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"Of course, in spite of all of its problems, California is still one of the best places in the country to build a successful small business. All you have to do is start with a successful large business."

A Second Term for Obama Would Make the United States Go as California Has Gone - Rep. Tom McClintock speech to the Council for National Policy - Real Clear Politics

Bad policies. Bad process. Bad politics. Those are the three acts in a Greek tragedy that tell the tale of how, in the span of a single generation, the most prosperous and golden state in the nation became an economic basket case.

When my parents came to California in the 1960’s looking for a better future, they found it here. The state government consumed about half of what it does today after adjusting for both inflation and population. HALF. We had the finest highway system in the world and the finest public school system in the country. California offered a FREE university education to every Californian who wanted one. We produced water and electricity so cheaply that some communities didn’t bother to meter the stuff. Our unemployment rate consistently ran well below the national rate and our diversified economy was nearly recession-proof.

One thing – and one thing only – changed in those years: public policy. The political Left gradually gained dominance over California’s government and has imposed a disastrous agenda of radical and retrograde policies that have destroyed the quality of life that Californians once took for granted.

Even for the Obama administration, (Friday’s) news dump ($1.3 trillion deficit, the demise of the CLASS Act, and war in Uganda) is something to behold.

"JOHN ASHCROFT, OTHER TOP TIER JUSTICE DEPARTMENT OFFICIALS SUBPOENAED" Yes, that’s what the headline in the New York Times would have read a decade ago; today, as Anthony Martin writes at, “Big media outlets ignore subpoena of entire top tier of Obama Administration,” in order to get to the bottom of the Project Gunwalker scandal - Ed Driscoll/Pajamas Media’s a good thing the media has Occupy Wall Street to focus on right now to deflect attention not just from this story, but from all of the other high-speed Obamacontinental train wrecks crashing into each other right now, isn’t it? As Andrew Stiles wrote at the Corner yesterday evening, “Even for the Obama administration, (Friday's) news dump ($1.3 trillion deficit, the demise of the CLASS Act, and war in Uganda) is something to behold.” And then add into the mix investigations into Gunwalker and Solyndra, and it must really feel like bunker time inside the White House right now.

EPA's CO2 Endangerment Finding is Endangered

(W)ithout the TSD ((Technical Support Document), the Endangerment Finding is toast - and so is regulation of carbon dioxide - S. Fred Singer/American Thinker

...(T)he EPA's Inspector General (IG) released a report in September 2011, finding that EPA did not meet applicable federal Information (or Data) Quality Act (IQA) standards when developing the TSD. The IG argued that the TSD is a "highly influential scientific assessment," and therefore should have been subjected to the most rigorous form of peer review. EPA fell short of the mark by not publishing the comments of the agency's 12-member peer-review panel, and by placing an EPA employee on the panel, compromising its independence.

EPA claims it met all IQA standards because the TSD, far from being a "highly influential scientific assessment," is not a "scientific assessment" at all. According to EPA, the TSD did not involve any weighing of data, information, or studies. Rather, the TSD simply summarizes assessments of other authorities, principally the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the US National Academy's National Research Council (NRC), and the US Global Change Research Program (USGCRP). [Note that neither NRC and USGCRP are "independent;" both reports are based on the IPCC, whose own Assessment has been compromised by the revelations of the Climategate e-mails.]

But in so saying, EPA may have leapt from the frying pan into the fire, because in the ongoing litigation over EPA's greenhouse gas regulations, a key claim made by the petitioners Coalition for Responsible Regulation is that when EPA developed its TSD and associated EF, it unlawfully outsourced its "judgment" to the IPCC and other non-agency experts.... Read The Rest.

On Solyndra: President's Blackberry Off Limits

White House refuses to turn over ALL SOLYNDRA documents - CNN via Drudge

Congress isn't getting a glimpse of what's on President Barack Obama's Blackberry - or any more internal White House communications related to the bankrupt solar company Solyndra, which received a $535 million loan guarantee from the federal government.

White House won’t turn over Obama’s BlackBerry messages on Solyndra - Politico

Speaking to CNBC earlier Friday, White House chief of staff Bill Daley signaled that the GOP probably wouldn’t succeed in its request for Obama’s BlackBerry messages.

“One of the things you're seeing in the last number of years in this town is an enormous amount of requests for things, seems to take up a lot of people's times,” he said, according to an unofficial CNBC transcript. “I think it's a lot of politically motivated requests. But there's been a long history of White House communications being protected … from a lot of the legislative requests.”

Friday, October 14, 2011

Ron Paul: Life

Ron Paul

Solyndra loan figure raises $500K for Obama

A former Energy Department adviser who pushed for a California solar company to receive a half-billion federal loan has raised more than $500,000 for President Barack Obama's reelection campaign. - SF Chronicle

And - Another Energy Department adviser, Steve Westly, has raised more than $200,000 for Obama.

Mitt Romney: Nervous?

What is President Obama worried about? Jobs? The economy? Home foreclosures? Spending?...
Or his reelection campaign?
Mitt Romney

From the New York Post: “It’s war! Hundreds of Occupy Wall Street protesters — emboldened by officials backing down this morning from evicting them from their Zuccotti Park campsite for a 7 a.m. cleaning — stormed Wall Street, leaping over barriers and getting into a fracas with cops."

Violence shows Andrew Breitbart was right - Don Surber/Daily Mail
From Andrew Breitbart: “These are the same types of groups, the anti-WTO crowd that in 1999 attacked Seattle, attacked Starbucks, threw trashcans through the windows of Starbucks. This is the same group of people that created ‘Camp Casey’ at President Bush’s compound or house in Crawford, Texas… The anti-war movement has now been co-opted as a means to divert attention away from the Tea Party and on to an organization that shifts the blame from the government forgiving these out-of-control loans to their political cronies to the banks — many of which took the bailouts. It is a sleight of hand for the benefit of the Democratic Party and for the benefit of President Obama to change the onus away from the government policies that created our failed economic system.”
Violence Breaks Out During ‘Occupy Wall Street’ March Toward New York Stock Exchange - CBS
Protesters march on Wall St. after park cleanup postponed, get into scuffle with cops - New York Post

Fake signatures may mean Obama didn't actually qualify in Indiana in 2008

As reported Sunday, The Tribune, in conjunction with Howey Politics Indiana, has uncovered scores of fake signatures on both the Obama and Clinton petitions in the 2nd Congressional District and specifically St. Joseph County. - South Bend Tribune

Minus suspected fakes, then Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama likely fell short of the number of signatures needed to appear on the 2008 Indiana primary ballot, and it's possible his opponent, Hillary Clinton, did as well, according to information obtained by The Tribune as part of an investigation into suspected ballot petition fraud....

Dozens of people whose signatures appear on the Clinton petition have told The Tribune they did not sign the document, and Erich Speckin, a forensic document analyst hired by the paper and Howey Politics identified at least 19 suspected fake Obama petition pages.

Those Obama pages account for more than 100 signatures, meaning, minus the fakes, the former senator likely would not have qualified for ballot placement in the state....

There is no evidence Clinton or Obama knew about the fake signatures. Voter registration offices across the state certified both candidates' petitions, as did the Election Division.

No one challenged the petitions at the time.

True The Vote

Chairman of Local Indiana Democratic Party Resigns Amid Fake Signature Scandal - FOX

Both of Indiana's Republican and Democratic Party chairmen have called for a federal investigation into the forged names that appeared on petitions from the 2nd Congressional District, which contains St. Joseph County. Among the dozens of names so far discovered to be fake are former Indiana Democratic Gov. Joe Kernan.

Kernan told the South Bend Tribune last week that neither the print version of his name nor the signature that appear on the suspect document are anything like his own.

Yet, his and other names were approved by the county voter registration office with the use of a rubber stamp in place of a signature by the Republican member of the office.

The Tribune reported that the St. Joseph County voter registration office has a Democratic and Republican member who sign off on petition pages submitted for review. However, Republican Linda Silcott was out of the office on bereavement leave on the days the suspected fakes passed through her office.

Silcott's stamped signature is used on the suspect pages while Democrat Pam Brunette signed off on the petitions in her own hand. The Tribune reported that Silcott's deputy, Mary Carrol Ringler, has authority to use the stamp, but she does not recall if she did so, in part because the dates of the forged petitions coincide with her first two weeks in her post.

On Friday Indiana Republican Party Chairman Eric Holcomb submitted a request for a federal probe to be conducted by the Department of Justice.

Ind. Dem quits in fake-signature flap - Politico

Forgeries uncovered among 2008 Obama, Clinton campaign signatures - Indiana Daily Student

Ex-Indiana governor: That's not my signature on Obama petition

Another Shock Report: Without Forged Signatures, Obama Would Not Have Been On Indiana's Primary Ballot - Advance Indiana

Devastating: HHS abandons part of ObamaCare as fiscally unworkable

HHS report recommends closing Obamacare program - Philip Klein/Washington Examiner

One reason why the Obama administration has been reluctant to officially shut down the program is that it was one of the main accounting gimmicks they used during the health care debate. Because the CLASS Act was supposed to collect five years of premiums before paying out any benefits, the Democrats have been claim $80 billion in short-term surplus from the program as deficit reduction, ignoring the obvious fact that the money would eventually have to pay for benefits. It’s been called a “budget zombie.”

Obama pulls plug on part of health overhaul law - AP

A total debacle. And the punchline is, everyone saw it coming — including the Democrats who went ahead and voted anyway to bring this Frankenstein to life. - HotAir

Here’s the detailed HHS report prepared concluding that the CLASS program couldn’t work. One of the fears raised is that if it were implemented and failed, it would be problematic to shut down. - Scribd document

Long after Obamacare was passed and signed into, even prominent supporters of the bill acknowledged that the CLASS Act was a financial disaster waiting to happen.

Speaker Boehner Applauds Passage of Free Trade Agreements, Part of GOP Jobs Plan

Washington (Oct) House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) released the following statement after bipartisan majorities in the House of Representatives passed three long-delayed trade agreements with the nations of Colombia, Panama, and South Korea. These pacts are an important element of the GOP Plan for America’s Job Creators:

“With passage in the House and Senate today, a key component of the Republican jobs plan will be sent to the President for his signature. These significant trade pacts will provide new opportunities for American small businesses, farmers, and manufacturers to expand and hire more workers. And frankly, it shouldn’t have taken this long for it to happen. While a Democrat-controlled House sat idle, other nations expanded their trading ties, and American competitiveness suffered. These common-sense agreements reverse that trend, level the playing field, and provide American job creators access to new customers and markets to sell their products.

“While this action means new jobs for the American people, more work must be done to achieve the level of private sector job growth America needs. And these bills represent the type of permanent reform that must be our focus. Americans are struggling with the results of a failed, short-sighted ‘stimulus’ approach. To encourage robust and lasting private sector job growth we must listen to job creators and break down the government barriers that discourage investment in America.

“These job-creating bills show that, despite our differences, there is meaningful common ground among the two parties in Washington. To put Americans back to work we must continue seeking out those areas in which we agree, rather than picking fights over those where we don’t. For seeing these agreements through to the end, I want to thank President Obama, former President Bush, Chairman Camp, Chairman Brady, Chairman Dreier, and all the members of Congress who have worked in good faith to ensure they become law.”

Morning Bell: Free Trade Agreements Are A Win for Prosperity -

Lesson of Perry's candidacy: Think before you run

Successful governorships don't just happen by accident; Perry's results in Texas show he is a smart, competent executive. - Byron York/Washington Examiner

But the debates have revealed a different problem. The Rick Perry who has taken the stage in four Republican debates so far is a man who, for all his governing success in Texas, appears not to have thought enough about why he wants to be president of the United States and what he would do if he achieved his goal. When critics gently say that Perry's presentations have been "light on details," they're really saying Perry doesn't seem to have thought things through.

More than anything else, a lot of thinking should precede a run for president. There's no time to think about much of anything once the campaign begins, and there's no way a candidate can collect and organize a lifetime of experiences into a coherent approach to national issues once he's flying from stop to stop. A candidate has to have done his thinking long before he hits the road or steps on a debate stage

Perry backers lament errors in campaign - Washington Times

John Boehner reminded Obama that the House GOP released a jobs plan in May and that his leadership team has spoken with Obama and his staff about the plan “on numerous occasions.”

Boehner “respectfully challenged” the president for saying Thursday that he has not yet seen a jobs plan from Republicans. - Politico

Obama’s (own) jobs bill stalled in the (Democrat controlled) Senate this week when it could not attract enough support to advance. The House has not voted on his bill.

Obama Spoke About Fast and Furious Before Holder Claimed He Knew

Obama Spoke About "Fast & Furious" Before Holder Claimed He Knew - Real Clear Politics

CNN compares Holder's testimony to what President Obama said in MARCH to CNN Espanol about the operation. "I heard on the news about this story that -- Fast and Furious, where allegedly guns were being run into Mexico, and ATF knew about it, but didn't apprehend those who had sent it."

‘Hiding in plain sight’—How did Obama know about ‘Gunwalker’ before Holder? - David Codrea, Gun Rights Examiner

A Journalist’s Guide to ‘Project Gunwalker' ◼ Part One,Part Two,Part Three,Part Four,Part Five and ◼ Part Six for a complete list with links of independent investigative reporting and commentary done to date by Sipsey Street Irregulars and Gun Rights Examiner.

CBS: Don’t forget Grenadewalker, too - HotAir

CBS’ Sharyl Attkisson... reporting that the ATF let thousands of grenades cross the border into Mexico at roughly the same time the Mexican drug cartels were using grenades to blow up a casino and kill dozens of people.

Through “crowdsourcing,” the media and the public will then be able to discover the truth behind the “Occupy” movement.

‘Crowdsource’ This: Emails Expose #OccupyWallStreet Conspiracy to ‘Destabalize’ Global Markets, Governments - Andrew Breitbart
In keeping with the new media notion of crowdsourcing–enthusiastically embraced by the mainstream media when trawling through Sarah Palin’s emails–Big Government will be providing readers later today with links to a document drop consisting of thousands of emails.

The email archive, created by a private cyber security researcher, appears to contain messages shared by the left’s anarcho-socialist activists during the strategic and daily tactical planning of the “Occupy Wall Street” and broader “Occupy” campaign this fall.

Big Government received a tip about the existence of the archive, and we were able to contact the individual who compiled and posted it. He will describe the archive, and how he obtained the emails, later this morning exclusively on Big Government.
Through “crowdsourcing,” the media and the public will then be able to discover the truth behind the “Occupy” movement.
The Email Archive of the #OccupyWallStreet Movement: Anarchists, Socialists, Unions, Democrats and Their Plans - Breitbart's Big Government.
"...Then, at the end of August, we were alerted by a fellow researcher that information about USDoR (U.S. Day of Rage, to which Occupy Wall Street is connected) had been posted on Shamuk and Al-Jahad, two Al-Qaeda recruitment sites. We began to take the “Occupy” protest more seriously, and dedicated more time to research and monitoring.

Days later, Anonymous announced that it would be releasing its new DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) tool. Because of the Al-Qaeda posting, we contacted the New York Field Office of the FBI so they could investigate the potential threat. From that point on, we decided we needed to include the Human Element of Intelligence (HUMINT), and to infiltrate the protestors to map their ties to Anonymous, and to the postings on Shamuk and Al-Jahad....

Additionally, the emails reveal the many failed efforts of the hacker collective Anonymous. If those efforts had succeeded, they may have damaged the global economy.
Some examples are:
◼ #opLightHouse (FAILED) using NYC Subways to create FlashMobs and havoc through the city on Sept 17, 2011: see
◼ #RefRef Denial of Service tool release (FAILED) was designed to crash banks and NYSE, but the tool was never released: see;
September 20th FAILED attacks against NYSE, NYPD, NYC.GOV, NYPD Retirees, Federal Reserve: see
◼ #DayOfVengence (Sept 27th) (FAILED) because FBI arrested the operation leader CommanderX prior to the attack:
We are sharing the email archive because we believe the public needs to know the hidden agendas behind the Occupation–the socialist, anarchist, and other agendas that have not been reported in the mainstream media."

Join the Big Government OWS crowdsourcing project - Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion
You can download the entire file, so you can search on your own, here. Email archive available in: .pst format: primary and alternate .csv format: primary and alternate

Recipe for disaster: MSNBC analyst: The #OccupyWallStreet movement really needs a “Kent State moment”

Donny Deutsch tells Morning Joe this morning that the Occupy Movement needs to “grow up” by getting someone shot by The Man, or something, just like at Kent State... - HotAir
Great idea. Just imagine how much political capital the Democrats would milk out of some of their protest zombies getting shot. - JWF

Fast and Furious...

Occupy Wall Street (OWS) protests, which didn’t happen overnight but were three years in the making, have been portrayed as spontaneous outbreaks by ragtag gangs of shiftless, harmless hippies. They are in fact the army that Barack Obama boasted about even before he came into power.

The Revolution is Upon Us - Judi McLeod

Trained in the fine art of Civil Disobedience by Ruckus Society anarchists; paid for by George Soros and the Tides Foundation, among others, aided and abetted by street fighters like Code Pink and Greenpeace, count on OWS as a permanent part of society until Obama and his masters perfect the fundamental Transformation of America through Marxism.

OWS vow they are after the 1% of the population that is uber rich. But their real job is to cow the middle class. They are not after Daddy Warbucks types like Warren Buffet, they are after you....

When OWS first assembled in the public square on Sept. 17, they deliberately presented a face of vague mission and even more vague intent. They showed themselves to a largely uninterested mainstream media conducting collective Yoga and face-painting activity.

Within weeks they had fanned out to 26 other cities on an add-to list.

Now some protesters openly admit that violence will be necessary to achieve their goals.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

To the villainy-of-the-rich theme emanating from Washington, a child is born: Occupy Wall Street

Obama is opening a Pandora’s box. Popular resentment, easily stoked, is less easily controlled, especially when the basest of instincts are granted legitimacy by the nation’s leader. - Charles Krauthammer/Washington Post

What do you do if you can’t run on your record — on 9 percent unemployment, stagnant growth and ruinous deficits as far as the eye can see? How to run when you are asked whether Americans are better off than they were four years ago and you are compelled to answer no?

Muckety: Get to know George Soros

George Soros - interactive links
$3.6 Million from Soros Backs 'Occupy Wall Street', Media Ignore or Downplay Connection - Newsbusters

Far from halting or reversing these trends, Obama has actively worsened them -- setting the stage for the most polarized election of recent history

The president's early post-partisan rhetoric was never matched by innovative ideas that crossed ideological lines and created new coalitions. - Townhall

...Bill Clinton had welfare reform. George W. Bush had No Child Left Behind. Obama, in contrast, pursued a liberalism both bold and uncreative -- a massive Keynesian stimulus, a brand new health entitlement, the largest deficits in American history. Congressional Republicans were obstructionists -- but often because Obama's aggressive ideological power play made obstructionism identical with Republicanism.

GOP members could not accept an ambitious expansion of the size and role of government without surrendering their identity. Some in the GOP have enjoyed their role in opposition too much. But they were given few incentives to temper it.

The public response ran in parallel -- a tea party revolt and a near landslide Republican midterm election. Liberal accusations that this reaction was artificial, irrational or race-based only fed the polarization. In typical fashion, many offended conservatives have also engaged in ideological overreach, calling for a government cut to the size of an 18th-century agrarian republic.

Feeling provoked himself, Obama has now abandoned the pretense of post-partisanship. He runs for re-election on the platform of funding unreformed entitlements with higher taxes on the wealthy. It is hard to imagine a more typical, tired, polarizing Democratic message. It is a surrender to predictable national division....
Read the rest.

CATO Institute: RomneyCare: Making a Fool of Every Republican It Touches Since 2006

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s (R) hearts former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney (R), so much that Christie says it is ”completely intellectually dishonest” to compare RomneyCare to ObamaCare. Why? Because Romney didn’t raise taxes, and President Obama did. Oh. - Michael F. Cannon
White House used Mitt Romney health-care law as blueprint for federal law - Three advisers to GOP candidate met a dozen times with senior Obama officials, records show - MSNBC

A libertarian camps out with Wall Street occupiers

"This is a movement for direct democracy, rather than corporatocracy," occupier Sinead Lamel told me. - Timothy P. Carney/Washington Examiner

Liberate Wall Street! (New Show Tonight at 10PM on FBN) - John Stossel/Fox Business

The protesters have a few things right. Bailouts and crony capitalism are wrong, but almost everything else they said makes little economic sense.

Occupiers call for Revolution, will anyone listen? - David Freddoso/Washington Examiner

“If this election is where it ought to be, and that is a referendum on how President Obama is doing, Republicans are going to win. If Herman Cain is our nominee against Barack Obama, I think he’ll sweep the south”

Haley Barbour: I’d vote for Cain if the primary was today - HotAir
Haley Barbour: Herman Cain Would Sweep The South Against Obama - Real Clear Politics
Herman Cain leads the Florida Republican presidential primary with 34%. Cain is followed by Mitt Romney at 28% and Newt Gingrich at 11%. - American Research Group

RASMUSSEN POLL: Cain 29% Romney 29% Gingrich 10%...

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

From the repeated statements from Obama to Hillary and on down the Obama administration food chain it was obvious to the the State Department sources that what the "Mexican hat dance" (to use the words of one my sources) was about was to justify more federal firearms restrictions.

Sipsey Street Exclusive: "In at the beginning." The State Department & the Gunwalker Scandal. Part 3. "Caesar's Wife" and the "Mexican hat dance."

From the guys who have been helping uncover the truth about Gunrunner/Fast and Furious: Since it has been a few days, readers might want to refresh their memories by revisiting "In at the beginning." The State Department & the Gunwalker Scandal. Part 2. The 90% Myth. "I have not backed off" an AWB. "...As much as 90 percent of the assault weapons and other guns used by Mexican drug cartels are coming from the United States, fueling drug-related violence that is believed to have killed more than 7,000 people since January 2008..."

Chevret-Vaissade Park: Rebuilding!

11 new photos to the album 'Work that was completed on day 1!' - Help rebuild Chevret-Vaissade Park on Facebook

"If you are out and about tomorrow, swing by and check out the work on the park.. They are hoping to finish it tomorrow and the chips are to be going in on Monday! How cool is that!..."

‘The Obama Problem’

Obama’s once-blank slate is now quite well defined - Ed Driscoll/Pajamas Media
The Obama Problem is simple to explain but impossible to solve. The problem is Obama himself... - Monty Pelerin/American Thinker
The “man with no past” and a Hollywood veneer turned out to be a perfect candidate. “Sizzle” rather than substance was sold. Little was known about Obama and his past, allowing David Axelrod to market the political equivalent of a Rorschach blot.

Voters saw in Obama whatever they desired in a candidate. To some, Obama was a breath of fresh air, a man of principles. To others he was an outsider, not a crass politician. Others saw him as a chance to prove that they were not racists. Still others saw him as the reincarnation of Roosevelt or whomever else they admired.
Barrack Obama's narrative was silence. - Orrin Judd
His election depended on him remaining a blank upon which people could project whatever image they wanted. To the extent he has remained a void he comes off as creepy, to the extent he filled in the blank he's diverged from the ideal image folks produced. Thus both action and inaction are losses for him.


Obama cannot muster the same enthusiasm he did in 2008. It’s out there, but it is now opposed to him, not for him. That’s what Occupy Wall Street is all about. - Dick Morris

The conservatives and Republicans no longer own the anti-Obama movement. They have to share ownership with disenchanted liberals, those who recognize incompetence when they see it, and the many who are turned off by the growing perception of corruption in the wake of Solyndra. The bad economy has led to an impression of presidential weakness and inability akin to that which took over the image of Jimmy Carter in the late ’70s. More and more, the opposition to Obama is based on the outcomes of his policies, not on their ideological bias or their liberal intent.

Democrats Embrace of Wall Street Protests Poses Political Peril - FOX (image source)

...the protesters are implacably opposed to three initiatives – the TARP and auto industry bailouts, and the continuation of the Bush-era tax cuts – that Obama has supported....


U.S. Thwarted Iran-backed Plot to Kill Saudi Ambassador - The New American
Breaking news yesterday revealed that U.S. law enforcement officials thwarted a plot to kill Adel A. Al-Jubeir, the Saudi ambassador to the United States.
Saudis say Iran must 'pay the price' for alleged plot as US resists retaliation - The Guardian
Tehran denies it was behind plot to kill Saudi ambassador and says US is using it to divert attention from problems at home
Hillary: Alleged Iran plot 'dangerous escalation'... - Reuters
U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said on Wednesday that Iran's alleged ties to a plot to kill the Saudi ambassador in
Washington marked a "dangerous escalation" of Tehran's sponsorship of terrorism.
The United States accused Iran on Tuesday of backing a plot to kill the Saudi ambassador to Washington, escalating tensions with Tehran and stirring up a hornet's nest in the Gulf, where Saudi Arabia and Iran have long jostled for power. - Reuters
At a news conference, FBI Director Robert Mueller said the convoluted plot, involving monitored international calls, Mexican drug money and an attempt to blow up the ambassador in a Washington restaurant, could have been straight from a Hollywood movie.

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder alleged that the plot was the work of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, which is the guardian of Iran's 32-year-old revolution, and the Quds force, its covert, operational arm.

"High-up officials in those (Iranian) agencies, which is an integral part of the Iranian government, were responsible for this plot," Holder told the news conference.

"I think one has to be concerned about the chilling nature of what the Iranian government attempted to do here," he said.

Five Things Republicans Must Do to Crush the Left in the Propaganda War

Election ’08 was a clear case of Republican abdication. - Kyle-Anne Shiver/Pajamas Media

Only complete victory for the Republican liberty party can save America now.

TRANSCRIPT: Republican presidential debate

Darrell Issa Issues 22 Point Subpoena to Eric Holder in Fast and Furious Investigation

"Top Justice Department officials, including Attorney General Holder, know more about Operation Fast and Furious than they have publicly acknowledged," the California Republican said in a statement. "The documents this subpoena demands will provide answers to questions that Justice officials have tried to avoid since this investigation began eight months ago. It's time we know the whole truth." - FOX
DETAILS: What he seeks... - Jamie Dupree/AJC
Holder’s honesty before Congress disputed in earlier high-profile cases - Jerry Seper/Washington Times
Issa to Holder: You're Incompetent, Untrustworthy - Newsmax
The subpoena requests all of Holder’s communications on the Fast and Furious operation. It also requests any communications between the White House and DoJ relating to Operation Fast and Furious. - Politico
Darrell Issa subpoenas Eric Holder for Fast and Furious communications - Houston Chronicle
Obama Administration Subpoenaed by House Panel Over Gun Case - Bloomberg Business Week

Enthusiasm Gap?

Photos show crowds for candidate Obama, October 27, 2008 vs. candidate Obama, October 11, 2011 - Drudge

Labor leader: 'Blame me' for sparse Obama crowd - Pittsburgh Trib

"...I guess you can blame me for that," Shea said. "I have people mad at me now because I didn't invite them."

The sight of empty seats makes for unwanted visuals for the re-election campaign of a president who became known in 2008 for filling arenas....

Polls: Herman Cain, Rick Perry, Mitt Romney All Beat Obama

Here's how much political trouble President Obama is in: A new poll by the authoritative Evolving Strategies firm finds that Herman Cain, Texas Gov. Rick Perry, and Mitt Romney would all beat Obama it the election were held today.
- US News & World Report
Another poll shows Obama losing to Mitt Romney, Rick Perry and Herman Cain -HotAir

NBC/WSJ poll: Cain now leads GOP pack - MSNBC

PPP Poll: Cain leads nationally - publicpolicypolling

Following the money - Watchdog sites

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Obama Tells Advisers To Find How To Approve Stimulus Projects "Without Additional Congressional Authorization"

"Scour this report, identify all those areas in which we can act administratively without additional congressional authorization and just get it done," President Obama said today to a "Jobs Council" - RCP

Obama Says Democrats in Congress Designed the Stimulus to Let Him "Take Bets" on Solyndra—Bets that Cost Taxpayers Half a Billion Dollars

Welcome to Democrats’ “Green” Casino - NRCC

Defending his administration's failed loan to now-bankrupt Solyndra, President Obama claimed last week that the Department of Energy's loan guarantee program was designed by Democrats in Congress to "take bets" with taxpayer money, a role he evidently favors for the federal government.

Debate Reaction

Dartmouth aims to control debate crowd - Politico (image source)
Cain takes heat - The Hill
In Republican debate, consensus is government is to blame - Philip Rucker and Amy Gardner/Washington Post
Mitt Romney sounding presidential at Dartmouth - Michael Barone/Washington Examiner
GOP candidates go after Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 plan in debate - Daily Caller
Gingrich wants Bernanke fired and Chris Dodd and Barney Frank imprisoned - CBS News
Republican debate at Dartmouth focuses on Herman Cain - Politico
Quick and dirty debate after-report: Perry is running out of gas - Michelle Malkin

About last night’s debate - Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion

TONIGHT'S DEBATE: Watch it here!

Live video from your iPhone using Ustream
WaPo/Bloomberg GOP 2012 debate open thread: Mirror, mirror - Michelle Malkin
Watch it live ONLINE at the Washington Post
at Bloomberg
Republican New Hampshire Debate – 10-11-2011 at Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion
Open thread: The “Perry’s last chance” debate - HotAir

Bloomberg News-Washington Post Republican Debate Tonight 8:00 PM ET (5:00 PM PT)

Tonight 8:00 PM ET (5:00 PM PT) - Bloomberg
(Note: Conflicting times have been reported, both 7 and 8pm, ET. It appears 8 PM is correct, though the 7 PM time appears on some Bloomberg articles)
Bloomberg Television and The Washington Post, in partnership with WBIN-TV and host Dartmouth College, will present the first debate of the 2012 campaign focused exclusively on the issues voters consider most important - the economy, debt, deficits, taxes, trade and jobs. Moderated by Charlie Rose, The Washington Post political correspondent Karen Tumulty and Bloomberg White House correspondent Julianna Goldman. Be a part of the Bloomberg debate conversation on Twitter #EconDebate and on Facebook at
The event is being held Hanover, New Hampshire.) - CNS
Participating will be Representative Michele Bachmann , Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich, former Governor Jon Huntsman, Rep. Ron Paul, Governor Rick Perry, former Governor Mitt Romney and former Senator Rick Santorum.

Tuesday night’s event will be hosted by the Washington Post and Bloomberg TV. If you don’t have cable, ◼ we will post the live stream in this post as soon as it is available.
Republican debate: Five things to watch - Washington Post
Perry, Cain, Romney to Vie for Lead in Debate - Bloomberg

Chris Christie Backs Mitt Romney for GOP Nomination

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie says he is backing Mitt Romney for president as "the man we need to lead America." - NBC New York

Feds Claimed SunPower’s $1.2 Billion Federal Loan Would Create ‘10-15′ Permanent Jobs

◼ Mike Flynn/Big Government: The Department of Energy bragged about giving a $1.2 billion loan guarantee to SunPower, a politically connected solar energy company, to create “10-15 permanent jobs,” raising critical questions as to if California SunPower is the next Solyndra in the ongoing Crony-Gate scandal.

"(Obama's) latest stimulus bill is so flawed that Senate Democrats have rejected it and are rewriting it, not to grow jobs, but to improve their political standing"

GOP: Democrats foundering under Obama - UPI

"It's nothing but a rehash of the same failed ideas he's already tried, combined with a huge tax increase," Thune said. "This is a cynical political ploy that's designed not to create jobs for struggling Americans, but to save the president's own job."

Poll: South Carolina Primary: Cain leads

Cain 26%, Romney 25%, Perry 15% - American Research Group

Herman Cain leads the South Carolina Republican presidential primary with 26%. Cain is followed closely by Mitt Romney at 25%. Rick Perry is third at 15%.

In July, Romney was leading with 25%, followed by Sarah Palin at 16%, Michele Bachmann at 13%, and Herman Cain at 10%.

Among likely primary voters considering themselves to be Republicans, Cain and Romney are tied at 27% each, followed by Perry at 15%.

Among Tea Party supporters, Cain leads with 35%, followed by Perry at 16% and Romney at 15%.

Among those saying they are not Tea Party supporters or are undecided about the Tea Party, Romney leads with 33%, followed by Cain at 19%, Perry at 14%, and Ron Paul at 10%.

Details from the survey of 600 likely Republican primary voters conducted October 5-10 can be found here.

Cain, Romney tied in VA - Washington Times via Drudge

Democrats have one more chance to make 2012 the Year of the Woman

The allure of an Obama-Hillary ticket - Chicago Sun Times

Monday, October 10, 2011

“Make $350-650 a week “protesting” on Wall Street"

10/7/2011 | Craigs List

GOP assemblyman files referendum of California Dream Act

A GOP state assemblyman today launched an effort to ask voters to repeal the California Dream Act signed into law this weekend by Gov. Jerry Brown. - Sacramento Bee

Assemblyman Tim Donnelly, R-Twin Peaks, filed referendum papers to overturn Assembly Bill 131, which allows undocumented immigrant college students who already qualify for in-state tuition rates to receive state-funded financial aid, including Cal Grants.

"I think that it is perhaps the biggest mistake that Governor Brown has ever made...other than unionizing public employees," Donnelly, a former Minuteman Corps of California leader, told The Bee over the weekend.

Once cleared for circulation, Donnelly will have less than three months to collect the roughly 505,000 valid voter signatures needed to put the referendum on the 2012 ballot. Qualifying would freeze implementation of the A.B. 131, which is not set to take effect until 2013, until voters decide whether to keep or reject the law.

The Moral Dimensions of Illegal Immigration - Victor Davis Hanson/Pajamas Media

Terminal Stupidity: the California Story - Doug Ross

Brown is wading into a contentious national debate — and moving in a distinctly different direction from most of the country, according to organizations on both sides of the firearm debate.

Brown bans open carrying of handguns - LA Times

RON PAUL WINS STRAW POLL! So... Lets Talk About Herman Cain

Via Ron Paul 2012 on Facebook

#OccupyAtlanta Silences Civil Rights Hero John Lewis!

Neal Boortz: Barack Obama Is a Bigger Disaster to This Country Than 9-11

100th Anniversary of Woman's Suffrage in California 10-10-1911

1896 meeting of Suffragist leaders: standing (l to r) Ida Husted Harper,
Selena Solomons, Carrie Chapman Catt, Anne Bidwell, (seated) Lucy Anthony,
Dr. Anna H. Shaw, Susan B. Anthony, Ellen Clark Sargent, and Mary Hay.
100th Anniversary of Woman's Suffrage in California 10-10-1911 - FoundSF (image source, California Historical Society, San Francisco, CA)

American women gained their right to vote in 1920. But in California, women had already won the right to vote in 1911, nearly a decade earlier.

In 1896, suffragists took the issue straight to the California voters for a statewide referendum. Although Populists, Prohibitionists, Republicans and unions joined a formidable women's alliance to promote the measure, it was defeated by a sizeable majority. Many blamed the vocal liquor industry and the Democratic Party for the defeat. -

California: 100 Years of Women Voting - LOWV

Herman Cain: “When a reporter asked me the other day: Well, what do you think about those demonstrations up on Wall Street? I said, first of all, Wall Street didn’t write these failed economic policies, the White House did.”

“Why don’t you move the demonstrations to the White House?” - CNS News

Cain’s Campaign Soars as Republicans Search for Right Candidate - Newsmax

Herman Cain, a one-time pizza magnate and tea party conservative, is surging in GOP polls, partly because of his unabashed criticism of the Wall Street protests.

Although the protests left many GOP contenders tongue-tied at first as they tried to gauge which way the wind was blowing, Cain didn't hesitate in condemning the incipient protests as an attack on American capitalism.

He accused the anti-Wall Street protesters of being jealous of other people's money and turning themselves into victims.

"Part of it is jealousy. I stand by that," Cain said on the CBS program "Face the Nation" Sunday. "And here's why I don't have a lot of patience for that: My parents, they never played the victim card. My parents never said that we hope the rich people lose something so that we can get something.

Herman Cain

In President Barack Obama's sales pitch for his jobs bill, there are two versions of reality: The one in his speeches and the one actually unfolding in Washington.

Obama disconnects rhetoric, reality -

When Obama accuses Republicans of standing in the way of his nearly $450 billion plan, he ignores the fact that his own party has struggled to unite behind the proposal.

When the president says Republicans haven't explained what they oppose in the plan, he skips over the fact that Republicans who control the House actually have done that in detail.

And when he calls on Congress to "pass this bill now," he slides past the point that Democrats control the Senate and were never prepared to move immediately, given other priorities. Senators are expected to vote Tuesday on opening debate on the bill, a month after the president unveiled it with a call for its immediate passage.

Cain Surges

Cain Surges, Nearly Ties Romney for Lead in GOP Preferences - Gallup
Change: Cain now leads Perry nationally and in New Hampshire - HotAir

A new poll by the Institute of Politics (IOP) at Harvard University and the New Hampshire Institute of Politics at Saint Anselm College shows former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney leading the candidate field with 38 percent among likely voters in the New Hampshire Republican presidential primary. Businessman Herman Cain (20%) and U.S. Representative Ron Paul (13%) follow, with all remaining candidates polling at 5 percent or less…
Mitt Romney

Herman Cain

Ron Paul

Rick Perry

Aimless Obama walks alone

The reports are not good, disturbing even. I have heard basically the same story four times in the last 10 days, and the people doing the talking are in New York and Washington and are spread across the political spectrum. - Michael Goodwin/New York Post

The gist is this: President Obama has become a lone wolf, a stranger to his own government. He talks mostly, and sometimes only, to friend and adviser Valerie Jarrett and to David Axelrod, his political strategist.

...If the reports are accurate, and I believe they are, they paint a picture of an isolated man trapped in a collapsing presidency. While there is no indication Obama is walking the halls of the White House late at night, talking to the portraits of former presidents, as Richard Nixon did during Watergate, the reports help explain his odd public remarks.... Read The rest

Obama Team Split on How to Rally Unruly Coalition

President Barack Obama obviously is scrambling in his attempt to win re-election. He has proclaimed himself the underdog and has given up his pretense of being a pragmatic centrist compromiser in favor of harsh class warfare rhetoric. - Michael Barone at Real Clear Politics

But it's worth taking note of what he has squandered. In 2008, Obama won 53 percent of the popular vote. That may not sound like a landslide, but it's more than any other Democratic presidential nominee in history except Andrew Jackson, Franklin Roosevelt and Lyndon Johnson.

...Obama's 2008 coalition included two-thirds of young voters and Latinos, majorities of those earning more than $200,000 and those earning less than $50,000, non-college whites in the upper Midwest, and 95 percent of blacks nationwide. Some obvious tensions there.

Now his strategists feel obliged to pick which groups he'll concentrate on to get back up to 50 percent. What's interesting is that his demographic strategists and his issue strategists seem to be eyeing different groups.

...not enough to reassemble the 53 percent coalition that hoped he would bring change for the better. That coalition, historically unusual, seems now to be part of history itself.

Celebrate Columbus Day!

Monday, October 10, 2011
- history channel
Columbus Day 2011: Columbus Day Parade New York Begins at 11 a.m. Monday - International Business Times

Governor Palin’s Speech at “Defending the Republic” Event

– Oct 7 2011 - Palin-TV

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Jerry Brown vetoes industrial hemp, pregnant inmate and use of tanning beds by minors bills

link - Sacramento Bee Capitol Alert
Gov. Jerry Brown today vetoed legislation that would have permitted the cultivation of industrial hemp in California, though the Democratic governor didn't seem happy about it.

Senate Bill 676, by Sen. Mark Leno, D-San Francisco, would have created an eight-year, pilot program for the cultivation of industrial hemp in Imperial, Kern, Kings and San Joaquin counties.

...Brown also vetoed Assembly Bill 568, by Assemblywoman Nancy Skinner, D-Berkeley, which would have prohibited prison guards from shackling pregnant inmates unless necessary.

"At first blush, I was inclined to sign this bill because it certainly seems inappropriate to shackle a pregnant inmate unless absolutely necessary," Brown said in a veto message. "However, the language of this measure goes too far, prohibiting not only shackling, but also the use of handcuffs or restraints of any kind except under ill-defined circumstances."
California bans use of tanning beds by minors - Reuters via Drudge (image source)

◼ But... lets 12-year-olds consent to preventive care for STDs - LA Times

Gov. Brown signs law banning open carry of handguns - ABC Local
AB144, makes it a misdemeanor to carry an exposed and unloaded gun in a public place.

Brown had more than 100 bills to sign or veto before a midnight deadline.

Brown also signed a new measure requiring health insurance companies in California to provide coverage for autism.

...Brown vetoed a bill requiring extra warning for women whose breast tissue is dense enough to mimic cancers in mammograms.

He also vetoed a bill allowing public universities to use race in their undergraduate and graduate admissions.

The governor said no to a bill requiring law enforcement officers to get a warrant before they search through electronic devices of people they arrest.
Jerry Brown signs bill speeding involuntary medication of inmates - LA Times

Jerry Brown rejects new restrictions on megastores - LA Times

Jerry Brown extends tax credit for filmmakers until 2015 - LA Times

Gov. Jerry Brown signs bill placing limits on DUI checkpoints - LA Times