Saturday, September 19, 2015

"Some of the oldest Christian communities...have been entirely extinguished on Obama's watch"

Deconstructing The New York Times Propaganda On GOP 2016 Race….

The recent NYT article “Party Rules To Streamline Race May Backfire“, written by Jonathan Martin, showcases two distinct disconnects: #1) an actual understanding of what’s going on, and #2) the NYT bubble-perspective on the GOP motives.

However, it does provide an excellent tool to showcase bias and reality...

Reuters: EU may have its last chance to solve migrant crisis next week, UNHCR warns

Who's Really Lying About The Planned Parenthood Videos? Carly Fiorina Or The Factcheckers?

Climate Alarmists demand Obama use the RICO act to Silence Critics

Marco Rubio: Catching Footballs, Fielding Questions

The “libertarian moment” was lost. It wasn’t necessarily Rand Paul who lost it

You don't have to agree with all or even most of Senator Rand Paul’s brand of libertarianism to concede that his candidacy once held so much promise.

Paul entered the race buoyed by what seemed like a burgeoning libertarian moment. From the conduct of the global war on terrorism to massive comprehensive reform packages, American political culture had grown suspicious of the federal government’s ability to avert the unforeseen negative consequences of its good intentions. For several weeks in the summer of 2014, Rand Paul led a field of nine prospective Republican presidential candidates in the polls. It was a reflection of the resonance of his message. Then came the crisis in the Middle East, the rise of ISIS, the lone wolf terror attacks, the Charlie Hebdo massacre, the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Chinese provocations in the South China Sea, and the polls that showed Americans had again warmed to putting American ground troops back in into combat in Iraq....

More Americans were rejecting the war on drugs as a failure and a waste of taxpayer investment. Some states and municipalities had gone so far as to legalize the recreational use of marijuana, directly challenging the supremacy of federal laws prohibiting its use. On the right, outspoken libertarian news outlets and television hosts were gaining not only acceptance but also popularity. If the libertarian preference for U.S. military retrenchment abroad had fallen out of favor, its social and economic prescriptions had not. A Pew Research Center survey from August of 2014 found that, more than any other age demographic, young people were the most likely to describe themselves as “libertarian.” The future for the movement seemed bright.

But the “libertarian moment” was lost. It wasn’t necessarily Rand Paul who lost it, but he did not put a halt to the ideology’s fall from grace. Paul’s performance in Wednesday night’s Republican debate exemplifies the extent to which his presidential bid has evolved from a crusade to advance a set of programs into an ego-fueled campaign to sacrifice himself in service to an unpopular and irresponsible set of foreign policy preferences....

The tragedy of Rand Paul’s campaign is that it promised not a new direction for the Republican Party but a return to a commitment to small government that it has largely abandoned in all but rhetoric for nearly a century. Paul’s talents as a politician are obvious, but hubris has led him to fight a quixotic battle and to martyr himself upon the ground where his father fought and lost a similar battle for the soul of the GOP.


Treating this stupid media controversy like it deserves to be treated, Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump took to Twitter to wrist-flick away the latest bubbled, leftwing mainstream media frenzy....

Friday, September 18, 2015

"I’m just one of hundreds of people with similar stories of Pete’s friendship and kindness. RIP Peter Hannaford, an unsung hero of the Conservative moment."

Peter Hannaford, RIP - Jim Roberts/Human Events

Trump to gulag; Did not "correct" free speech.

Comrades, an audience member told Donald Trump that Obama is a Muslim and not American. Trump steamrolled ahead and responded to this dissident, giving credence to what he said, without rebuking the audience member for his shocking disrespect and factual inaccuracy....

The audience member who made this statement needs to watch his back. Are his taxes paid? Are his occupation credentials up to date? He might be getting a visit from Big Brother soon.

If Planned Parenthood Goes, Where Do Women Go?

Valley Fire acts of kindness, bravery documented on social media

Media Bias: Devastating takedown of actual NY Times story

...DATELINE: Ramallah, West Bank, 14 September 2015

COPY: A Jewish man died [ED: “was killed.”] early Monday morning after attackers pelted the road [ED: “pelted the road”? They were aiming at the pavement? Please clarify.] he was driving on with rocks as he was returning home from a dinner celebrating Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year, the Israeli authorities said. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called an emergency meeting to discuss rock-throwing, mostly [ED: “mostly”? Which other rock-throwers were discussed at the emergency meeting?] by Palestinian youths.... (more at the link)

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Tom Del Beccaro: "California we need water not Trains!!"

Before-and-after photos of China's air show just how terrible its air pollution is

To get ready for the big parade, Chinese officials reduced the operations at thousands of factories and construction sites — even shutting some down — in Beijing and its surrounding provinces a couple of weeks in advance.... in just one day, the sky made a drastic change back to its gray hue. On September 3, the air quality was at a healthy level of 17 on the air quality index (a measure of how many harmful pollutants, including PM 2.5 are in the air). One day later it jumped up to 158, which is considered an unhealthy level of air pollutants.

When we first wrote about this idea two years ago, it really seemed like an Orwellian joke – the fact that the government was establishing a task force dedicated to studying how it could get you to do what it thinks is best for you.

As Richard Williams wrote for Politico at the time, “Congress did not pass legislation authorizing such activity; this is something dreamt up by bureaucracies to force their own preferences on citizens, whether by combating obesity or discouraging procrastination when it comes to saving for retirement.”

But the Obama administration never lets a little thing like legislation get in his way, right? No, he just signs it into effect via executive order.

As the Daily Caller reports, on Tuesday, “President Obama announced a new executive order which authorizes federal agencies to conduct behavioral experiments on U.S. citizens in order to advance government initiatives...."

Watching Hillary Clinton joke about violating regs to thwart FOIA, oversight, and historical record. Exposing classified info. Funny stuff.

New Planned Parenthood video would make Hannibal Lecter cringe

Debate Recap

The Democratic National Committee roped off a group of a hundred disgruntled Democrats protesting outside party headquarters over what they see as a bias in favor of Hillary Clinton.

While the event was organized by the O'Malley campaign, supporters of Bernie Sanders attended as well. Joe Dinoto, a Bernie supporter from Maryland, attended the rally because it "is not in support of any candidate" and he wants to see more Democratic debates, adding that it appears the party is tipping the scales in favor of Clinton.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Carly v. The Donald

Rain gives brief respite to #ValleyFire firefighters.



The early debate: Undercard #gopdebate actually a showcase for four substantive and serious candidates.

TONIGHT'S DEBATE: Who will win round two?

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Donations are being accepted for #ValleyFire victims. Here's how to help


Thousands flee 2 fast-moving California wildfires...

Post-apocalyptic scenes...

LOST COAST OUTPOST: According to the latest information made available by Calfire Monday morning, the Valley Fire in Lake County has already burned more than 61,000 acres destroying hundreds of homes and structures in the process. Officials are investigating reports of a civilian fatality. There are currently over 1,200 fire personnel battling the blaze which, at this point, is listed at 5% containment.7 Fiery Videos from Lake County (VIDEO)

Didn’t take long for the ISIS flag to make its European debut…

The Syrian operative claimed more than 4,000 ISIS gunmen had been smuggled into western nations – hidden amongst innocent refugees.

The ISIS smuggler, revealed the ongoing clandestine operation is a complete success.

Islamic State is believed to be actively smuggling deadly gunmen across the sparsely-guarded 565-mile Turkish border and on to richer European nations, he revealed.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Trump to 'noisy majority': 'We want to win'

The debate, hosted by CNN, will be broken down into a top tier prime time platform, and a “happy hour” platform for those candidates not polling in the top 10.

Carly Fiorina: ‘I Am Proud Of Every Wrinkle’

Iranian Ayatollah Khamenei Threatens America In New Video

Study: ObamaCare could penalize hospitals for serving poor patients

Taxpayers defeated 3 major attacks on #Prop13 this year but when #CALeg returns no doubt they'll want taxes

Air-sea Russian arms buildup in Syria includes battle tanks — and troops

New Hampshire: Trump 28, Carson 17

Clinton suffers dramatic tumble in new national poll

U.K.'s left wing takes hard anti-U.S. turn

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Arizona is trying to get their very own #Prop13! Here is an update on how they are doing.

"You don't have to be loud to be energetic."

Arizona is trying to get their very own #Prop13! Here is an update on how they are doing.

In the Bay Area, where the median price for a single-family home is $700,000 -- and tilts a good deal higher in Silicon Valley, San Francisco and much of Berkeley and Oakland -- the American dream of homeownership can seem like a pipe dream.

Indeed, the vast majority of millennials -- typically defined as age 34 and under -- plan to buy a home at some point in the future: 91 percent, according to Fannie Mae's latest National Housing Survey. Yet homeownership for adults under that age threshold has trended downward for 40 years and now stands at 34.8 percent, a drop from 39 percent in 2009. Buried in student debt or beholden to flat wage growth, many millennials are late to launch careers, marriage and parenthood, the markers that historically coincide with homeownership.

In the Bay Area, where the median price for a single-family home is $700,000 -- and tilts a good deal higher in Silicon Valley, San Francisco and much of Berkeley and Oakland -- the American dream of homeownership can seem like a pipe dream.

"The juice isn't worth the squeeze," said Darin Alpert, 29, a sales director in San Francisco for the tech company Bazaarvoice. He chooses to rent in the Russian Hill neighborhood because he "can't justify" spending $1 million for a one-bedroom condo. Instead, he owns an investment property in San Diego.

A national survey by, a real estate website, recently found that 74 percent of millennial renters intend to buy homes, though few plan to do so within the next three years....

Convicted Fraudster Helped Obama Sell Iran Deal - Breitbart

Dem party is now further to the left than any point in its history

Watching #Europe commit suicde is truly depressing

40,000 acres burned - Entire town destroyed

Sunday Funnies:

EPA’s epic Gold King mine blunder on video, complete with a WTF moment