffer said the Obama Administration is not going to be drawn into the "gotcha game" of reacting to comments made by Teamsters President James Hoffa, Jr. At a Labor Day rally in Detroit, Hoffa urged the President to use unions as his army to fight back against the Tea Party and "take these son-of-a-bitches out."

...In January, days after the Tuscon shootings in which six people were killed and 14 wounded, including Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, Obama urged Americans to find better ways to communicate with each other.

...Mr. Obama said. “Let’s make sure it’s not on the usual plane of politics and point scoring and pettiness that drifts away with the next news cycle.”

On the issue of James Hoffa, Jr. and the Tea Party, it appears the "next news cycle" can't come soon enough for the White House.

How Obama protects the Teamsters

Michelle Malkin's column today sheds light on the longstanding bromance between Barack Obama and the Teamsters. I especially want you to have all this information handy when Obama complains on Thursday about all the infrastructure that’s still not getting built despite the $230 billion in porkulus money set aside for construction projects.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

California taxes away jobs while Texas adds them

So why are businesses flocking to Texas and fleeing California? Well, as a recent headline from The Economist put it, in California "They paved paradise and put up the parking taxes."

"Texas created 129,000 new jobs in the last year -- over one-half of all the new jobs in the U.S. In contrast, California lost 112,000 jobs during the same period," according to "Texas vs. California: Economic growth prospects for the 21st Century," a new report by the Texas Public Policy Foundation released in October.

Texas is home to 64 Fortune 500 companies -- more than any other state in the union. (California has 51 and New York has 56.) For five years in a row, Texas has topped Chief Executive magazine's poll of the best state to do business.

Meanwhile, California is ranked dead last in the Chief Executive's survey. California state treasurer Bill Lockyer even went so far as to pen a Dec. 20 op-ed in the Los Angeles Times denying "the claim that we have a hostile business climate."

Networks Ignore Religion Ban at Ground Zero Ceremony

The major news networks love 9/11 stories. But there's one 9/11 story they won't touch: the exclusion of any religious participation from the Ground Zero memorial service during the 10th anniversary of the September 11 attacks. - Newsbusters

Mayor Bloomberg has vetoed the presence of religious speakers at the site of Ground Zero during the memorial ceremony on the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, provoking a firestorm of criticism among religious leaders. But the three mainstream news networks - ABC, CBS, and NBC - have completely ignored the story.

Rush: Obama's Jobs Speech Will Be Just Another Campaign Attack on GOP

" I haven't bothered you with them but I've got Obama sound bites from the Hoffa thing yesterday and he was on a roll, boy, he was out there ripping into Republicans left and right and how they're obstructionists and we're gonna find out who's in this for who, we're gonna find out what Republicans are willing to work with me on putting Americans back to work and all that. "

You know, Republicans will be lucky if Obama doesn't call them names during this speech. The whole purpose of this speech is for Obama to ream the Republicans as obstructionist. I haven't bothered you with them but I've got Obama sound bites from the Hoffa thing yesterday and he was on a roll, boy, he was out there ripping into Republicans left and right and how they're obstructionists and we're gonna find out who's in this for who, we're gonna find out what Republicans are willing to work with me on putting Americans back to work and all that.

Getting inside the White House was easy for billionaire investor George Kaiser

SolarGate -

Corruption: A top bundler and major investor in a now-bankrupt green company made multiple White House visits before he got a guaranteed stimulus loan that the administration monitored to ensure it was granted.

"I just don't believe this guy anymore, and it's become almost painful to listen to him."

He's lost Matt Taibbi. - Obama and Jobs: Why I Don't Believe Him Anymore - Rolling Stone

" was either sit underneath a full-volume broadcast of our fearless president bellowing out his latest hollow promises, or the hellish alternative: retreat to gates full of screaming five year-old children... I ended up choosing the screaming children."

Bachmann shakes up campaign staff

Ed Rollins steps down from day-to-day duties - CBS

Herman Cain's new ad

Herman Cain

Obama ratings sink to new lows as hope fades

More than 60 percent of those surveyed say they disapprove of the way the president is handling the economy and, what has become issue No. 1, the stagnant jobs situation.

Pollsters Agree: Obama’s in Bad Shape

Three new polls are out today, but for President Obama they all say pretty much the same thing: he’s hit a low in his presidency during the same week that he’s set to address the nation’s jobs problem in a speech to a joint session of Congress.

All three polls showed a sharp drop in his job approval ratings. Washington Post-ABC News has Obama at 43 percent, Politico at 45 percent and the Wall Street Journal-NBC at 44 percent.

DNC Chairwoman Wasserman Schultz's 'Civility'?

Texas Governor Rick Perry: Fires Have Destroyed 1,000 Homes

Will miss Debate - HotAir
◼ UPDATE: Perry will appear in Wednesday's GOP presidential debate - The Hill

Polls show voters prefer GOP Hill majority

(B)uried in the Journal/NBC poll is a contradictory nugget: Registered voters, by a 47 percent to 41 percent spread, would rather have Republicans in charge of Congress. That’s the highest level of preference for Republican control since the question was first posed 15 years ago. - Politico

“Nothing that exists in the public record today represents the kind of numbers or momentum Democrats would need to pivot and take control of the House,” said Bill McInturff of Public Opinion Strategies, whose firm teamed with Hart Research to conduct the Journal/NBC poll.... The control-of-Congress result could be a blip, an anomaly. Or, it could end up being a data point that helps explain a Republican victory in the 2012 congressional elections.

GOP to Obama: Let's meet

House Republican leaders are asking President Obama to convene a bipartisan meeting at the White House ahead of his Thursday address on job creation. - Kara Rowland/Washington Times

In a letter to Mr. Obama Tuesday, House Speaker John A. Boehner and Majority Leader Eric Cantor said such a meeting would allow both parties to move beyond the rhetoric of bipartisanship and actually work together on measures that would spur job growth.

"Obviously achieving bipartisan agreement on these and other initiatives requires more than just one side declaring a proposal to be 'bipartisan,'" the Republicans wrote. "It requires that we work together. As such, we would suggest that prior to your address to Congress you convene a bipartisan, bicameral meeting of the congressional leadership so that we may have the opportunity to constructively discuss your proposals."

Poll illustrates California voters' anger

Nearly 3 in 4 say the country is on the wrong track, and nearly half favor slashing government spending — a potentially dismal finding for President Obama, who will unveil a jobs plan this week. - Shane Goldmacher, Los Angeles Times

With California unemployment mired at 12%, the electorate is clearly dissatisfied with the status quo. Nearly 3 in 4 voters say the country is on the wrong track, up sharply from the 55% who felt that way in November 2009.

"We're going to hell in a handbasket, what can I say," said Esther Morales, 68, a Republican poll respondent who lives in a retirement community in Indio. She scoffed at the term "retirement," however, pointing out that most of her neighbors still have to work odd jobs to make ends meet: "We're on the fast track to nowhere."

Dissatisfaction with the nation's trajectory topped 60% across every age range, party, region and level of education, and among women and men. But sharp disagreements remain over how the federal government should guide the country away from the recent recession. And neither side wants to give ground.

Ron Paul: Trust

Ron Paul

Fast and Furious update: And now…Project Grenadewalker?!

The truth is still seeping out, despite Team Obama’s best efforts to cover up and shut up the Fast and Furious whistle-blowers. - Michelle Malkin
Big Weekend in the Gunwalker Scandal, Bigger Week Ahead. - sipseystreetirregulars
Phoenix Fast and Furious Improvised Mexican Grenade Case Blows Up in DOJ's Face. Trying to deflect blame, DOJ blames agents. - sipseystreetirregulars
Codrea Exclusive: "Project Gangwalker?" More gunwalking -- in INDIANA! FBI manipulated NICS system in favor of felons, AGAIN! What did Traver know? - sipseystreetirregulars
Fast and Furious Scandal Rocks Obama DOJ - Tom Fitton at Big Government

Too many politicians are simply addressing the economic symptoms instead of fighting the underlying disease. The path forward is through reform. . . . In the meantime, good union brothers and sisters, don’t let Hoffa tell you what to do. He doesn’t represent the real interests of working men and women. He’s not doing you any favors. He’s just living off your paychecks.

Sarah Palin Shows Her Union Card - The Other McCain
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Sarah Palin


Hoffa: 'President Obama, this is your army. We are ready to march. Let's take these son of bitches out '...

WH: No Comment...

Jake Tapper grills Carney: Why isn’t it fair to blame Obama for Hoffa’s remarks? - HotAir
White House refuses to condemn Hoffa's violent rhetoric - Real Clear Politics
Jimmy Hoffa Sings the Siren Song of Desperation - Mike Flynn at Breitbart's Big Government

James Hoffa Jr., aka Jimmy the Lesser, joined President Obama yesterday for a rally of the rapidly-dwindling faithful. (Thanks to some heavenly playwright for setting this scene in Detroit, a city more decimated by leftist ideology than any other.) As the President sat calmly by off-stage, Jimmy the Lesser excited the crowd with an old-fashioned stemwinder of trade unionist fire-and-brimstone. (Paging Jeremiah Wright.)

Imagine you are Jimmy the Lesser. The economy is in the tank and your members are feeling the brunt of it. They are losing their jobs, which reduces the money into your coffers. You’ve staked your members’ fortunes on a politician who is increasingly seen, even by Democrats, as completely out of his depth. There is no prospect for recovery and Obama is out of tricks.

Worse, the general public seems onto your game. Wisconsin moved to end the most-favored-employee status of union members. The unions stormed the capitol and vandalized it. You and your brethren marched and protested. You threatened, screamed and cajoled. You vowed to inflict political armageddon. You pulled out every trick in the trade unionists book and…you lost.

You then targeted a Supreme Court special election and orchestrated recall elections against half a dozen GOP Senators. You threw tens of millions of dollars of your members’ hard-earned money to execute a political game-plan that had historically worked. You used every scare tactic possible and got plenty of cover from your allies in the media. And, again, you lost. The public rejected you at every turn. In Wisconsin.
Yep. Panic, pure and simple.

Obama's job approval rating has sunk to a low of 44 percent, a 3-point drop since July. His handling of the economy stands at a low of 37 percent. And only 19 percent believe the country is headed in the right direction

Obama hits all-time lows, according to NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll - MSNBC via Drudge

Monday, September 5, 2011

Catastrophic fires burn thousands of acres, force evacuations across Central Texas

Fires in Bastrop County, Spicewood, Steiner Ranch, Pflugerville, others driven by wind and dry conditions. -

This is the current Texas wildfire situation. - redstate

At last minute, Perry pulls out of DeMint forum - Byron York/Washington Examiner
According to several sources familiar with events, the chairman of Perry's campaign in South Carolina, former Republican party chief Katon Dawson, called organizers this morning to say that Perry needs to return to Texas to deal with quickly-spreading wildfires.

On Labor Day, we take time to celebrate centuries of American hard work and ingenuity.

RNC Chairman Priebus Labor Day Statement

“On Labor Day, we take time to celebrate centuries of American hard work and ingenuity. Since our country’s earliest days, the American people have been innovators and entrepreneurs, building the most powerful economy in the history of the world.

“Our workforce drives our economy and makes us great. As we reflect today on the success of the American way of life, we know that our best days are still ahead as long as we promote America’s greatest resource: our people.

“But this Labor Day, far too many Americans are out of work and struggling to make ends meet. We must commit ourselves to helping job creators hire the rich talent forced to the sidelines in this economy. While the President champions regulations, mandates and tax hikes, Republicans across the country have stood up for American workers by supporting pro-growth initiatives.

“With the right priorities, we will get Americans back to work and restore the American Dream.”

DeMint's Palmetto Freedom Forum: Grilling the GOP Candidates

Jim DeMint, Steve King, and Robert George want to get to first principles. - National Review

For most of the GOP presidential field, Labor Day this year will be a grilling day. But instead of flipping some burgers in the backyard, the candidates will face grilling of another sort: tough, serious questions at the Palmetto Freedom Forum in South Carolina.

The event, the product of a partnership between conservative kingmakers Sen. Jim DeMint (R., S.C.) and Rep. Steve King (R., Iowa), is designed to prod the candidates into going beyond their standard sound-bite responses....

DeMint's Candidate Forum - Ace of Spades

Best part of this 3 questions in? Questions actual Republicans care and think about.

Palmetto Freedom Forum VIDEO – Sept. 5, 2011
This video has been posted in 8 parts. You can start viewing with the first segment, and following segments will load automagically. (No embed available yet)


Jimmy Hoffa: 'President Obama, this is your army. We are ready to march. Let's take these son of bitches out ' - Real Clear Politics

Obama addressed the crowd shortly after Hoffa.

Will Barack Obama condemn Joe Biden and Jimmy Hoffa for calling Republicans 'barbarians' and 'son of a bitches' - The Telegraph
ROCKFORD TEA PARTY Calls For Jimmy Hoffa to Resign Following His Call to Violence Against Tea Party Activists - Gateway Pundit
Earlier today Teamster President Jimmy Hoffa called for violence against the tea party during his Labor Day Speech.
He was warming up the crowd for Barack Obama.
Hoffa Incites Riots And Murder Before Obama Speaks - Flopping Aces
‘Let’s Take These Son of Bitches Out’—Somebody Didn’t Get The Memo - Ed Driscoll at Pajamas Media


Robert Stacy McCain has has updates throughout the day...
Yesterday: Sarah Palin runs half-marathon incognito in Iowa - Robin Abcarian/LA Times
Labor Day Weekend–Sarah Palin parts the clouds -
Despite torrential rains, Sarah Palin lit up the Iowa sky and lit into the failed Obama presidency. - Eric Golub at the Washington Times
Watch Governor Palin in New Hampshire (Update: link to full speech has been added) -

Presidential Jeopardy gone wild

“Frankly I am so tired of his speeches, it’s going to be hard for me to watch,” said DeMint on CNN’s State of the Union. “We need a plan in writing, he needs to send it to us and tell us what it is going to cost so not only Congress and the American people can read it, businesses can read it.” - Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion

What Democrats can do about Obama

A liberal argues that the 2012 Democratic nomination should be debated -- with all options open - Salon War Room

Closed primaries and “radicalization”

In what is probably a healthy development, we seem to be moving toward a somewhat more standardized system of primaries rather than caucus arrangements. - HotAir

(Democrats will have 37 primaries next year and Republicans 42.) But the other question which is still clearly in flux is whether those primaries should be open – allowing independents, or even members of the opposition, to participate – or closed to party members only.

How closed primaries further polarize our politics - Mark A. Siegel/Washington Post

The hybrid model used in New Hampshire allows registered independents, who often determine general election outcomes, to participate in the Democratic or Republican primary while protecting each major party from crossover by the other. If expanded to all states, such a system could moderate American politics: It would produce candidates who would fare better in general election contests and elected officials who are more flexible and willing to compromise across party lines. This simple change could help restore civility to our politics, perhaps creating room for bipartisan solutions to our country’s great problems, and revive faith in the American political system.

Barone: Speech fiasco an 'audacity of weakness'

Democrats have criticized Obama on the speech scheduling flap. James Carville said he was "out of bounds."'s Cent Uygur sensed "the audacity of weakness." It reminds me of a phrase describing a character in the 1980s TV series Dallas" -- "blustering, opportunistic, craven and hopelessly ineffective all at once." - Michael Barone/Washington Examiner

Not such a big deal, some people are saying. I disagree. I think it illustrates several of the weaknesses of this presidency....

Before last week, presidents and congressional leaders always agreed privately on scheduling presidential addresses to joint sessions before any public announcement was made. But it appears that no such agreement was made here, just a brusque announcement that had to be retracted.

Another weakness on display was contempt for public opinion. White House press secretary Jay Carney said it was just "coincidental" that the president wanted to speak at the same time as the Reagan Library debate. It was just "one debate that's one of many on one channel."

...A third Obama weakness is his propensity to charge his political opponents with playing politics when he is doing exactly that himself. In previewing this latest jobs-and-the-economy speech, Carney said that Obama will make the case "that politics is broken, and that politics is getting in the way of the very necessary things we need to do."

This from the president who has brushed aside one bipartisan initiative after another...
An excellent piece, well worth reading in its entirety

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Maureen Dowd: "The days of spinning illusions in a Greek temple in a football stadium are done. The One is dancing on the edge of one term... The White House team is flailing — reacting, regrouping, retrenching. It’s repugnant."

One and Done? - Maureen Dowd, New York Times

Obama is still suffering from the Speech Illusion, the idea that he can come down from the mountain, read from a Teleprompter, cast a magic spell with his words and climb back up the mountain, while we scurry around and do what he proclaimed.

Can a president truly become irrelevant? - HotAir
A President Adrift - The Daily Beast