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'So Scott Walker Is the Breakout Star…?’: Wisconsin Gov. Blows Away Crowd in Iowa - THEBLAZE.COM

DES MOINES, Iowa (TheBlaze/AP) — Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is holding up his “go big and go bold” attitude as something Republicans need to emulate in Washington.

In a speech to Iowa conservatives Saturday, Walker ran through a litany of changes he’s implemented that curtailed union power, relaxed teacher tenure laws, strengthened gun rights and restricted abortions. All resonated with a Freedom Summit crowd sizing up potential 2016 GOP presidential candidates like him.

“Our property taxes are lower today than they were four years ago,” he said. “How many governors can say that?”

Walker shared stories of staring down union interests in the face of mass protests, constant jeering and even death threats to him and his family.

“Someone sent me a threat that said they were going to gut my wife like a deer,” Walker said. “All they did was remind me how important it was to stand up for the people of my state.”

He fought off a recall attempt and then won re-election last fall.

Jeb Bush snubs Iowa summit

McConnell Leads Open Keystone Debate, Dems Moan And Complain

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has already allowed more votes on amendments to the Keystone XL pipeline bill than former leader Harry Reid allowed in all of 2014 — but Democrats complained when McConnell tried to wrap up the process late Thursday. - Daily Caller

After holding votes on 10 amendments to the bill Thursday — five from Democrats and five from Republicans – McConnell wanted to hold a series of votes on additional amendments Thursday night. But Democrats did not want to vote on their amendments, saying they wanted more time to consider them before voting.

#iafreedomsummit: Jim DeMint

Obama's Justice Department won't charge Officer Darren Wilson.

What the DNA and the bruises on Wilson showed: - Star Parker/

After all the “Black lives matter,” “Hands up, don’t shoot” protests, which included burning down businesses, blocking streets, and generally being a public nuisance, President Barack Obama’s Department of Justice, with Eric Holder still sitting at the top of it, will not charge Officer Darren Wilson with violating the late Michael Brown’s civil rights when he shot and killed him.

U.S. Not Expected to Fault Officer in Ferguson Case - New York Times

Justice Department lawyers will recommend that no civil rights charges be brought against the police officer who fatally shot an unarmed teenager in Ferguson, Mo., after an F.B.I. investigation found no evidence to support charges, law enforcement officials said Wednesday.

Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. and his civil rights chief, Vanita Gupta, will have the final say on whether the Justice Department will close the case against the officer, Darren Wilson. But it would be unusual for them to overrule the prosecutors on the case, who are still working on a legal memo explaining their recommendation.

A decision by the Justice Department would bring an end to the politically charged investigation of Mr. Wilson in the death of 18-year-old Michael Brown. The Missouri authorities concluded their investigation into Mr. Brown’s death in November and also recommended against charges.

FACT: The Obama administration has suppressed energy production on federal lands, while Republicans have consistently pressed for a true all-of-the-above energy policy to help create jobs and address costs for working families.

◼ Speaker Boehner's Press Office: CLAIM: “Today, America is number one in oil and gas. ... And thanks to lower gas prices and higher fuel standards, the typical family this year should save $750 at the pump.” (President Obama, State of the Union Address, January 20, 2015)

FACT: The Obama administration has suppressed energy production on federal lands, while Republicans have consistently pressed for a true all-of-the-above energy policy to help create jobs and address costs for working families.

  • Republicans have consistently supported increasing American energy production as a way to lower gas prices, while President Obama is on record supporting increasing gas prices in order to reduce Americans’ dependence on oil. And when the foundations for today’s lower prices were being laid a few years ago by the private sector in states like North Dakota and Texas, President Obama was insisting that increased production would never result in lower prices.
  • President Obama’s pick for Energy Secretary, Steven Chu, said, “Somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe.” At the time, that meant $7-9 per gallon.
  • From 2009 to 2013, oil production on non-federal lands increased 61 percent while falling six percent on federal lands. Similarly, natural gas production has seen a 33 percent increase on non-federal lands, but a 28 percent drop on federal lands, according to the non-partisan Congressional Research Service.
  • According to the Institute for Energy Research, “In 2013, even though the federal government is the largest landowner in the country, federal lands produced 25 percent of the fossil fuels produced in America, down from 36 percent a decade ago.”
  • challenged a similar claim made by the president in last year’s State of the Union Address, determining that “the remarkable boom in U.S. oil production is chiefly the result of new drilling technology…and not of any government policy.”
  • President Obama’s five-year leasing plan bans energy development on 85 percent of America’s offshore areas and provides for the fewest number of new lease sales ever offered in a plan since the process began in 1980, says the House Natural Resources Committee. The committee also notes that “onshore, the Obama Administration has had the four lowest years of federal acres leased for energy production – going back to 1988.”
  • Speaker Boehner’s five-point vision for resetting America’s economic foundation calls for a true-all-of-the-above energy policy, as Republicans have advocated for for years. As Boehner notes, America’s energy boom is “driving real growth” in areas that have embraced increased oil and gas production, like Youngstown, Ohio, resulting in lower unemployment rates and higher wages for middle-class workers.
While the United States is the world's biggest producer of oil and gas, the American people have accomplished this feat despite Obama's policies, not because of them. - Conn Carroll/Washington Examiner

Only because Republicans stayed unified, and rejected Obama's cap and trade carbon tax, was the shale oil and natural gas boom able to produce the astounding results we are all enjoying today.

President Obama was not shy about taking credit for low gasoline prices, touting the booming oil and natural gas production that has occurred under his administration. - Daily Caller

Since 2009, domestic oil production has gone from only 5 million barrels a day to more than 9 million barrels per day thanks to fracking and horizontal drilling. The U.S. is now set to overtake Saudi Arabia as the world’s largest oil producer — the country has already beaten out Russia as the world’s top natural gas producer.

But virtually all of the increased oil and natural gas production has come from private and state lands, where Obama has no jurisdiction over approving drilling permits. Meanwhile, oil production on federal lands has floundered under Obama. From 2009 to 2013 oil production on federal lands fell by 11 percent and natural gas production fell by 28 percent.

In Maryland: A historic first couple

Larry Hogan arrives with his wife, Yumi, as they are greeted by supporters at an event in Annapolis in this file photo. (Jose Luis Magana/AP)

Md. Gov. Larry Hogan and his Korean-born wife, Yumi, are a historic first couple - Washington Post (image source)

They made history this week, moving into the Maryland governor’s mansion as a mixed-race couple in an increasingly diverse state — and as novices in wielding political power. Larry Hogan, a Republican in an overwhelmingly Democratic state, had never held elected office before he won a stunning upset in November.

The love story of Larry and Yumi Hogan received scant attention during last year’s contentious race for Maryland’s governorship. But as they ease into their new roles — Yumi will hold her first official event Sunday — their late-in-life relationship will continue to help shape their public image and personal lives.

Jeb Bush previews 2016 run

...promising ‘adult conversations’ on big issues - Philip Rucker/Washington Post

SAN FRANCISCO — Jeb Bush previewed the ideas at the heart of his likely presidential campaign, delivering a sweeping address here Friday about the economy, foreign affairs and energy exploration, and challenging the country to question “every aspect of how government works.”

In his first major speech since stepping into the 2016 presidential sweepstakes in December, the Republican former Florida governor spoke confidently and in significant detail about the broad range of issues beginning to shape the campaign for the White House. Bush signaled he would offer the country the “adult conversations” he said are lacking in Washington and would focus on people who have been left out of the economic revival.....

Friday, January 23, 2015

Chris Christie to keynote California GOP convention

Christie, a potential 2016 presidential candidate, will address Republican activists at a luncheon during the Sacramento convention on the last weekend in February. - David Siders/Sacramento Bee

Against GOP critics who said taxing 529 plans taxes middle-class families...

Obama adviser defends proposal to tax college savings plans - Washington Examiner

Obama's proposal, introduced before Tuesday's State of the Union Address, would tax withdrawals from the college savings plans created under section 529 of the tax code, and expand other tax incentives for college-goers.

Chairman of the White House Council of Economic Advisers Jason Furman defended the change in an interview with Bloomberg News Friday, saying that the president's plan as a whole created more tax savings for college than it took away with the section 529 plan.

Tax Benefits of College-Savings Plans Would Be Cut by Obama - Wall St Journal

Obama wants to start taxing 529 college savings withdrawals, but only after exempting his own - Dan Calabrese/Herman Cain

One of the less talked-about proposals President Obama offered this week was to take away the tax-exempt status of 529 college savings plans. These very popular plans allow parents to defer income - before it's taxed - into savings accounts to then be withdrawn, also tax-free, to use for qualified college expenses.

I'll dispense for the moment with the larger question of whether stuff like this represents a wise overall approach to the tax code (it doesn't) and just focus on the particular change Obama wants to make. That is: He wants to start taxing the withdrawals parents make from their 529 accounts when it's time to pay for college, so there would be far less reward for socking that money away in the first place. But the federal government would get to confiscate more capital from the private sector! The Democrat dream is fulfilled every time a dollar goes from private hands to politicians' hands.

But here's the kicker: The Obamas themselves have already put more than $240,000 into a 529 account. So they'll now have to pay the tax, right?

No, sillies. Obama only wants the government to tax withdrawals of funds deposited after the change is made. So those who have already made the deposits - like him - can still withdraw them tax-free. Nice, huh?

Obama tilts the scales against stay-at-home moms

Obama wants the tax code to take sides, tilting the scales towards working over staying at home. This is social engineering by Obama. - Timothy P. Carney/Washington Examiner @TPCarney

President Obama couldn’t come up with a middle-class tax agenda until his party had lost all control over the legislative branch. This suggests his new tax proposal is little more than meaningless political posturing. After all, if he really wanted these or similar tax cuts and tax hikes, Obama could have advanced them when his party controlled the House and the Senate.

Many commentators have correctly noted that this is the White House’s effort to frame the 2016 election in class-warfare terms. When the tax provisions of the president’s budget die on arrival, Democrats will respond that Republicans are protecting the wealthy at the expense of the middle class.

But rather than ignore Obama’s plan totally, it’s worth studying it as a statement of his values and the values of his party. Doing this, you see it's less class warfare and more culture war. One clear message of the president’s tax plan: Moms who stay at home with their children are less valuable than moms who work for pay.

Obama, alongside his tax hikes on the wealthy and on people who save for their children’s college, proposed tax cuts that go only to dual-income families.... KEEP READING

Open mic night at the State of the Union

Upon further examination, Tuesday’s effort was actually a new direction, even for Obama. Beyond the sudden “nah-nee, nah-nee, boo-boo” moment, Obama also managed to set marks for new levels of hypocrisy. - Ben Crystal/Personal Liberty

...On the surface, Obama’s sixth edition was as forgettable as most. He laid out the usual partisan platitudes, unfulfillable promises and outright lies — in his case, “women’s health” (aka abortion), “free” community college and some argle-bargle about whatever they’re calling global warming this week. He took credit for things with which he had nothing to do and blamed his own failures on other people. That’s no partisan dig. Obama hardly broke new ground in that department.

But then, well into the speech, Obama spun out. What had until then been a fairly unremarkable parade of applause lines and filler turned into a nasty, hypocritical rant.

...The same speech that contained his now-infamous “ad-libbed” moment contained a plea for more bipartisan compromise, “I commit to every Republican here tonight that I will not only seek out your ideas, I will seek to work with you to make this country stronger.” He whined about the endless dialing for dollars of campaign life “constant fundraising” while his wife simultaneously used the speech to dig for ducats and his party followed the speech with an emailed, Obama-signed fundraising plea before the rest of his party could fire a hailstorm of almost shocking misogyny at Republican respondent Sen. Joni Ernst....

"Majorities seldom, if ever, yield power back to the minority."

Defending the Filibuster: The Soul of the Senate - Daily Signal

Krauthammer: Rubio Most Likely To Win GOP Nomination

Poll: Rubio surges to second, just 3 points behind Romney - Washington Examiner

World News Videos | ABC World News

Marco Rubio Moves Toward 2016 Presidential Bid - ABC


He added “he’s [Rubio] my underestimated dark horse candidate who threads his way, young, energetic. He’s got a program and I think if he runs against Hillary, the contrast say the vigor, the energy that Kennedy-esque idea will be be a major one.”

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Saudi King Abdullah, Cautious Saudi Moderniser, Is Dead at 90

The absolute ruler of one of the most conservative societies on Earth, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia had to tread a narrow line between maintaining relationships with the West and appeasing opinion at home. - BBC

Raised with traditional Islamic views he was, nevertheless, seen as something of a reformer and became a vocal advocate of peace in the Middle East.

Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud is believed to have been born in August 1924 in Riyadh, although there is some dispute about his actual birth date.

He was the 13th of at least 45 sons of King Abdul Aziz Al-Saud who created the modern state of Saudi Arabia in 1932, and gave his family name to the new country.

Report: EPA Tested Deadly Air Pollutants On Children

The EPA may have violated the Nuremberg Code - DAILY CALLER

A government watchdog group has obtained documents detailing how EPA-backed research exposed children as young as 10 to deadly air pollutants without disclosing the full risks of the substances.

Government watchdogs say these EPA-backed studies could violate California state and federal law, because children were exposed to diesel exhaust in experiments with no health benefits to the subjects.

Between 2003 and 2010, the EPA backed experiments done at the University of Southern California and the University of California, Los Angeles that exposed children aged 10 to 15 to diesel exhaust — an air pollutant which the EPA and the California Air Resources Board says has no safe exposure limit.... KEEP READING

“The Internet is the greatest empowerment of citizens…in many years,”

Google Chairman Eric Schmidt: "The Internet Will Disappear" - Hollywood Reporter

...At the end of a panel at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland where his comments were webcast, he was asked for his prediction on the future of the Web. “I will answer very simply that the Internet will disappear,” Schmidt said.

“There will be so many IP addresses…so many devices, sensors, things that you are wearing, things that you are interacting with that you won’t even sense it,” he explained. “It will be part of your presence all the time. Imagine you walk into a room, and the room is dynamic. And with your permission and all of that, you are interacting with the things going on in the room.”

...“You now see so many strong tech platforms coming, and you are seeing a reordering and a future reordering of dominance or leaders or whatever term you want to use because of the rise of the apps on the smartphone,” Schmidt said Thursday. “All bets are off at this point as to what the smartphone app infrastructure is going to look like” as a “whole new set” of players emerges to power smartphones, which are nothing but super-computers, the Google chairman argued. “I view that as a completely open market at this point.”

Wife of Christian Pastor Trapped in Iran Reveals ‘Really Emotional Moment’ During Closed-Door Meeting With The President

President Barack Obama met face-to-face with Naghmeh Abedini, the wife of Christian pastor Saeed Abedini, who has been detained inside the brutal Iranian prison system since 2012, and her two children on Wednesday, affirming his commitment to bringing the pastor home safely. - The Blaze

...Obama met Abedini and her two children Rebecca, 8, and Jacob, 6, at Boise State University before he delivered a speech about education. Perhaps the most touching moment came when Jacob, who turns seven on March 17, asked if Obama would bring his father home before his birthday — a moment that Abedini said was intensely “emotional.”

“President Obama said, ‘When is your birthday?’” she told TheBlaze. “And then there was a look of shock [when Jacob responded] and he kind of stepped back and he said, ‘I don’t know if I can do it that quick’ and he said, ‘I will try.’”

Abedini added, “I could see in his eyes that he’s a dad and for him to see that that’s what Jacob wants — it was a really emotional moment.”

In addition to voicing his commitment to bringing Saeed home, Obama told Abedini that her husband was a topic of conversation in a phone conversation he had with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.

Speaker John Boehner invites Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to address joint session of Congress, White House Upset

Boehner rolls out welcome mat to Netanyahu for Iran speech; Update: Menendez says Obama argument “sounds like talking points… from Iran” - HotAir

(On Tuesday), Barack Obama threatened to veto any new sanctions on Iran that the newly-Republican majority might pass as a way to pressure Tehran to stop its nuclear program. Obama lectured Congress on his successes in “halt[ing] the progress of its nuclear program and reduc[ing] its stockpile of nuclear material,” and warned that Congressional action would isolate the US from its allies:
There are no guarantees that negotiations will succeed, and I keep all options on the table to prevent a nuclear Iran. But new sanctions passed by this Congress, at this moment in time, will all but guarantee that diplomacy fails — alienating America from its allies; and ensuring that Iran starts up its nuclear program again. It doesn’t make sense. That is why I will veto any new sanctions bill that threatens to undo this progress.
This morning, John Boehner provided an answer to Obama’s challenge. While the President brags about his diplomatic acumen in a joint session, Boehner will have Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu explain the reality of the Iranian threat in the region to Congress as a rebuttal:
The invitation for Netanyahu to speak to lawmakers on Feb. 11 comes hours after Obama, in his State of the Union address, said he would veto any sanctions legislation.

Boehner was informing the GOP caucus of his invitation in a private meeting. He says Obama expects Congress to stand idly by and do nothing while the administration negotiates with Tehran.

Boehner’s response: “Hell, no.”
Netanyahu will deliver reality to the joint session. That will be done tactfully by Netanyahu, to be sure, who is taking political heat at home for the deterioration of the US-Israeli relationship. But Netanyahu won’t pull punches either, especially on the need to increase pressure on Iran rather than let them off the hook in the naive hope that being nicer will produce a similar reaction from the Iranians. Tehran sees America on the retreat in the region, and they want to fill that vacuum. That is an existential threat to Israel, and Netanyahu wants to make sure the US understands that, even if Obama does not.

Inside the Beltway, Boehner’s invitation will deliver a reminder that the floor of Congress is not Obama’s fiefdom. He’s not the only person in Washington with a pen and a phone, after all.... KEEP READING

‘Feels unprecedented’: MSM, WH aghast Boehner didn’t inform Obama of Netanyahu invite - Twitchy

Slam-tastic! WH accusation that Boehner didn’t follow ‘protocol’ for Netanyahu invite gets torched - Twitchy

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

President Obama is either the most cynical man in Washington today, or the blindest.

Obama's State of Disunion - Conn Carroll/Townhall

"Over the past six years, the pundits have pointed out more than once that my presidency hasn't delivered on this vision," Obama continued. "How ironic, they say, that our politics seems more divided than ever."

At this point, even a slightly more honest or self-aware politician would have acknowledged his own role in making politics more divisive. Not Obama. He proceeded straight to a lecture on what his opponents could do to make the country more united.

"Imagine if we broke out of these tired old patterns," Obama said. "A better politics is one where we debate without demonizing each other," Obama continued. "Where we talk issues, and values, and principles, and facts, rather than 'gotcha' moments, or trivial gaffes, or fake controversies that have nothing to do with people's daily lives."

All this from a man whose 2008 campaign held the record for spending on negative ads right up until his 2012 campaign broke it.

All this from a man who built his entire 2012 reelection campaign around demonizing and other-izing his opponent.

All this from a man whose staff pounced on every gaffe and "gotcha" moment and created fake controversies like it was their job.

If Obama wants to blame anyone for today's divisive politics he need only look in the mirror.... KEEP READING

MSNBC: ‘Obama’s Rose-Colored Glasses Not Even Close To Reality’ - Daily Surge

Obama told a lot of lies last night in his State of the Union address. There were just too many to count. Some were small. Some were huge. And apparently, Obama’s so-called foreign policy successes were lies too big for NBC News’s chief foreign correspondent, Richard Engel, to let slide.

Engel could barely compose himself while reacting to Obama’s statements that his strategy against ISIS is working (video above).
“It seems that the rose-colored glasses through which President Obama was viewing the foreign policy were so rose-colored that they don’t even reflect the world that we’re living in,” Engel said during MSNBC’s post-speech coverage.

“ISIS is doing very well, and the strategy is completely disjointed,” he added. “To sell that as a success, I think was missing the point, maybe even disingenuous.”

Similarly, MSNBC anchors Andrea Mitchell and Chris Matthews were both equally amazed at how completely divorced from reality Obama’s “rosy” international picture is...

NBC’s Richard Engel Blasts Obama’s Foreign Policy Claims as Wishful Thinking - Washington Free Beacon

Wow. NBC's reporter in Istanbul absolutely dismantles Obama's foreign policy ‪#‎SOTU‬ claims. “It sounds like the president was outlining a world he wishes we were all living in…”

Focus Group Does Not Beleive Obama That SOTU is Strong

A FOX News focus group does not believe Obama. At all. - Jim Hoft

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


at Breitbart

I think we should put limits on the terms of Congress and infuse our government with fresh ideas....

Not only do we need new blood in Washington, we need a new way of thinking in Washington.

As a physician, I was taught first to do no harm:

To think before you act,

To analyze the unintended consequences of your actions.

I think America would be better off if all our politicians took that same approach: “First, do no harm.”

It is self-evident that the President and Congress are unable to do what every family in America must do—balance the budget.

If Congress cannot, or will not, balance the budget, then we should amend the Constitution to make it mandatory. President Obama is on course to add more to our national debt than all previous presidents combined. We borrow a million dollars a minute. Our $18 trillion dollar debt has become an anchor. Some economists argue that the burden of debt costs us a million jobs a year.... KEEP READING

State of the Union Address 2015 (#SOTU)

You can watch the address here: - Le-gal In-sur-rec-tion