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"This is who would actually make that cut if [the first GOP] debate were happening tomorrow."

Norwegian observations confirms: The Gulf Stream has been stable over the past 20 years

One the more alarming claims about global warming is that is will cause a change in ocean currents, such as the Gulf Stream.

In Norwegian media this week, professor and oceanographer Kjell Arild Orvik at Geophysical Institute , University of Bergen, confirmed their results of 20 years of measurements of the Gulf Stream. The observations have taken place outside Måløy at the west-coast of Norway, were the speed, force, and temperature have been measured every hour since 24th April 1995.

On the science web site he states :

What we see is that the stream is lively in the sense that it varies both seasonally and from year to year. But when observing it over 20 years, it shows long-term stability.

In the national newspaper “VG”, he emphasizes the importance of long-term observations and explains : – During the first 10 years we saw an increase in the temperature of one degree Celsius. But, during the following ten years, the temperatures dropped again and are now back to the 1995-level. This confirms the long-term variations in the Gulf Stream.... ◼ KEEP READING

Ben Carson wins early GOP straw poll at #SRLC2015

State Dept: We're not reevaluating Iraq strategy. Fedup Journalist: How do losses 'fit into the U.S. strategy?'

"So you're not degrading to the extent where [Islamic State] can't launch major offensives to retake an important strategic city?" challenged a reporter at the State Department briefing Thursday, as spokesperson Marie Harf repeatedly asserted that the current strategy to "degrade and defeat" the Islamic State is working, and that there's "no formal strategy review" taking place.

For the first 12 minutes of the briefing, Harf answered questions on the loss of the cities of Ramadi in Iraq, and Palmyra in Syria, by saying that the U.S. has cut off the Islamic State's "main source of funding" and that "we're taking fighters off the battlefield every single day. That's having an impact."

That's when a reporter decided to push back hard against her narrative.

"Was the strategy [in Iraq] wrong, though, that you lost the strategically significant town of Ramadi?" he asked. "I mean, it's given you a huge public relations disaster, and it's also deflated many people because they don't think you are actually on top of the war against ISIL. It has given them a massive boost, and may actually help with the recruitment."

"Who is 'them'? Who are you [referring to]— ... who has it deflated?"

"I think we both understand I'm talking about ISIL," answered the exasperated reporter. "It's not just random men."

"Who has it deflated? I guess I'm trying to – pundits, or who?" asked Harf....

FBI reminds us why Hillary's emails matter

The highly selective trove of Hillary Clinton emails released by the State Department Friday revealed both the seemingly strong influence Sidney Blumenthal wielded over the secretary of state and the preoccupation with media coverage exhibited by her closest aides.

If the 296 published emails are to be considered a complete collection, they would suggest Clinton relied almost exclusively on an aide that had been banned from the State Department, Blumenthal, to provide her intelligence on a country at war.

The emails show that Clinton's staffers often circulated and debated press clippings amongst themselves and occasionally discussed how to respond to certain media criticisms.

They also provide a narrow glimpse of how the State Department's top ranks operated in the weeks before and after the greatest crisis of Clinton's tenure.

A batch of 296 emails from Hillary Clinton's private server provide a narrow glimpse of the internal deliberations that took place within the State Department's top ranks in the wake of a 2012 terror attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi.

Key aides, including Cheryl Mills, Philippe Reines, Jake Sullivan, Caroline Adler, Thomas Nides and Patrick Kennedy, discussed at length strategies for dealing with the fallout from the death of four Americans in the media firestorm that followed.

One email shows Sullivan and Clinton discussed a Clinton Global Initiative speech just 11 days after the Benghazi terror attack.

Some information was redacted from the records the State Department released Friday that had appeared in the emails the New York Times produced just one day earlier.

State Dept. releases Clinton Benghazi emails: Not only are these Hillary emails dropping on Friday before Memorial Day weekend, but the format makes it incredibly slow to read them. - earlier post.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton had a rotten day with the press Friday, and that was true even before reporters erupted in a feeding frenzy after the State Department released about 300 of her emails from when she served as secretary of state.

When it comes to the ongoing negative coverage for Clinton, it all starts with her unwillingness to speak with reporters. This Friday, it was particularly brutal.

Campaign events with Clinton are "staged" and her staffers will only admit supporters who are "pre-selected" and "pre-screened," Associated Press reporter Julie Pace said Friday, reiterating a media complaint that is growing louder by the week.

Unsurprisingly, being tightlipped with reporters has not gone over well with newsrooms, but there are other issues that are starting to rub the press the wrong way.

After returning the Churchill bust to England, Obama gives Ramadi back to Islamic terrorists.

Boston Herald Front Page:

“Prospect of Hillary Clinton-Marco Rubio Matchup Unnerves Democrats”

Friday, May 22, 2015

The Senate has refused to reauthorize NSA bulk data collection

The Bill of Rights is worth losing sleep over.

Obama agrees to submit Iran deal to Congress

Matt Drudge: Disrespect for voters is staggering. Boehner will not make public 'most important' trade deal in history? Hides behind 'classified' status..

It's the Night of The Republican Suicide... Memorial Day weekend takes on new meaning...

Russia warns Google, Facebook & Twitter: Hand over bloggers or be banned

Myanmar rescued more than 200 refugees packed into a small fishing boat

Photos taken while the ship came ashore depict a chilling scene as the refugees reach out and wait to be pulled from their cramped sailing quarters.

“There are 208 people onboard the vessel, of them 10 is the age of about 14 years and the remaining are aged between 30 and 40,” government spokesman Ye Htut posted on his Facebook page. “They are from Cox’s Bazar, Chittagong and north of Dhaka. They are altogether 219 people including nine crew members and two Bengalis interpreters.”

The “floating coffin” was discovered after Myanmar’s military commander-in-chief announced that some migrants landing in Malaysia and Indonesia were likely pretending to be Rohingya Muslims from Myanmar to receive U.N. assistance and were likely from Bangladesh.

But according to the United Nations, tiny vessels such as these are being filled to the brim with weak, hungry and dehydrated migrants — who are attempting to reach Indonesia and Malaysia. Countless numbers of people have been fleeing persecution recently in the Southwest Asian countries of Myanmar and Bangladesh, citing apartheid-like conditions.

Not only are these Hillary emails dropping on Friday before Memorial Day weekend, but the format makes it incredibly slow to read them.

Fantastic piece by @michellemalkin on Obama's efforts to radically transform America's patent system

Clinton likely did not know when she requested a copy of the movie — in a 6 a.m. email to Philippe Reines and Huma Abedin, two of her top aides — that her Libyan legacy was about to go south.

“Can you get us a copy of Bernard Henri-Levi’s film about Libya?” asked in the email to Reines and Abedin. “I think Harvey made it and it showed at Cannes last spring.”

On Day Of Benghazi Attack, Hillary Sent Email Requesting Copy Of Libya Documentary She Starred In - Chuck Ross/Daily Callerµ

But she wasn’t thinking about “The Innocence of Muslims,” the short YouTube film that the Obama administration erroneously blamed for the Benghazi attack. Instead, Clinton sought a copy of “The Oath of Tobruk,” a documentary about the Libyan civil war directed by French philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy and brought to America by her friend, movie mogul Harvey Weinstein.

LEVIN: Ted Cruz hit it OUT OF THE PARK on gay ‘animosity’ question

Rand Paul was right: Rifles, RPGs and missiles flowed from Benghazi to ISIS ports

The U.S. watched as rifles, rocket-propelled grenades, and missiles flowed from Benghazi to Syrian ports where they would become part of the Islamic State's arsenal of weapons, a Defense Intelligence Agency memo reveals.

Then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton denied any knowledge of this when Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky asked her about it during a Benghazi hearing in January 2013. Think Progress said Paul's questions were "pushing a conspiracy theory."

Clinton Foundation: We Just Found Another $26 Million We Forgot About

ISIS retakes ancient city of Palmyra

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Getting It Wrong in Britain, as Cameron Rocks

The lesson for the next five years: Don’t underestimate him. - Peter Hannaford/American Spectator

Who got it wrong in last week’s British election? The pollsters did, consistently concluding it was too close to call. The news media did—both there and here— by dutifully repeating the same message and predicting it would result in a shaky coalition of parties. Labour got it wrong by promising to take the United Kingdom backward. Only the Conservatives got it right: they won an outright majority of seats in the House of Commons.

Now, Prime Minister David Cameron has another five-year mandate, having promised “renewal” after a period of austerity. In the campaign he promised he would appoint women to a third of the cabinet, and he has. The cabinet has several members who will provide a strong talent bench for the future.

Meanwhile, the Conservatives’ coalition partner, the Liberal Democrats, were reduced to a shadow of their former representation in Parliament and their leader resigned. So did Ed Milliband, the leader of the Labour Party.

Labour’s one piece of business now is to find someone who will take his place and replace his yesteryear message with something more closely reassembling the years of Tony Blair: pro-business, and pro-growth.

One astute observer, a veteran of both British politics and government, pointed out the polls got it wrong because they did not separate “haven’t decided” voters from “I don’t know” ones (a different breed). He said, “The ‘haven’t decideds’ had decided a long time ago, but were not saying so because they were either disaffected Tories who had been flirting with the United Kingdom Independent Party (UKIP) or left-center people who had written off Ed Milliband. They did not want to be bestirred by canvassers.”

Having incorrectly predicted the election outcome, the news media then stroked their collective chins and wrote that Cameron might well be the last prime minister of a United Kingdom. Why? Two reasons: the muscular victory in Scotland for the Scottish National Party and the possibility that a promised plebiscite on membership in the European Union might result in the country’s withdrawal from it.

As to the first, much was made of the SNP’s performance, sweeping 56 of 59 Scottish seats in the House of Commons—at the expense of Labour which had a firm grip on them for years. (The Conservatives held on to their one seat, and their member has been named Secretary of State for Scottish Affairs.).

Without a moment’s reflection, the media concluded that the SNP would demand more autonomy for Scotland and, if they did not get it, would mount another referendum to secede. Forgotten was the fact that they mounted a huge campaign for independence last year and were defeated by Scottish voters, 55-45 percent.

Also, close observers note, most of the new MPs from Scotland have no idea of how House of Commons procedures work and will have to learn them. Their delegation makes up only eight percent of the total membership of Commons. They will be treated fairly by the leadership, but without deference. And, once they are assigned to bill committees and select committees, they will have their hands full grappling with procedural details. Like elections here, what looks to be a rosy election aftermath is more likely to be a chastening experience. Don’t look for another Scottish independence referendum any time soon.

As for the EU plebiscite, Cameron has long promised it midway through a new term, with plenty of time in between to negotiate reforms in the UK’s arrangements with the organization. UKIP was founded on the idea of withdrawal from the EU. That party is still alive, but gasping for breath.

Note to the news media: Don’t underestimate Cameron again.

Peter Hannaford was closely associated with the late President Reagan for a number of years. He is a member of the board of the Committee on the Present Danger. His latest book is ◼ “Presidential Retreats.”

Nevada was already a toss-up seat for 2016, but with Harry Reid retiring, the race will be more competitive than ever.

ISIS sacks cities, brutalizes enemies. Obama babbles about global warming. The stark contrast in willpower is clear.

CHAOS: First Batch of Hillary Emails Captures Concerns Over Libya...

Fake Rape: Posters are appearing around Columbia's campus calling Emma Sulkowicz a "pretty little liar."

The Complaint

Fundraiser puts spotlight on Clinton Foundation finances

Fox to Limit First GOP Primary Debate to Top-10 Candidates

Fox News Channel will limit the first 2016 Republican presidential debate to candidates who place in the top 10 of an average of the five most recent national polls, the cable network said on Wednesday.

The limit will encourage the party’s second-tier candidates to improve their standing ahead of the Aug. 6 debate. Fox hasn’t decided which polls it will use. The network may invite more than 10 candidates, should there be a tie for 10th place.

The rule could exclude as many as eight candidates. Already the party’s long-shot candidates have begun jockeying for inclusion in officially sanctioned debates.

If @PamelaGeller - a free woman in a free country, can't challenge fundamentalist #Islam, how do we expect moderates in Muslim countries to?

Dear Dr. Ben Carson


Wednesday, May 20, 2015


"We should be in rebellion telling our government that the Constitution must be obeyed." - Rand Paul

Wants to stop mass collection of data...
'Probably a Dozen' Spy Programs We Don't Even Know About!
NSA Planned to Hijack App Store to Hack Smartphones...

Rand Paul's lonely fight...

Justice Department issues stern warning...

The Clinton Foundation Only Spent 10 Percent 6 Percent Of Its Budget On Charity In 2013

Meanwhile, cancer patients got boxes of sample-size soap, seasonal greeting cards, and Little Debbie snack cakes.


The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has joined attorneys general in every state in accusing four cancer charities, run by extended members of the same family, of lying to donors, collecting $187 million from 2008 through 2012, while spending only 3% of the total on helping actual cancer patients. The four charities are the Cancer Fund of America, the Breast Cancer Society, the Children’s Cancer Fund of America, and Cancer Support Services.

The family’s positions are as follows: the Cancer Fund of America is run by James Reynolds, Sr., who is also the CEO of Cancer Support Services; the Breast Cancer Society’s CEO is his son, James Reynolds, Jr.; and the Children’s Cancer Fund of America is run by Rose Perkins, the ex-wife of James Reynolds, Sr.

The charities asserted that they spent 100% of donations on services such as hospice care, pain meds for children, and transportation for patients undergoing chemotherapy. The government flatly states, “These were lies,” according to CNN. Jessica Rich, chief of the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection, said that the remaining 97% of funds donated to the charities were spent on private fundraisers or on the Reynolds family. Meanwhile, cancer patients got boxes of sample-size soap, seasonal greeting cards, and Little Debbie snack cakes.

...The Breast Cancer Society and the Children’s Cancer Fund of America are in the process of closing. James Reynolds, Jr., was hit with over $60 million in fines, although once he pays $75,000, the judgment against him will be suspended, and Perkins was hit with charges of $30 million, but because she cannot pay the sum, the judgment will be suspended.

Steyn: Hillary Playing New Game Show With Voters — ‘Are You Dumber Than A Bunch Of Rocks?’

Hillary’s private spy and their shady foreign policy - John Tabin/Ny Post

Michelle Malkin's New Book: #whobuiltthat on the Barnes & Noble Father's Day Gift Guide