Saturday, September 5, 2015

Trump Surpasses Field, Flirts With 40% In Alabama Poll

California Seniors to Get Property Tax Relief Under Asm. Holden’s Bill Approved Today in the State Legislature (AB 1378)

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel to urge big tax hikes on property, e-cigarettes & taxis to fund pensions.

Today, we stand here and say loudly and clearly that; “Enough is enough."

Friday, September 4, 2015

We’ve spent quite possibly the past decade doubting our abilities, second guessing our motives and generally spawning a generation of young people who don’t actually believe America is great or exceptional at all. The apology tours, the racial strife, the divisions within the populace, the general malaise and self-flagellation have left many feeling alienated and asking themselves, “is this really my country?” People are crying out for relief.

“We’re going to have so many victories,” Trump told overflow crowd in New Hampshire recently.

These were the words America wanted to hear. “We need victories,” trumpeted from one of the greatest communicators we’ve witnessed on the campaign trail for President of the United States of America. This is why, on the stage of 17, the rest pale in comparison.

Must Read: @continetti's column: Obama’s presidency has empowered the adversaries of the U.S.

William Triplett on #Hillary’s ‘ownership’ of #Libya

Andrew Cuomo Says Common Core Is ‘Not Working’

Report: Half of schools cut cafeteria staff as kids abandon Obama menus

A new survey from the School Nutrition Association reported that 70 percent of the nation's lunch programs have been financially "harmed" by the new low-salt, low-sugar menus and that a stunning 93 percent report fewer students buying the chow.

"Meeting these mandates has harmed the financial health of nearly 70 percent of school meal programs surveyed, with fewer than 3 percent reporting a financial benefit," said the survey. Some 49 percent of the responding schools said they were forced to cut cafeteria staff as a result.

The financial threat to school food programs has become so grave that the association is calling on Congress to provide more money. The association said that schools are being ordered by the Agriculture Department to absorb another $1.2 billion in added costs resulting from having to buy more expensive — and less attractive — foods to meet the federal regulations.

Virtually all immigrant families with four or more children in the house are on some type of welfare program, according to U.S. Census Bureau data in a new report raising questions about those Washington is letting into the country.

That report has raised questions about the types of immigrants, apparently mostly poor, being attracted to the United States and the degree to which taxpayers have to take care of them.

The new Census data analyzed by CIS also showed that Hispanic immigrants are far more likely to use welfare than those from other areas like Africa, Europe or Asia.

For example, 65 percent of all Latin American immigrant families are on welfare. For those from Africa, it is 48.3 percent, Europe 25.9 percent and South Asia 17 percent.

Even among Latin Americans the numbers were different. Those from Central America and Mexico tapped welfare the most, at 72.7 percent. Those from the Caribbean were next at 51.3 percent and last were South Americans at 41 percent.

NEW: Man listed as "administrative contact" for Hillary's email didn't work for the State Dept.

...In fact, 's "administrative and technical contact" is... a top adviser to Bill Clinton

Hillary Clinton, who is under federal investigation for allegedly allowing classified information to end up in the hands of non-government workers without a security clearance, paid a company called “Perfect Privacy, LLC” to cover up the true identity of the person running her email network. Now we know why.

Bill Clinton’s senior adviser Justin Cooper was the man responsible for running the email network, according to archived Internet records. Cooper also works as a top fundraiser for the Clinton Foundation. He also serves as a senior adviser to Teneo Holdings, a private corporate advisory and investment banking firm founded by former Bill Clinton adviser Doug Band. Cooper has never worked for the State Department.

Cooper was listed as the registrant for Hillary Clinton’s private email domain when Hillary Clinton left the State Department. Cooper was also listed as the administrative and technical contact for the domain.

Cooper was listed as the registrant as recently as January 30, 2013. Thus, Clinton paid “Perfect Privacy, LLC,” a company that takes over registrant duties and enters its own meaningless Florida contact information into domain databases to hide the true owner, after she left the State Department....

Everyone needs to read this EPIC takedown of the revisionist history covering up Black Lives Matter's worst moments:

...Last week, one day after the unprovoked murder of a white police officer by a black suspect in Texas, Black Lives Matter protesters in Minnesota were chanting, “Pigs in a blanket, Fry ‘em like bacon.” Pigs in a blanket is a reference to police in body bags. In fact, the same phrase was used by Ismaaiyl Brinsley before he shot and killed NYPD officers Liu and Ramos.

Contrary to German Lopez’s claim that Black Lives Matter protests have been “largely peaceful,” the group’s history is a long list of riots, vandalism, looting, arson, random shootings, shootings targeting police, burned out cars, rocks and bottles thrown at cops resulting in over 100 injuries, blocked highways, death chants, and at least one bomb plot. It certainly wouldn’t be fair to say that’s the whole of the movement, but neither is it fair to minimize this litany of mayhem, as Lopez does, under the heading, “Protests aren’t perfect.”...

IRONY ALERT: CLINTON: Officials should 'uphold the law'...

Democrats walk out of Planned Parenthood undercover video screening

"A Madison police officer who intervened in a street fight Wednesday evening was quickly surrounded by a crowd, some of whom voiced anti-police sentiments, including, "We need to start killing these officers'..."

The incident alarmed and dismayed local police officials, especially because the officer involved, Caleb Johnson, has spent years reaching out to residents in the area as the neighborhood officer." - Althouse

El hombre has been had.

Jeb Bush just couldn’t help himself.

After weeks of being needled by Donald Trump, Bush broke down and gave Trump his favorite thing of all: a fight. And, not a fight over substance. A fight over ego that Trump knew from the beginning he would win.

Trump is an empire builder bulldozing his way to the White House, to hell with anyone in his way. Jeb is the spoiled crown prince flabbergasted a coup is being attempted on the family palace. Trump is storming the gate. And, one can picture Jeb talking to himself in the bathroom mirror, giving himself a half-hearted pep talk to rise to the occasion.

Is there any need to debate how this story ends?

Kentucky Clerk Refusing To Issue Marriage Licenses Isn’t A Republican

Davis, a registered Democrat, had worked as a deputy clerk for 27 years before voters in Rowan County elected her as clerk last November.


During the Humboldt County Fair, the Humboldt County Republican Central Committee conducted a totally unscientific Bean Poll of Republican candidates running for President. The results were surprisingly similar to the Iowa polls of that same period in terms of favorites. Of the nearly 2,000 bean votes cast, the top six vote getters were as follows:
36% Donald Trump
24% Ben Carson
10% Carly Fiorina
6% Marco Rubio
4% Ted Cruz
4% Rand Paul
See us at the September 20 at the Ferndale Fairgrounds for the Humboldt County Mud Run and cast your votes for the Republican candidate of your choice. Who knows what changes there will be!

Whose side is Obama on? The #IranDeal could even mean "sharing intelligence on Israeli operations" with Iran

Now turn to the text of the deal. Annex three's section on "nuclear security" on Page 142 pledges that the U.S. will "strengthen Iran's ability to protect against, and respond to, nuclear security threats, including sabotage, as well as to enable effective and sustainable nuclear security and physical protection systems."

While this is supposed to happen "through training and workshops," the clause about enabling "effective and sustainable nuclear security" could conceivably mean direct military aid to Iran against Israeli attack.

And anyway, who other than Israel would be undertaking "nuclear security threats, including sabotage" against Iran?

In July, the Center for Security Policy's warned that this section of the agreement apparently commits the U.S. "to help Iran develop capacities to prevent things like the STUXNET worm," the computer attack five years ago that dealt Iran's nuclear program a significant setback.

The U.S. giving Tehran secrets about computer worm design "would mean entrusting extremely sensitive data to Iran — a nation that has weaponized, for distribution to terrorist groups, every technology it has thus far obtained," the center argues. It might also mean "training Iranian commandos ... the last line of defense for Iranian nuclear security," which is "unwise, given Iran's decades-long history of murdering Americans."

California Gov. Jerry Brown proposes new $65 highway fee, higher gas taxes

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Donald Trump: “I will be totally pledging my allegiance to the Republican Party and the conservative principles for which it stands.”

His name was Aylan Kurdi. He was 3 years old

This is a terrible atrocity, but it must be asked where the Muslim world is. With 57 states and trillions of dollars in GDP, no one is willing to do something about Syria?

Why aren't we discussing the potential damage to national security over Hillary's emails rather than the damage to her campaign?

Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Could it be President Obama had never heard of him? - Peter Hannaford/American Spectator

If you’d mentioned the name of the 25th president before this week, that’s the answer you would have gotten from about everyone except some Ohioans and the residents of a small California city (more about them later).

President Obama changed all that with his announcement that the nation’s highest peak, Mt. McKinley, would be officially renamed “Denali” by his secretary of the interior. Never mind that a 1917 Act of Congress had designated it as “Mt. McKinley.” As we know, Acts of Congress don’t matter when Obama’s working on his most important priority, his “legacy.”

He was on his way to a three-day visit to Alaska to tout his global warming agenda and said, in effect, to Alaskans, “Buy into my climate change blather and I’ll give you ‘Denali.’” They did and he did. “Denali” (“Great Mountain”) is the name native Alaskans have used for the peak for ages. Some years ago, the National Park Service named the park in which it sets, Denali National Park. In daily reference both names for the mountain often have been used side by side.

From his first election, in 1896, Willliam McKinley became one of the nation’s most popular presidents. He introduced the “front porch” campaign, never leaving his home town, Canton, Ohio. He invited one and all to visit him, and delegations large and larger came every day but Sunday. Railroads offered special ticket discounts for Canton-bound groups. Brass bands accompanied them from the railroad station to his front lawn. There, he met them, made remarks, answered questions, shook hands and mingled.

His Democrat opponent, William Jennings Bryan, was a skilled orator and stumped non-stop, demanding the free coinage of silver (which would have been inflationary). “Do not crucify this nation on a cross of gold” was his theme line. There were anti-Semitic overtones to all this because gold was often associated with Jewish bankers and traders.

McKinley’s strong support for the gold standard, for tariffs to protect American industries (not to raise revenue), and his emphasis on a sound economic put Bryan’s anti-Semitism to rest and resulted in a clear victory at the polls.

As president, he obtained passage of the Gold Standard Act. This, in turn, set the stage for the nation’s great 20th century growth.

When Spain spurned his efforts to negotiate freedom for Cuba (and the U.S. battleship Maine blew up in Havana Harbor), he presided over the Spanish-American War, which was won in a matter of months.

He saw to the rebuilding of the nation’s military and the creation of the Great White Fleet of warships (it was Theodore Roosevelt, his second vice president, who sent it around the world after McKinley’s death).

He had acquired Hawaii, the Philippines, and Puerto Rico. In being reelected in 1900 he won all but four states. We’ll never know how much more he might have done, for on September 5, 1901, while attending an exposition in Cleveland, he was shot by an anarchist and died nine days later.

Now that McKinley is suddenly in the news again, the reaction is not known of the people of Arcata, California (pop.15,000), home of the state’s smallest state university campus.

For several years a vocal group there has pushed to remove the bronze statue of McKinley that for many decades has graced the Plaza, the town’s center. It covers a square block, with well-tailored shrubs, flowers, and lawns. There are walkways and benches for idling. It is an altogether pleasing setting and a good way to honor a man who brought honor to his country. By Arcata’s current standards, though, he would be considered irrelevant, even Politically Incorrect. Nevertheless, recently, the Arcata City Council voted to keep things as they are.

In nearby McKinleyville (which changed its name from Minorsville in 1903 in memory of the late president), there is no talk of changing the name to Obamaville or anything else.

Peter Hannaford was closely associated for the late President Reagan for number of years. He is the editor of ◼ “Washington Merry-Go-Round: The Diaries of Drew Pearson, 1960-69” to be published in September. (Pre-order available on Amazon) ◼ Peter Hannaford will be signing his new book at Eureka Books during Arts Alive! on Saturday, September 5th. - Hunter Cresswell/Times-Standard

Clinton aides pushed to view top-secret material on handhelds, emails show

"How often do Americans elect political outsiders to the presidency?"

The decimation of CA's middle class: "Roughly 5 million people left CA in the last decade. See where they went."

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Former Reagan advisor will sign new book at Arts Alive!

Peter Hannaford will be signing his new book during Arts Alive! on Saturday.
Hunter Cresswell/Times-Standard

“The book is quite interesting ... . It’s a very good overall picture of what life was like in the ’60s,” Peter Hannaford said of the new book he edited, “Washington Merry-Go-Round: The Drew Pearson Diaries, 1960-1969.”

“It really chronicles a very insider Washington perspective,” Eureka Books co-owner Scott Brown said. The store will host the event during Arts Alive! on Saturday from 6-9 p.m.
Eureka Books  
Address: 426 2nd St, Eureka, CA 95501
Phone:(707) 444-9593
Hours: Daily 10:00 am – 6:00 pm

CNN to unveil changes to criteria for next GOP debate

CNN has scheduled a phone call at 5 p.m. EDT on Tuesday with the GOP presidential campaigns to discuss changes to the criteria determining which candidates will get to appear on main stage at the next debate later this month, The Washington Times has learned.

The call is the outgrowth of negotiations between CNN and the Republican National Committee, which sanctions the party’s debates, to address concerns raised by the GOP’s only female candidate, Carly Fiorina, that the original criteria wrongly has kept her form the stage even as she is rising in the polls.

Walker: 'The nation as a whole is not going to elect the next president, 12 states are'

President Obama is one senator away from clinching the Iran deal

What did your favorite candidate look like when they were just a kid?

Silicon Valley loves this surprising presidential candidate 6X more than any other

Humboldt Republican Women Welcome Guest Speaker Haider Ajina

Our first meeting after summer hiatus: September 17, 2015. Join Us For Lunch

11:30 a.m. Lunch 12:00 - 1:00 p.m. 445 Herrick, Eureka
Lunch & Speaker ~ $14.50 (Tax and tip included)
Beverage & Speaker ~ $4.00 Payable to HRWF
THIS MONTH - Please RSVP to Annette 499-6310 by Friday September 11
Early RSVP lunch reservations are VERY MUCH APPRECIATED!

Guest speaker: Haider Ajina

Guest speaker: Haider Ajina

September 17 is Constitution Day and Citizenship Day and Haider Ajina has quite a story to tell on this important day. A sought-after speaker, he brings a unique - and often calming - perspective to the topic of the Middle East and Iraq. Around 2003 he began translating and disseminating articles from Iraq into English, to give us a better understanding of what it was like over there. Some of his pieces were featured in the now-defunct Eureka Reporter.

In a 2005 North Coast Journal article he said, "I compared that to what my dad was reading over there -- he went over in January or February of '04. I started asking him what the papers looked like over there, and they were identical. So I said, O.K. -- if I look at the PDF files of these newspapers, that's exactly what the Iraqis are reading. So I started translating those articles."

He was born in Baghdad, Iraq, to an Iraqi father and German Mother. His primary education was in Iraq and Germany and he finished high school and his first year of college in England.

Haider came to HSU to study Environmental Engineering in 1983. He married Claire in 1985 and they have 3 sons: Nyle, 29, Zaid, 27, Hadi, 25, and a daughter Alia, 18.

Prior to starting as a financial consultant with Smith Barney in 1992, Haider's occupation was exporting fresh produce to Europe. In 2009, he and his business partner, Mark Morgan, moved to Wells Fargo Advisors and formed Ajina & Morgan Financial Group, where he is now Vice President of Investments.

Haider is a Rotarian and Past President of The Rotary Club of Southwest Eureka, Past President of the Trinidad Chamber of Commerce, 10-Year Director of the Trinidad-to-Clam-Beach Run & Walk, co-founder and 7-year Director of the Tour of Trinidad (Bike Tour), co-founder and volunteer at The Humboldt Bay Paddlefest, and 5-Year Treasurer of the Humboldt State Alumni Association. He served on the boards of The Greater Trinidad Chamber of Commerce, Humboldt State Alumni Association, Rotary Club of SW Eureka, Eureka Big Brothers Big Sisters, as Treasurer for Humboldt Youth Soccer, and as Treasurer for Rotary District 5130 Youth Exchange.

His joys are being a father and husband, refereeing soccer, doing civic work, and giving talks about Islam and the Middle East, especially Iraq.

The Federalist: Smoking guns in latest Hillary e-mail release?

Did the latest release of Hillary Clinton server e-mails uncover a “smoking gun” proving a criminal violation of the law? Chuck Todd earlier said no, but The Federalist’s Sean Davis says yes indeedy. The smokiest of these “guns” is this e-mail, written by Hillary to Sidney Blumenthal in November 2009, redacted as classified almost in its entirety...

There are other classified e-mails in this tranche that originated with Hillary and went to other State Department officials. This e-mail is more notable because of its transmission outside of State’s personnel. Sid Blumenthal did not work in the Obama administration — Rahm Emanuel expressly forbid him to be hired anywhere in the federal government, especially State — and thus was out of the need-to-know loop, especially on top-level diplomatic talks. Where was Blumenthal working when this message (and others) went out? At the Clinton Foundation.

Yet here Hillary is, sending him updates on negotiations with Germany’s Angela Merkel and Tony Blair, which are obviously too sensitive to send out over an unauthorized and unsecure mode of transmission. On top of that, she’s sharing it with someone not cleared for this information even when properly transmitted....

Ninth Planned Parenthood video from pro-life CMP group; woman says fetus ‘just fell out’

FULL FOOTAGE: Planned Parenthood Pacific Southwest Dr. Katharine Sheehan

FULL FOOTAGE: Planned Parenthood Baby Parts Vendor Advanced Bioscience Resources

MORE: The Center for Medical Progress YouTube Channel



Daily Beast's Kucinich: Yes, Hillary Clinton 'Really Is Coming For Your Guns'

Monday, August 31, 2015

The State Dept. is releasing some 7,000 new emails

Rand Paul’s sneak attack strategy

How Illegal Immigration Finally Turned Off the Public

If American emulated Mexican law, almost all illegal aliens would face immediate deportation if not prison sentences.

...It is alleged that Donald Trump is a demagogue who whips the ignorant up. Perhaps. But on matters of immigration he came late and often in antithesis to his own former positions. The truth is that the illegal-immigration lobby was its own worst enemy, its message couched in racism, illegality, untruth — and finally incoherence. People are tired of being called racists by racial chauvinists, of being dubbed insensitive by unfeeling opportunists, and of being called politically naive by political manipulators.

If there were not a Donald Trump, he would likely have had to have been invented.

Diana, Princess of Wales, died 18 years ago today. Long may you rest in peace

Carson surges into lead in new Iowa poll

Candidate Criteria for September 16, 2015 CNN Ronald Reagan Presidential Library Republican Presidential Primary Debate

Candidate Criteria for September 16, 2015 CNN­Ronald Reagan Presidential Library Republican Presidential Primary Debate

To receive an invitation to the September 16, 2015 Republican Presidential Primary Debate, a candidate must satisfy the following criteria:
1. Fulfill the requirements outlined in Article II, Section 1 of the Constitution of the United States
2. File a Statement of Candidacy and register with the Federal Election Commission by August 26, 2015
3. Achieve an average of at least one percent in three national polls from among those that are recognized in this document. Recognized polls must be released between July 16, 2015 and September 10th, 2015.
4. Have at least one paid campaign aide working in two of the four
“early voting states” designated by the Republican National Committee: Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, South Carolina ­­ no later than August 26, 2015
5. Visited two of the four “early voting states” designated by the Republican National Committee at least once ­­ no later than August 26, 2015
6. The first 10 candidates – ranked from highest to lowest in polling order from an average of all qualifying polls released between July 16 and September 10 who satisfy the criteria requirements outlined in this document ­­ will be invited to participate in “Segment B” of the
th September 16, 2015 Republican Presidential Primary Debate. In the event of a tie for 10​
place, the tie­breaker will be an average of all qualifying polls released between August 26 and September 10. The second tie­breaker will be an average of all qualifying polling conducted in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada released between July 16 and September 10.
7. Candidates who satisfy the criteria and achieve an average of at least one percent in three national polls, but are not ranked in the top 10 of polling order will be invited to participate in “Segment A” of the September 16, 2015 Republican Presidential Primary Debate.
Qualifying polls
Polling data will only be considered for live interviewer national polls sponsored by the following sources to determine eligibility for the September 16, 2015 Republican Presidential Primary Debate: ABC/The Washington Post, Bloomberg, CBS/The New York Times, CNN, FOX, Gallup, Marist, McClatchy, Monmouth University, NBC/The Wall Street Journal, Pew, Quinnipiac, USA Today, Time. For the second tie­breaker, qualifying polling includes all live interviewer polls in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada conducted by organizations listed above as well as those sponsored or conducted by Clemson University, the Des Moines Register, the Las Vegas Review­Journal, the University of New Hampshire, the University of Nevada Las Vegas, Winthrop University. To determine eligibility, poll averages will not be rounded up or down to the closest whole number.

Additional Note:

*If the number of candidates who qualify for the debate is 14 or fewer, CNN reserves the right to limit the number of participants in “Segment B” to eight candidates. The remaining qualified candidates will be invited to participate in “Segment A” of the debate.

Report: MI6 Spy Found In Bag Inside Bathtub 'Hacked Into Secret Data About Bill Clinton'


Sheriff: Obama Started This War On Police... 'Dangerous rhetoric'...

California Taxpayers are shelling out more than ever before, but it's billions short of covering the ballooning pension program...

CalPERS, the Golden State’s public employee retirement system, is seeking to shift the cost and risk of pensions to taxpayers after a $5 billion shortfall in 2014.

The reason? The state made unrealistic promises to its workers during the dot-com boom of the late 1990s, based on overly optimistic projections for returns on its investments.

The only way to fulfill those promises has been to make high-risk investments with greater potential for large returns.

But with memories of the the 2007-8 recession lingering, and fears of a new asset bubble, Gov. Jerry Brown and lawmakers in Sacramento want the pension system to shift to less risky bonds–and want taxpayers to cover more of the cost.

Supes working to pay off $220M pension liability - Times-Standard

The Humboldt County Board of Supervisors took a first step on Tuesday to repay the $220 million the county owes to the California Public Employees Retirement System, or CalPERS, by working to form a trust fund for that purpose.

“If we do nothing to set aside funding to address this unfunded liability, we will be laying off county employees the next time we face a recession,” county Administrative Officer Phillip Smith-Hanes said to the board. “That is the reality that we face.”

...The county now owes $220 million in unfunded liabilities and is obligated to contribute $28.5 million toward CalPERS costs during this fiscal year. Currently, the county can only afford to pay off 21 percent of what its obligated to, Smith-Hanes said.

Having discussed this issue earlier this year, the board had expressed interest in paying off the unfunded liability either through pension obligation bonds or creating a trust fund managed by the consulting firm Public Agency Retirement Services.

County Treasurer John Bartholomew recommended on Tuesday that the board use the trust fund due to the bond option requiring an inflexible financial commitment which would be further complicated by the county’s financial stresses.

The trust fund option would allow the county to contribute funds when it has the funding available and allow it to use the trust fund to pay CalPERS if the county’s revenue stream takes a hit, Bartholomew said.

“Just like any debt, the more you can pay down the less it’s going to cost you over time because of the interest that is attached to it,” he said....

Illinois says it can't pay big lottery winners

Donald Trump Wins Tennessee GOP Straw Poll With 52% Support – Cruz Second With 26%

What makes Donald Trump different?

This is where you accept the value of Donald Trump; because despite opinion to the contrary, Donald Trump is Main Street – not Wall Street.

Trump’s wealth is tied directly to the success of Main Street. Trump builds things, actual things – which he then owns. Trump does not make money from capitalization of financials – Trump makes money from traditional business models, owning and operating stuff.

Both Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton are Wall Street candidates.

IDEOLOGICAL EXAMPLE: The IRS weaponization of government against people, as within the Lois Lerner IRS scandal, is an issue which Trump can breech. Both Democrats and Republicans benefit from the destruction of the Tea Party; neither Bush not Clinton bear any interest in exposing the IRS scandal itself.

When you accept that without Donald Trump you get Bush V Clinton, you begin to understand why it’s beneficial to support Donald Trump.

Quite simply, there’s nothing to lose.

CEO Magazine has once again ranked California worst for business (Texas ranked best).