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Can someone tell me WHY this did not make headline news all over the country?

Jihad across America….Oklahoma is not the first - MELISSA SNOW/News Ninja

As the disturbing story of the beheading of an American woman and injury to another unfolds, more people are beginning to become aware that we DO have a problem in America. It is no longer the problem “over there”. It’s here on our soil and the incident today is not the first.

On June 25, Ali Muhammed Brown murdered Brendan Tevlin while he sat in his vehicle at a red light. After unloading ten shots into Brendan’s car, he moved the body to the passenger side and drove away in the vehicle. He left the vehicle in an apartment complex. Originally law enforcement investigated this heinous crime as a robbery gone wrong, but Ali Muhammed Brown was very forth-coming about his reasoning for this murder, as well as others he committed.

...Greta Van Susteren did as much as she could to bring attention to this and even interviewed his precious, broken parents. Martha MacCallum also was very vocal in her coverage and disdain for lack of proper media coverage.

Fast forward to today, just a few months later and after ISIS called for lone wolf attacks on American soil, we have what happened in Oklahoma. Already being dubbed “workplace violence” by the Administration, we have learned that Alton Nolan returned to the workplace after being fired, decapitated one woman and was working on another victim when he was shot and stopped. At first it may seem like workplace violence, but witnesses reported that Nolan had tried to convert coworkers to Islam. It was also reported that he was shouting pro-Islam rhetoric while on his rampage. Why should his firing alone define it as a workplace violence incident? Shouldn’t we consider all the facts such as his Facebook posts and rants on social media? Was the fact he had tried to convert co-workers and the shouting of Islāmic rhetoric also grounds to consider this as being something more sinister?

America we need to wake up!

The spread of Rocky Mountain jihad - Michelle Malkin

The Jihadi Serial Killer No One’s Talking About [plus: read the charging documents] - Michelle Malkin

For two bloody months, an armed jihadist serial killer ran loose across the country. At least four innocent men died this spring and summer as acts of “vengeance” on behalf of aggrieved Muslims, the self-confessed murderer has now proclaimed. Have you heard about this horror? Probably not.

The usual suspects who decry hate crimes and gun violence haven’t uttered a peep. Why? Like O.J.’s glove: If the narrative don’t fit, you must acquit. The admitted killer will be cast as just another “lone wolf” whose familiar grievances and bloodthirsty Islamic invocations mean nothing.

I say: Enough with the whitewashing. Meet Ali Muhammad Brown. His homicidal Islamic terror spree took him from coast to coast. The 29-year-old career thug admitted to killing Leroy Henderson in Seattle in April; Ahmed Said and Dwone Anderson-Young in Seattle on June 1; and college student Brendan Tevlin, 19, in Essex County, New Jersey, on June 25. Tevlin was gunned down in his family Jeep on his way home from a friend’s house. Ballistics and other evidence linked all the victims to Muhammad Brown. Police apprehended him last month hiding in an encampment near the Watchung Mountains of West Orange, New Jersey....

Here's why it does not make headline news:

‘Muslims are HILARIOUS!’ – MSNBC Muslim panel responds to Oklahoma beheading - The Right Scoop

Capitol Update: Saturday, September 27, 2014
With CFRW Ballot Recommendations

President's Message

Last week I had the privilege to attend the NFRW Fall Board of Directors Meeting in Dallas, Sept. 18-20. It is an honor to represent the members of California. The meetings began on Thursday afternoon with the State Presidents Meeting. We had the opportunity to share goals, ideas, accomplishments and even problems with each other. There is so much we all have in common. We also heard from speakers who updated us on new NFRW information including the new Data Base, brochures, Achievement Awards, NFRW Federation Trust, and the exciting National Associate Membership to help us engage younger women. That evening we enjoyed a lively Welcome Reception hosted by the hard working members of Texas RWF. Our exciting guest speaker, was George P. Bush, running for Commissioner of the Texas General Land Office. He spoke about his dedication to advancing Conservative values and we also had the opportunity to speak with him one on one. George P. Bush is a big supporter of Texas RWF and the Federation! We closed the evening with dinner with friends.

Friday was a full day with informative speakers including Governor Rick Perry who spoke about how we have the potential to change America and what we do on November 4 will change the course of history. He also spoke about how we can make America great again, make the world more secure with our resources, freedom, exceptionalism and ensure that the world’s last best hope remains America. Other speakers included NFRW President Kathy Brugger who spoke about empowering, engaging and elevating to bring more women to our table, authors Katie Kieffer and Pete Seat each spoke about Barak Obama’s war on Millennials and engaging younger voters and RNC Co-Chair Sharon Day spoke about encouraging activism, following our passions and talking about Big Things to reach the voters. We also had updates on the 2014 election from Adam Kincaid, Special Projects Director for the RNC, and a very inspiring presentation on Leadership by Radio Talk show host and Speech Coach, Deb Sofield, at our luncheon. We heard from the various NFRW Standing and Special Committee Chairs, attended our NFRW Regional Director meeting with a chance to share information our RD Lynne Hartung and the other states in our region. The day closed with the Regents Reception. One of the highlights of the meetings is getting together with special friends we only see twice a year.

Saturday began with a Call to Prayer, hands on practice with the new NFRW Data Base and two very lively presentations from Austin Texas, and Philadelphia, PA , cities hoping to host the 2017 Biennial Convention. Both presenters did a great job but the idea of going to a historic city and the birthplace of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution won our hearts and we voted to spend our 2017 NFRW Biennial Convention in the city of Brotherly Love…Philadelphia. We all spent a very inspiring and momentous afternoon at the the President George W.Bush Library in Dallas, Texas. Many of us even took the opportunity to have a picture taken at the President’s desk in the Oval Office. We also saw a beautiful exhibit with designs by Laura Bush’s favorite fashion designer, Oscar de la Renta. I was personally very inspired to learn so much more about our 43rd President from the many exhibits and testimonials. America was so fortunate that George W. Bush was President when we were attacked on 9/11. His courage and resolve to fight the war over there rather then wait for them to come back to America, ensured we were not attacked during the next 7 years. I will forever be grateful to him! Too bad our current President does not have the courage and wisdom to follow the lead of President Bush!

We look forward to seeing you all at the CFRW Fall Conference in Bakersfield and we will prepare for the November election. Don’t forget to send in your registration!

God Bless America
Thank you for all you do,
Working Together To Make A Difference
California Federation of Republican Women
Roseann Slonsky-Breault, President
Allison Olson, CFRW Advocate

CFRW Ballot Recommendations

Below are the official CFRW Ballot Recommendations. Once again, it should be noted that our recommendations are just that- recommendations. It is the hope of the CFRW Voting Body that our Republican Women heed our recommendations but ultimately research these propositions on their own as well so that they can better educate other California voters. Every election is just as important as the last!

Prop 1 Water Bond. 
Funding for Water Quality, Supply, Treatment, and Storage Projects: 
Summary: Authorizes $7.12 billion in general obligation bonds for state water supply infrastructure projects, such as surface and groundwater storage; ecosystem and watershed protection and restoration; drinking water protection; water supply management; water recycling and advanced water treatment technology; and flood control. Reallocates $425 million of unused bond authority from prior water bond acts, for same purposes. Appropriates money from the General Fund to pay off bonds. Requires certain projects to provide matching funds from non-state sources in order to receive bond funds

Fiscal Impact: Increased state bond repayment costs averaging $360 million annually over the next 40 years. Savings to local governments related to water projects, likely averaging a couple hundred million dollars annually over the next few decades.

Talking Points:

- Republicans in the legislature fought hard to bring down the cost of this bond while increasing the amount of money allocated for surface storage projects to $2.7 billion.

- The bond is not perfect, and in fact still has a good amount of money allocated for some environmental “pet projects.” But Republicans must continue to fight for surface storage projects to be completed with this new bond. Living in a Democrat super majority state, we aren't going to have the "perfect water bond" come out of Sacramento. But this bond is a step in the right direction. If this bond does not pass and legislators must go back to the drawing board, we fear a worse bond will be brought back to the people of California, without the critical water storage the Republicans fought so hard to have included in this bond.

- Language for dam removal projects were removed from this bond and instead money will be allocated to fund two dam and reservoir projects, one in Colusa County and one in Fresno County. The Fresno County site, Temperance Flats, is especially important because our Central Valley Farmers have been relying so heavily on wells and groundwater that now that infrastructure is unstable. Our farmers need more surface storage to keep California growing.

- Again, it is important to note that this bond is not perfect and Republicans cannot rest on their laurels once it is passed. But we believe this is why it is so important to work hard to get Republicans elected to the legislature this cycle. The more Republicans we have protecting our interests in the Capitol, the better!

Prop 2 State Budget. Budget Stabilization Account. 
Legislative Constitutional Amendment: 
Summary: Requires annual transfer of 1.5% of general fund revenues to state budget stabilization account. Requires additional transfer of personal capital gains tax revenues exceeding 8% of general fund revenues to budget stabilization account and, under certain conditions, a dedicated K–14 school reserve fund. Requires that half the budget stabilization account revenues be used to repay state debts and unfunded liabilities. Allows limited use of funds in case of emergency or if there is a state budget deficit. Caps budget stabilization account at 10% of general fund revenues, directs remainder to infrastructure

Fiscal Impact: Some existing state debts would be paid down faster, resulting in long-term savings for the state. Changes in the level of state budget reserves, which would depend on the economy and future decisions by the Governor and the Legislature. Reserves kept by some school districts would be smaller

Talking Points:

- Another measure that Republicans worked hard to get to the ballot. Republicans have been working towards a rainy day fund for years. Every single Republican legislator in both the Senate and the Assembly voted in support of this proposition.

- Sets aside state revenues in a fund that cannot be used to further state spending in times of excess.

- Finally works to pay down state debt payments.

- Another caveat though, this bill must have Republican oversight once passed to make sure the fund is safe from greedy Democrat spending even after it is passed.

Prop 45 Approval of Healthcare 
Insurance Rate Changes. Initiative Statute: 
Summary: Requires health insurance rate changes to be approved by Insurance Commissioner before taking effect. Requires sworn statement by health insurer as to accuracy of information submitted to Insurance Commissioner to justify rate changes. Provides for public notice, disclosure and hearing on health insurance rate changes, and subsequent judicial review. Does not apply to employer large group health plans. Prohibits health, auto and homeowners insurers from determining policy eligibility or rates based on lack of prior coverage or credit history.

Fiscal Impact: Increased state administrative costs ranging in the low millions to low tens of millions of dollars annually to regulate health insurance rates, funded with revenues collected from filing fees paid by health insurance companies.

Talking Points:

- A very dangerous measure that would place all insurance rate power in the hands of one politician, who would also have the decision making ability for your treatment options.

- Would create yet another costly state bureaucracy that would be funded by your higher healthcare costs.

- Sponsored by special interest lawyers who included a hidden provision allowing them to charge up to $675/hour and make tens of millions in fees off costly health care lawsuits.

Prop 46 Drug and Alcohol Testing of Doctors. 
Medical Negligence Lawsuits. Initiative Statute: 
Summary: Requires drug and alcohol testing of doctors and reporting of positive test to the California Medical Board. Requires Board to suspend doctor pending investigation of positive test and take disciplinary action if doctor was impaired while on duty. Requires doctors to report any other doctor suspected of drug or alcohol impairment or medical negligence. Requires health care practitioners to consult state prescription drug history database before prescribing certain controlled substances. Increases $250,000 cap on pain and suffering damages in medical negligence lawsuits to account for inflation.

Fiscal Impact: Increased state and local government health care costs from raising the cap on medical malpractice damages, likely ranging from the tens of millions of dollars to several hundred million dollars annually.

Talking Points:

- It is no secret this measure was drafted by trial lawyers who stand to make millions with an increase on the “emotional pain and suffering” cap for medical negligence lawsuits

- This measure forces doctors and pharmacists to use a massive statewide database filled with Californians’ personal medical prescription information. A mandate government will find impossible to implement, and a database with no increased security standards to protect your personal prescription information from hacking and theft – none.

- If California’s medical liability cap goes up, you could also lose your trusted doctor. It’s true. Many doctors will be forced to leave California to practice in states where medical liability insurance is more affordable.

- A recent study found that this initiative will increase health care costs by $9.9 billion annually – or more than $1,000/year in higher health costs for a family of four

- It is deceptive. The drug testing of doctors portion of this measure was only added as an illusion to the real goal of this prop- to raise the cap on emotional pain and suffering

Prop 47 Criminal Sentences. Misdemeanor Penalties. 
Initiative Statute: 
Summary: Requires misdemeanor sentence instead of felony for petty theft, receiving stolen property, and forging/writing bad checks when value or amount involved is $950 or less. Requires misdemeanor sentence instead of felony for certain drug possession offenses. Allows felony sentence for these offenses if person has previous conviction for crimes such as rape, murder or child molestation or is a registered sex offender. Requires resentencing for persons serving felony sentences for these offenses unless court finds unreasonable public safety risk. Applies savings to mental health and drug treatment programs, K-12 schools, and crime victims.

Fiscal Impact: Unknown. Potential savings to criminal justice system. But also potential costs associated to recidivism rates.

Talking Points:

- Felons with prior convictions for armed robbery, kidnapping, car jacking, child abuse, residential burglary, arson, assault with a deadly weapon, and many other serious crimes are still eligible for early release under this prop.

- Judges must rule on a criminal’s early release based only on the most recent felony. Prior felony convictions will not affect a judge’s ruling except in extraordinary circumstances. This means that serious, violent felons will be released and there is little a judge can do about it.

- Under current law, stealing a gun is a felony, period. Prop 47 would redefine grand theft in such a way that theft of a firearm could only be considered a felony if the value of the gun is greater than $950. Almost all handguns (which are the most stolen kind of firearm) retail for well below $950. People don’t steal guns just so they can add to their gun collection. They steal guns to commit another crime. People stealing guns are protected under Proposition 47.

- Proposition 47 will reduce the penalty for possession of drugs used to facilitate date-rape to a simple misdemeanor. No matter how many times the suspected sexual predator has been charged with possession of date-rape drugs, it will only be a misdemeanor, and the judge will be forced to sentence them as if it were their very first time in court.
Prop 48 Referendum to Overturn Indian Gaming Compacts: Neutral or No Position
Summary: If the measure is approved by the state's voters, it will ratify AB 277 (Ch. 51, Stats. 2013), ratify two gaming compacts between California and, respectively, the North Fork Rancheria of Mono Indians, and the Wiyot Tribe, and exempt execution of the compacts, certain projects, and intergovernmental agreements from the California Environmental Quality Act. This measure is a veto referendum; this means that a "yes" vote is a vote to uphold or ratify the contested legislation (AB 277) that was enacted by the California State Legislature while a "no" vote is a vote to overturn AB 277.

Fiscal Impact: One-time payments between $16 million and $35 million from the North Fork tribe to local governments in the Madera County area to address costs related to the operation of a new casino.Annual payments over a 20-year period averaging around $10 million from the North Fork tribe to the state and local governments in the Madera County area to address costs related to the operation of a new casino. Increased revenue from economic growth in the Madera County area generally offset by revenue losses from decreased economic activity in surrounding areas

Talking Points:

- There are pros and cons to this proposition. That’s why the CFRW has taken a neutral position. It is our hope that the Republican Women research this prop and decide how this will effect them and the future of California.

- It will create thousands of jobs in a depressed economic area. Madera County is in desperate need of jobs.

- But it creates a precedence whereby Indians can game outside of their tribal land. This is currently unprecedented. The current Indian Gaming Pact with our state allows tribes to only game on their tribal land. This referendum would allow tribes to petition to the government to game (build casinos) outside of their tribal land.

Club Spotlight!

The Club of the Week is Rancho La Habra Republican Women Federated! Congratulations! ◼ Click HERE to read all about their club's successes! If you would like to spotlight your club, contact: Gaylon Kastner- CFRW Membership Promotion email or call 707-255-2815

The Khorosan Group Does Not Exist

Remember that feeling a couple of weeks ago that you were being had? You were. It’s a fictitious name the Obama administration invented to deceive us. - Andrew C. McCarthy/NRO

For six years, President Obama has endeavored to will the country into accepting two pillars of his alternative national-security reality. First, he claims to have dealt decisively with the terrorist threat, rendering it a disparate series of ragtag jayvees. Second, he asserts that the threat is unrelated to Islam, which is innately peaceful, moderate, and opposed to the wanton “violent extremists” who purport to act in its name.

Now, the president has been compelled to act against a jihad that has neither ended nor been “decimated.” The jihad, in fact, has inevitably intensified under his counterfactual worldview, which holds that empowering Islamic supremacists is the path to security and stability. Yet even as war intensifies in Iraq and Syria — even as jihadists continue advancing, continue killing and capturing hapless opposition forces on the ground despite Obama’s futile air raids — the president won’t let go of the charade.

Hence, Obama gives us the Khorosan Group.

The who?

...You haven’t heard of the Khorosan Group because there isn’t one. It is a name the administration came up with, calculating that Khorosan — the –Iranian–​Afghan border region — had sufficient connection to jihadist lore that no one would call the president on it.

The “Khorosan Group” is al-Qaeda. It is simply a faction within the global terror network’s Syrian franchise, “Jabhat al-Nusra.” Its leader, Mushin al-Fadhli (believed to have been killed in this week’s U.S.-led air strikes), was an intimate of Ayman al-Zawahiri, the emir of al-Qaeda who dispatched him to the jihad in Syria. Except that if you listen to administration officials long enough, you come away thinking that Zawahiri is not really al-Qaeda, either. Instead, he’s something the administration is at pains to call “core al-Qaeda.”

“Core al-Qaeda,” you are to understand, is different from “Jabhat al-Nusra,” which in turn is distinct from “al-Qaeda in Iraq” (formerly “al-Qaeda in Mesopotamia,” now the “Islamic State” al-Qaeda spin-off that is, itself, formerly “al-Qaeda in Iraq and al-Sham” or “al-Qaeda in Iraq and the Levant”). That al-Qaeda, don’t you know, is a different outfit from al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula . . . which, of course, should never be mistaken for “al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb,” “Boko Haram,” “Ansar al-Sharia,” or the latest entry, “al-Qaeda in the Indian Subcontinent.”

...Obama is not the manner of man who can say, “I was wrong: It turns out that al-Qaeda is actually on the rise, its Islamic State faction is overwhelming the region, and American interests — perhaps even American territory — are profoundly threatened.” So instead . . . you got “the Khorosan Group.”

You also got a smiley-face story about five Arab states joining the United States in a coalition to confront the terrorists. Finally, the story goes, Sunni governments were acting decisively to take Islam back from the “un-Islamic” elements that falsely commit “violent extremism” under Islam’s banner.

Discussion at Lucianne

Sen. Ted Cruz at the 2014 Values Voter Summit

WATCH Ted Cruz rousing FULL SPEECH at the 2014 Values Voter Summit - The Right Scoop
At Value Voters Summit, Ted Cruz Hits His Mark - US News& World Report
Unrepentant Ted Cruz Calls Democrats the ‘Radical Party’ - Wall St. Journal

Brand new Reuters poll has President Barack Obama mired in an abysmal 35% approval rating with nearly 60% of Americans saying, “This guy has got to go.”

Obama Approval Down To 35% And Falling… - Ulsterman

POLL: Approval of Obama's handling of job as president - Reuters
SEP 25TH, 2014: 1,712 Responses
Strongly disapprove...35.7%
Strongly approve......17.5%
Somewhat disapprove...16.6%
Somewhat approve......16.6%
Mixed feelings........ 6.2%
Lean approve.......... 4.2%
Lean disapprove....... 3.2%

Protecting Your Privacy: Borrowers Hit Social-Media Hurdles

Regulators Have Concerns About Lenders' Use of Facebook, Other Sites - Wall St. Journal

More lending companies are mining Facebook, and other social-media data to help determine a borrower's creditworthiness or identity, a trend that is raising concerns among consumer groups and regulators....

Lending companies—some of which are backed with venture funding from Google Ventures, GOOG +0.35% the venture-capital arm of Google Inc., and Accel Partners, an early Facebook Inc. investor—are looking at potential problems such as whether applicants put the same job information on their loan application as they posted on LinkedIn, or if they shared on Facebook that they had been let go by an employer. A small business that draws negative reviews on eBay also could undermine its chances of getting more credit, lending companies say.

Here is where the delusional mindset of the Obama crowd becomes apparent. Obama insists that we will not put US combat forces on the ground. Okay. Who is going to provide the troops? The answer? Nobody knows.

Obama’s Slow Motion Trainwreck - Larry Johnson/No Quarter

Jessica Williams reported on some up-and-coming terrorist groups on last night’s Daily Show.

Anger over joke about One Direction and terrorism gets #TheDailyShowGoneTooFar trending [video] - Twitchy

What The Media Does Not Want You To Know About The Muslim Terrorist Who Beheaded An American Woman In Oklahoma WARNING, DISTURBING IMAGES

Nolen has a tattoo on his abdomen reading “AS-SALAAMU ATAIKUM,” The Arabic message, essentially meaning “peace be upon you,” is used as a greeting by Muslims.

Nolen had just been fired when he drove to the front of the business, hit a vehicle and walked inside.

He walked into the front office area where he met 54-year-old Colleen Hufford and began attacking her with a knife. . . .

Lewis confirms that Hufford was stabbed several times and that Nolen “severed her head.”

At that point, Lewis claims Nolen met 43-year-old Traci Johnson and began attacking her with the same knife.

Officials say at that point, Mark Vaughan, an Oklahoma County reserve deputy and a former CEO of the business, shot him as he was actively stabbing Johnson. . . .

The FBI is now looking into Nolen’s background after his former co-workers said he tried to convert them to Islam after recently converting himself.
Man Accused Of Oklahoma Beheading Has Muslim Greeting Tattooed On Abdomen - Daily Caller
Muslim suspect in Oklahoma beheading was fired after argument over STONING WOMEN - The Right Scoop

33 Things We Learned About the Oklahoma Beheading Suspect: What His Hand Signal Means Will Chill You

A look at some of the disturbing posts from what, by all appearances, is Nolen’s Facebook page may provide some clues:

#1. How Nolen updated his Facebook page – in March.

#17. He was not a fan of women’s freedom to dress as they pleased in Western Culture.

What The Media Does Not Want You To Know About The Muslim Terrorist Who Beheaded An American Woman In Oklahoma - Walid Shoebat

And yes, the photo you see here of this beheading of what seems to be an American soldier was found on his Facebook.


Megyn Kelly exposes RADICAL Facebook of Oklahoma Muslim beheader Alton Nolen VIDEO - THE RIGHT SCOOP


Benghazi Heroes Stand Up To A Dem Rep On Live TV

Two members of that team of military veterans appeared on Sean Hannity’s Fox News program to confront Congressman Smith and defend their honor and integrity. “Don’t call us liars,” Smith was told. - Western Journalism

Friday, September 26, 2014

San Francisco Chronicle and UT San Diego ENDORSE: Pete Peterson for secretary of state

Pete Peterson is the rare candidate for secretary of state who can make a convincing case not only that he can do the job well, but that this office is the focus and extent of his political ambition. - San Francisco Chronicle ENDORSEMENT

Pete Peterson for California secretary of state - UT San Diego

"A Republican but hardly a partisan, [Pete] has a well-developed action plan to increase voting, make voting information more available, make the campaign finance system far more transparent and have the state office be a helpful, encouraging partner to new businesses. Peterson would bring lots of energy and fresh thinking to a branch of state government badly in need of such a jolt. We urge voters to give him a chance to shake things up."

Eric Holder’s Legacy: Duplicity, Incompetence, and Obliviousness

◼ Former New Jersey Superior Court Judge Andrew Napolitano: “Every time that Barack Obama has bent, broken, avoided or evaded the constitution or federal law, Eric Holder has been at his side, cheering him on, providing intellectual cover, and purporting to give the president legal advice authorizing what the President wanted to do.

...From allowing the President to kill Americans, from allowing the President to spy on Americans, from personally authorizing the invasion of privacy of our colleague James Rosen, from seizing property from people who weren’t even charged with crimes .. Eric Holder has been behind all of it.”

Holder exists to protect the president and his policies. Worse, his successor will almost certainly take up exactly where he leaves off. - Nick Gillespie/TIME

So Eric Holder is stepping down as attorney general of the United States, reportedly just as soon as a successor is named and confirmed.

It’s a shame that it can’t happen sooner....

Arguably more disturbing was Holder’s central role in signing off on the secret monitoring of Fox News’ James Rosen and other journalists and his staunch defense of National Security Agency surveillance programs (even when federal oversight boards decreed them unconstitutional and ineffective). It took a 13-hour filibuster by Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) to get Holder to acknowledge in plain language that there were in fact limits to the president’s secret kill list (the existence of which is itself deeply disturbing).

Dosvedanya, Holder: America’s First Soviet Attorney General Steps Down - Roger L. Simon/PJM

...In reality, he was a political bagman, a low rent consigliere whose unquestioning obedience to power was evidently appreciated by Barack Obama and rewarded with the full position of attorney general. Obama knew what he was getting for our number one law enforcement official. With that background, no wonder Holder investigates nothing, leaving “Fast & Furious,” the IRS, Benghazi, all the scandals, untouched, stonewalled or deliberately obfuscated. He was chosen to be a “Good German” and he was one. ...

Eric Holder’s long-overdue exit: Justice gets an opportunity to return to the Justice Department - Washington Times EDITORIAL

Nearly everybody would be pleased and reassured if Mr. Obama selects a fair-minded, less partisan nominee whose credentials speak for themselves, enabling easy clearance through the Senate Judiciary Committee, regardless of whether it’s controlled by Democrats or Republicans, and an overwhelming vote of confirmation.

It’s not a good sign that Al Sharpton, the noted theologian and race hustler, says that he is “engaged in immediate conversations” with the White House about the selection of Mr. Holder’s successor. It’s scary to think he might be telling it like it is.

Revealed: Eric Holder quit because of his health on the orders of his doctor wife after hospital scare - Daily Mail

Eric Holder Runs from a Ticking Time Bomb, IRS Deadline Approaches Fast, Federal Judges are Furious—and Where’s Andrew Selka? - New York Observer

Why now? What is about to blow up?

WebMD Has Received $14M to Promote Obamacare.
HHS gets editorial approval over sponsored content

WebMD has received nearly $14 million to promote Obamacare, as part of a government initiative designed to get Americans to turn to “official information” on the health care law. - Washington Free Beacon

The contract amount is much higher than was previously known, new documents revealed on Tuesday.

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) released a “limited source justification” to extend WebMD’s contract through September 2015. The government has obligated a total of $13,932,914 for the “Affordable Care Act (ACA) and Health Care Priorities Educational Initiative” thus far....

When the government’s deal with WebMD was first revealed last November, the contract was reportedly worth $4.8 million....

WebMD devotes a special section to Obamacare on its website, which includes quizzes, videos, and guides to signing up for health insurance on the exchanges.

A “myth or fact” quiz on Obamacare includes answers such as, “In the past, insurance companies didn’t treat men and women equally,” and relates that “young adults” can stay on their parents’ health plans until they are 26.

Another answer describes the federal marketplace as “sort of like an online travel site for booking tickets.” The quiz says that Obamacare will “probably make it harder for people to find a doctor,” though the law “does try to help” the doctor shortage....

“As with any contract with a government agency, for any funded programs, WebMD must adhere to the federal government’s content clearance policy and requirements,” he said. “In developing funded content for CMS or any other federal agency, WebMD adheres to this policy, which requires government agencies to review and approve materials before they are made available in the public domain.”

"...if you don't have to go over there don't go,” Lucio said. “And if you do have to go, go in the daytime and be very careful. I sure hope things calm down eventually.”

An American citizen was beaten to death by drug cartel members while another barely managed to survive the kidnapping and torture just south of the Texas border. - Breitbart

Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry's Sister on Timing of Holder Resignation: "Not a Coincidence"

EXCLUSIVE - Katie Pavlich/Townhall
..."I do not find it a coincidence that Eric Holder chose now to resign after Judge Bates denied the request from the DOJ to delay the release of the Fast and Furious documents. I personally think Eric Holder was really hoping that the documents would never be made public to my family and the American people," Terry-Willis tells Townhall. "Will we ever get the accountability for my brother, Brian, Jaime Zapata and every other person who lost their lives to the guns from this horrific scandal? I don't know, but I have a serious gut feeling when we finally see what is in those documents....the dynamics of this investigation are going to change and hopefully the people involved are brought to justice. Eric Holder can run, but there will be no hiding. The truth always reveals itself."

In a separate statement put out on behalf of the Brian Terry Foundation, family spokesman Ralph Terry says Holder's resignation is welcomed....
GOP to Obama: Don't replace Holder in lame-duck Congress - The Hill

The Eric Holder Tragedy - New York Sun Editorial
The resignation — if that’s what it is — of Attorney General Eric Holder signals the end of one of the most divisive tenures in the history of the cabinet. It was no doubt inevitable after Mr. Holder was determined, in a bi-partisan vote, to be in criminal contempt of the 112th United States House. He became the only sitting cabinet officer in history to be so found. He reacted to the contempt finding with more contempt. From that point on his tenure in office was unsustainable....

We mention that to underline that we are not, reflexively, in the anti-Holder camp. All the greater our disappointment in his conduct of his office. His default in the fast-and-furious gun-running case was the kind of thing for which he should have taken responsibility and resigned; to have instead spent years fighting the investigation was shocking and to have allowed it to get to the point of criminal contempt, which is what the House found him to have committed, is a scandal.

More broadly one can lay to Mr. Holder some of the responsibility for the souring of Mr. Obama’s presidency. The eloquent Illinoisan, after all, had been lofted to office on a huge vote. He was the first African-American president. How unifying his presidency could have been. Yet his attorney general spurned, even mocked, the Supreme Court’s civil rights rulings, took a litigious approach to the border states inundated with undocumented immigrants, and aggravated a divided Congress.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

“Republicans Are People, Too.” Shouldn’t Be a Radical Message

This is what we’ve come to: One of Mitt Romney’s former ad men has launched an entire campaign around the idea that “Republicans Are People, Too.” - Daily Signal

And, unsurprisingly, some liberals are amused.

MSNBC’s Steve Benen derided the message as “overly defensive” and wrote: “If you have to remind the public that Republicans ‘are people’ and ‘have emotions,’ then you’re implicitly suggesting that Republicans’ basic humanity is, at least for some, in doubt.”

Well…sometimes, yeah, it is in doubt.

Okay, sure, no one’s going around saying conservatives and Republicans aren’t human. But there’s often a host of negative assumptions and stereotyping, fueled by our liberal pop culture and mainstream media.

Doubt it? Read liberals’ own accounts...

FBI ‘very concerned’ about iPhone lock

FBI Director James Comey on Thursday said he is “very concerned” about new privacy protections that Apple and Google are placing on their phones. - The Hill

According to the Huffington Post, Comey told reporters that he is "a huge believer in the rule of law, but I am also a believer that no one in this country is above the law.”

"What concerns me about this is companies marketing something expressly to allow people to place themselves above the law,” he added.
Last week, both Apple and Google announced that new iPhones and Android devices would automatically come loaded with encryption technology automatically preventing anyone without a passcode — even police holding a warrant — from accessing pictures, notes and other messages on the phone.

Shocking: Iraqi PM Reveals A Plan By ISIS That Might Have Been Another 9/11 In America

...learned of the potential plan Thursday, the effort of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).
- Western Journalism

The NYPD released a statement saying in part:
“We are aware of the Iraqi Prime Minister’s statements and we are in close contact with the FBI and other federal departments as we assess this particular threat stream. New York City formally operates at a heightened level of security and we adjust that posture daily based on our evaluation of information as we receive it.”
On Wednesday, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R) announced increased law enforcement at major transit hubs because of Middle East conflicts, without mentioning any specific threat.

Bet on Obama to nominate Kamala Harris as Holder's replacement - relaunch war on women & racism memes

If I were a betting man, I'd place my chips on Kamala Harris to be Barack Obama's nominee to replace exiting Attorney General Eric Holder. She may or may not be qualified, but that's not really what's important here. Harris is the first African American, Asian American, female to hold the office of California Attorney General. - Robert Laurie/Herman Cain

Barack Obama famously described her this way:
“You have to be careful to, first of all, say she is brilliant and she is dedicated and she is tough, and she is exactly what you’d want in anybody who is administering the law, and making sure that everybody is getting a fair shake. She also happens to be, by far, the best looking attorney general in the country.”
Yes, that would have been labelled as insulting, ignorant, and sexist had a Republican said it but Obama, obviously, gets a pass. There's no war on women where the President is concerned. That, in a roundabout way, brings us to the point.

Unless the California Air Resources Board takes action soon, motorists could be hit with a 76 cent per gallon gas tax increase in January.

ENVIRONMENT: Gas prices fueling debate - The Press Enterprise via Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association
LIKE Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association on FACEBOOK

Come Jan. 1, fuel producers will have to buy credits to cover auto emissions. Industry representatives said the consumers will bear the cost of those credits.

California drivers can expect to pay 16 to 76 cents per gallon more once the cap-and-trade changes are in effect, according to Fed Up at The Pump, a coalition of fuel producers and business groups that calls the upcoming cap-and-trade change a hidden tax.

“Now is not the time for California’s environmental bureaucrats to play social engineers and price out consumers who need to fill up their gas tanks to make a living,” read an issue summary on the Fed Up coalition’s website.

Argentina uses drones to root out wealthy tax evaders

Unmanned aircraft were dispatched over an upper class area of Buenos Aires and discovered 200 homes and 100 pools that had not been detailed on returns. - Telegraph UK

...The proliferation (of drone usage) has raised concerns among human rights activists.

Speaking to South America politics magazine Upside Down World last year, Alejandro Sanchez, senior research fellow at the Council on Hemispheric Affairs, said: “Anyone thinking drones are financially unattainable for less developed countries hasn’t looked at the latest models.

“There’s definitely a need for a technology that’s both cheap and can have some really positive results but obviously there’s a possibility this technology can be used for all the wrong reasons and, unfortunately, throughout Latin America’s history, the abuse of power tends to happen quite often.”

The truth about the Eric Holder resignation:

Eric Holder’s resignation is all about the midterms, but who benefits most? - HotAir

Eric Holder’s decision to resign is the clearest indication yet that the White House believes there is a real possibility that Democrats will lose control of Congress in the coming midterm elections. If the GOP were to take control of the Senate with Holder in place as AG, he would likely have to serve in that role for the remainder of the Obama presidency.

Holder has, however, said that he intends to remain in his post until his replacement is confirmed. Even if Republicans take control of the Senate after the November elections, there will be a push to confirm Obama’s new nominee in the lame duck session. A confirmation fight over the supremely important post of attorney general looms, and it will probably not be a fight tackled by the 114th Congress’s Senate. Nevertheless, the politics of a confirmation fight is likely aimed squarely at the midterm electorate. Republicans and Democrats both stand to benefit from this shot in the arm.

So, why’s Eric Holder resigning now? Here’s one promising theory - Twitchy

Goodbye, Eric, and Good Riddance - J. CHRISTIAN ADAMS/PJMmedia
What can be said about Eric Holder’s six years as attorney general that PJ Media hasn’t already said? The news that Holder is going to resign should be bittersweet to anyone who cares about racial equality and the rule of law. The damage he has already done to the country leaves a turbulent wake that is ill-matched to the financial reward awaiting him at a shameless and large Washington, D.C., law firm.

Our country is more polarized and more racially divided because of Eric Holder. He turned the power of the Justice Department into a racially motivated turnout machine for the Democratic Party. That was his job in this administration, and he did it well....
Why Holder Quit: The backstory of how Obama lost his ‘heat shield.’ - Politico Puff Piece

Police in London have reportedly arrested one of the most high-profile, hate-spewing Islamists in Britain

Anjem Choudary was one of 9 men taken into custody by officers from Scotland Yard’s counter-terrorism command on Thursday morning. - Western Journalism

According to The Guardian newspaper, the publicity-seeking Choudary was picked up on charges of “encouraging terrorism”...

Never one to shy away from the media spotlight, Choudary was quick to take to TV in the West, often becoming combative with interviewers. Viewers of Fox News might recall the recent loud back-and-forth between the radical Imam and Sean Hannity. Choudary claimed that beheadings are permissible under Islamic law, defended ISIS, and warned that Sharia law is “coming to a place near you.”

Eric Holder To Step Down As Attorney General

Eric Holder Jr., the nation's first black U.S. attorney general, is preparing to announce his resignation Thursday after a tumultuous tenure marked by civil rights advances, national security threats, reforms to the criminal justice system and 5 1/2 years of fights with Republicans in Congress. - NPR

A group of masked men kidnapped al-Naimi from her home last week after she made comments describing ISIS as “barbaric”

BREAKING: What ISIS Just Did To This Defiant Iraqi Woman In A Very Public Way Is Pure ‘Savagery’

Now, the Associated Press reports that one brave and defiant Iraqi woman — a highly educated lawyer — who was standing up for the rights of her fellow citizens has been publicly executed by fighters for the Islamic State....

It was apparently a post on Facebook that led to Samira Salih al-Nuaimi being seized from her home in Mosul a week ago. That social media message was allegedly critical of the Islamic militants’ destruction of religious sites, according to the AP report....

The North Coast Stand Down: Calling All Veterans!

Get info at The North Coast Stand Down on FACEBOOK

The North Coast Stand Down is for you and your family. On Friday and Saturday Veterans, all Veterans, come to the front of the line. Here's what your grateful community is providing for you, all at NO COST:
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overnight accommodations
transportation to and from the Stand Down
service providers that are experts in accessing the services you need most
See you the first weekend in October (3rd - 5th) at the Humboldt County Fairgrounds!

A progressive cannot ask the question “Is there something about Islam that makes it more violent and oppressive than other religions?” This question cannot be asked on the left. It doesn’t compute. It’s like asking a normal person “What does purple smell like?”

What the Western Secular Left Knows About Islam - Gay Patriot

...imagine if Obama were instead pontificating about other religions. What if he said, “Roman Catholicism is a religion of choice, and real Roman Catholics reject the notion that the Pope is infallible and they support abortion.” What if he said, “Every real Jew knows the Orthodox Jews are a fanatical fringe and reject their literal obedience to the Talmud.” People might question his qualifications to make such judgments about religions.

When it comes to religion, the progressive left has two thoughts. 1. All religions are pretty much equal, but Christianity is less equal and 2. All religions are bullsh-t. And the progressive mind can’t move outside that box, and can’t conceive of Islam being other than what progressivism thinks Islam should be; another bullsh-t religion just with browner people and different food. A progressive cannot ask the question “Is there something about Islam that makes it more violent and oppressive than other religions?” This question cannot be asked on the left. It doesn’t compute. It’s like asking a normal person “What does purple smell like?”

White House Allegedly Tampering with Journalists’ Reports on Obama

The Obama White House is once again at the center of a story on the balance between government transparency and freedom of the press. - Mediaite
Journalists Accuse Obama Admin of ‘Chilling’ Transparency, Threatening Sources - Mediaite

Conservatism Is Calling

This day in History: Sep 25, 1789, Bill of Rights passes Congress

The first Congress of the United States approves 12 amendments to the U.S. Constitution, and sends them to the states for ratification. The amendments, known as the Bill of Rights, were designed to protect the basic rights of U.S. citizens, guaranteeing the freedom of speech, press, assembly, and exercise of religion; the right to fair legal procedure and to bear arms; and that powers not delegated to the federal government were reserved for the states and the people. -

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Woman Confronts Muslim Extremists Who Invaded Her Hometown (Video)

The demands of Muslims in America are spreading more quickly than we can document it. Yet despite the record influx of immigrants and “refugees” from Muslim nations, the population in America is (for now) well below that of Britain. - Top Right News


(Last)night on “Hannity,” Lt. Col. Ralph Peters questioned the seriousness of last night’s airstrikes against terrorists in Syria.

Peters provides evidence saying that there was no reason to bomb at night considering there was no air defense threat, that we should have attacked mid morning while the buildings were packed with ISIS terrorists and their flunkies. But instead we bombed at night and destroyed empty buildings. - The Right Scoop

Algerian militants/ISIS behead French hostage

Sickening video showing murder of Herve Gourdel was released today - Daily Mail

Islamist group named Jund al-Khilifa - who are loyal to ISIS - titled the footage 'A Message in Blood for the French Government'

Mr Gourdel was captured in Algeria's Djurdjura National Park on Sunday

55-year-old had arrived in the country the previous day for a hiking holiday

Video released yesterday demanded France end airstrikes on ISIS in Iraq

Militants threatened to kill Mr Gourdel within hours unless strikes ceased

Obama Just Criticized America And Defended Islam In The Same Speech at the UN

Obama’s speech today had something for everybody. - Jonah Goldberg/NRO

To his credit, he is moving away from the ridiculous “ISIL is not Islamic” talk, speaking much more honestly about how the problem is Muslim extremism, even if he still won’t use that exact phrase. He also implicitly admitted that the Russian reset was a failure and offered a more robust rebuke of Russia than I had expected.

But by trying to do too much he ended up undercutting himself. For instance, he felt the need to open with the observation that this is the best time in human history to be born. I largely agree with that, but is that really the best way to open a call to arms to attack an evil threat? Things are great! Now let’s roll!

While he had some solid admonishments for the Muslim world and some welcome admissions that ISIL is “evil” and only understands the language of force, he also had to provide a typically professorial caveat: “There is nothing new about wars within religions. Christianity endured centuries of vicious sectarian conflict. Today, it is violence within Muslim communities that has become the source of so much human misery.”

Again, that’s true. There is nothing new to wars within religions. But declaring “Hey this is nothing new,” is not the greatest way to phrase a call to arms....

Obama defends Islam and bashes Israel! - Breitbart

Obama praised cleric who supported fatwa on killing our soldiers - Washington Free Beacon

Outrageous: Obama Just Criticized America And Defended Islam In The Same Speech - WESTERNJOURNALISM
Even as extremist Islamic groups pledge their dedication to destroying America and Israel, countered by deafening silence from the majority of the faith’s more moderate community, Barack Obama continues to insist that there is no link between the religion and its murderous adherents around the world.

Earlier this month, he received significant criticism for asserting that the terrorist network Islamic State, also known as ISIS, “is not Islamic.”
Full text of Barack Obama's speech to the UN General Assembly - Telegraph UK

CLASS ACT: Laura Bush Responds to Michelle Obama’s Complaints About Not Being Paid

Laura Bush on First Lady Salary (C-SPAN) - Political Insider

Woman Who Claimed To Have Surgery To Add Third Breast Exposed As Hoaxer

Many news sites, including this one, were abuzz after a woman claimed to have undergone plastic surgery to have a third breast implanted. - CBS Tampa

The Tampa massage therapist, who calls herself “Jasmine Tridevil,” claimed she added a breast because she no longer wanted the attention of men.
But it appears she actually was trying to get attention… by making it all up.
Tridevil’s real name is Alisha Jasmine Hessler, reports the Internet mythbusting site It also notes no independent photos of her additional breast can be found. In other words, all evidence comes from her social media and Youtube accounts....

WTSP-TV obtained a copy of an incident report from Tampa International Airport where a woman named Alisha Jasmine Heller reported missing luggage last month.

Among the contents she listed as missing was a “3 breast prostheses.” Her luggage was returned after police busted two baggage handlers for stealing suitcases.

It is bad….really, really BAD.

Hillary had better hope her campaign fares better, and lasts longer, than “Madame Secretary.” - RedState

Imagine if a junior high school creative writing class were asked to emulate “The West Wing,” and produce a script about life , sex, and politics inside the Beltway. “Madame Secretary,” which premiered last night (twice) is actually far worse than that.

The show is obviously intended to be a prime time free political advertisement for Hillary’s upcoming White House run. With friends like these ( the producers) she doesn’t require any enemies. She can only hope that her campaign lasts longer that this show will run.

It is bad….really, really BAD. There’s no point dissecting everything that’s wrong with the program. In some ways, it probably does represent a liberal’s wet dream of what life should be like. Chris Matthews and David Brooks no doubt will love the show.

French Report: Syrian Woman Secretly Films Life in Raqqa under ISIL

Syrian Woman Risks Her Life To Secretly Film ISIL-Occupied Raqqa - Washington Free Beacon

REVEALED: Conspiracy To Destroy Rush Limbaugh Is Small, Organized, Deceptive - and Automated

link - Daily Caller

The recent campaign to silence conservative radio legend Rush Limbaugh is led by ten liberal activists engaged in a more than four-year long effort to destroy Limbaugh by targeting his advertisers, including a Media Matters executive vice president.

The activists even use technology to “machine-tweet” anti-Rush comments in robotic fashion to ensure maximum Twitter exposure for their insular group’s efforts.

“Angelo Carusone is the self acknowledged originator and head of the StopRush protest, in his professional role as executive vice president of Media Matters for America,” Limbaugh spokesman Brian Glicklich told TheDC. “But since they prefer it look grassroots and made up of real customers, he faded into the background long ago, reemerging only this week as he senses the danger of this illicit scheme being exposed for the fiction at it’s heart.”

How “Khorasan” Went From Nowhere To The Biggest Threat To The U.S.

The Islamist group targeted in airstrikes in Syria was almost unknown to the American public until recently. Now the Obama administration says they present a direct threat to the U.S. - Buzzfeed

An Al-Qaeda-connected group that the Obama administration has targeted with airstrikes alongside ISIS was almost totally unknown to the American public until the U.S. started bombing them, though sources say the group has been known to the administration and to Congress for some time....

That started to change in the last week, as stories about Khorasan began appearing in the media. U.S. officials have described the group as being part of Jabhat al-Nusra, an Al-Qaeda affiliate in Syria fighting both Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s forces as well as ISIS.

According to a source familiar with the situation, U.S. officials have been aware of Khorasan for months. And Rep. Peter King, the former Homeland Security Committee chair, said that members of Congress have “known about it for several months.”

“I’m surprised it [the name] even came out,” King said. “It was supposed to be top secret, classified, and it wasn’t until last week that an AP story had it in there. But we weren’t supposed to talk about it.”

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

BOMBING VIDEO>>> ISIS Headquarters in ar-Raqqah, Syria BOMBED

The US began bombing ISIS targets inside Syria on Monday—- - Jim Hoft/Gateway Pundit

UPDATE: Ar-Raqqah governorate builing, the headquarters of ISIS, was destroyed in airstrikes on Monday.

ISIS instructed its fighters to leave the headquarters in ar-Raqqah and flee to the rural areas.

BREAKING: The U.S. has commenced airstrikes against ISIS in Syria. "Fighters, bombers and Tomahawk missiles" are being used against ISIS, according to a Pentagon spokesman. - Washington Examiner

The strikes are a major turning point in President Obama’s war against the Islamic State and open up a risky new stage of the American military campaign. Until now, the administration had bombed Islamic State targets only in Iraq, and had suggested it would be weeks if not months before the start of a bombing campaign against Islamic State targets in Syria.
Raw Video: U.S. Strikes ISIS in Syria from Land and Sea - CNS

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Antarctic Sea Ice Extent sets new record, pierces 20 million square kilometer barrier

◼ Meanwhile: Another 58,000 sq km. was added since yesterday, making it the 7th All-Time Record in 7 Days. - Watts Up With That?

This new record is 610,000 sq km higher than the previous daily record. The red line represents 2014 data.

Fun diversion – How long until Antarctic ice touches South America? ◼

The U.S. airstrikes this week against Islamic State militants in Syria marked the first time that the Pentagon has deployed its new F-22 Raptors into combat, the Defense Department acknowledged on Tuesday

The Raptor is a fifth-generation aircraft that’s reportedly capable of destroying targets from 15 miles away with precision bombs.

You can see the result of the F-22 in combat action by clicking on the above video, provided by the U.S. Central Command.

Photo Credit: U.S. Air Force

Monday, September 22, 2014

Colorado Citizens Ordered to Smoke More Pot/

Dear Comrades - The People's Cube

Due to a $21 million shortfall in Collectivization goals for Colorado Oblast, the Colorado Regional Soviet has declared that all citizens under its jurisdiction are to immediately increase their consumption of State-sponsored marijuana products in order to meet the Party’s plan for $33 million in taxes for the first six months of marijuana legalization.

Kulaks and those hoarding People’s Dollars can expect a visit from the Oblast’s Drug Enforcement Agency, which is tasked with enforcing consumption and checking each citizen’s government-mandated supply of marijuana, both in smoke-able and non-smoke-able forms. Any citizen found without evidence of his receiving his fair share of marijuana will be brought to his local dispensary in order to meet his obligatory goals according to the Party’s compulsory Marijuana Usage Chart....

A few russian words they left untranslated... Oblast: "region", somewhat similar to a US county....Soviet: word literally means "Council," a nominally elective body in USSR. And, for the uninitiated: ◼ The definition of the /sarc tag.

Add The People's Cube to your FAVORITES.

“The constitutional right of a citizen to own a firearm has nothing to do with race or ethnicity,” Blunt said.

Sen. Roy Blunt blasts race and ethnicity checkboxes on gun purchase form - Twitchy

Sen. Roy Blunt (R-Mo.) wrote a letter to the ATF this weekend, demanding to know why the AFT would need to collect data on gun buyers’ race and ethnicity.

Neel Kashkari addresses college Republicans

◼ The Sacramento Bee covered Neel Kashkari's visit to CCR's smash hit meeting during the CRP Convention this weekend.

California is run from a sort of Pacific Versailles, an isolated coastal compound of elite rulers physically cut off from its interior peasantry.

Versailles in California - Victor Davis Hanson/PJM

...Take the Steyer brothers, who pledge some of their many hundreds of millions to stop fracking, natural gas use, pipelines, etc., and yet whose firms made much of their billions financing coal plants in the former Third World. Then there is the multimillionaire Rep. Nancy Pelosi praising the idea of de facto open borders from one of her many tony homes. Sen. Barbara Boxer has usually opposed finishing the second and third phase infrastructure of the various state and federal water projects — and then moved to Rancho Mirage, a desert retreat for largely white (90% plus) multimillionaires, whose beautiful artificial lakes and numerous golf courses are not predicated on its 3-4 inches of rain per year, but instead on multibillion-dollar infrastructure that allows water diversions from the Colorado River.

Diversity is a popular coastal concept — for others. The three most powerful elected federal representatives of a state (Senator Barbara Boxer, Senator Dianne Feinstein and former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi) with the largest percentage of Latino residents, with the greatest number of residents under the poverty line and with the largest percentage of residents on welfare are three Bay Area liberal multimillionaire women in their seventies. In current liberal parlance, that is a demographic hardly reflective of their constituents’ ethnic, gender, age, class, or geographical diversity.

The same habits characterize education....

Zero percent water - Alan Heathcock/Medium with Photographs by Matt Black

The drought is now killing off century-old California farms. People here don’t blame the weather gods for not bringing rain — they blame the rest of us for not giving a damn.

...Andy Vidak, cherry farmer and senator for the 16th district, piggybacks Yarbro’s passion, and for the next 20 minutes goes deeply and conspiratorially political. He educates me on a long series of decisions made by a “small percentage of politicians who also hold the most power” in collaboration with radical environmentalists who have worked to destroy the farmers of the Central Valley. “This is perfect politics,” Vidak says. “The perfect war. This valley is conservative.” He contends big-city liberals are aware they can save the salmon, don the hero’s crown for environmentalists, all while eliminating conservative political opposition.

I respectfully suggest that one of the most productive agricultural valleys in the world couldn’t possibly be sacrificed in the name of politics — there’s a population base, functioning towns.

“No,” Vidak counters. “People in New York or Boise, Idaho, don’t care where their produce comes from.” The valley of farmers could go away, and so long as the product came from elsewhere no one would care.

He tells me a story of a local food bank. It was mid-summer and the men in line would be working if so much land wasn’t left unfarmed due to the water crisis. If that wasn’t bad enough, he noticed the food bank was handing out cans of carrots grown in China.

“Carrots from China,” Vidak says. “All while we have two of the largest carrot growers in the world down here. That’s just wrong.”

Hillary’s $100 Million Hollywood Makeover

9 Diplomatic Facts to Know About ‘Madam Secretary’ - The Daily Signal

Sunday night, CBS will debut “Madam Secretary,” a series starring Téa Leoni as a newly appointed U.S. secretary of state. To get the lowdown, The Daily Signal checked out Politico Playbook’s meet-the-cast-and-crew event Friday at the Hyatt Regency on Capitol Hill featuring stars Leoni and Tim Daly and producers Morgan Freeman, Lori McCreary and Barbara Hall.

The First Secretary of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia described the reforms which resulted in the Prague Spring as “socialism with a human face.” The New York Times calls Madam Secretary, CBS’s extremely expensive prime time contribution to the Hillary campaign, “Hillary with a human face.” - Daniel Greenfield/Front Page

A network series can cost between $3 and $4 million an episode. Assuming that Madam Secretary runs even one season, instead of being canceled ignominiously like Commander in Chief, the 2005 attempt at giving Hillary a human face, it will cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $100 million.

That’s double the $46 million that Hillary’s campaign spent on TV ads against Obama and it gives the Hillary 2016 campaign over 20 hours of prime time network unpaid ad space. If the series lasts long enough to run through the whole campaign that will double to $200 million. But the Hillary 2016 campaign is expected to cost around $2 billion. CBS’s $100 million donation is only a drop in a big bucket.

There’s more than a whiff of Kim Jong-Il, Stalin and Saddam Hussein about needing so many actors to portray a current politician. But Madam Secretary reeks of political insecurity. A similar series about Obama would have been worshipful. Madam Secretary is nervously revisionist. It’s desperately trying to glue an appealing human face over the Hillary mask that Hillary Clinton wears over her real face.