Sunday, October 12, 2014

October 12th Meet The Author: John Fund

Eric Holder has announced his resignation... Why now? And what's next? Who better to ask than John Fund, co-author of 'Obama's Enforcer, Eric Holder's Justice Department.' And where better to get the answers than right here in Eureka - October 12th...

Sunday, October 12th at ◼ 445 Herrick Avenue, Eureka
5:30 p.m. No-Host Cocktails
6:00 p.m. Roast Beef and Fried Chicken DINNER/BUFFET
7:00 p.m. Special Guest Speaker:
Author & FOX News Commentator JOHN FUND
8:00 p.m. GOP Fundraiser! Live Auction
Tickets: $50/person ◼ Buy your tickets HERE
Call Republican Headquarters: (707) 442-2259
or call (707) 442-2788 Annette de Modena