Saturday, October 10, 2015


Obama's mysterious trip to San Diego.

Dr. @RandPaul has WON the #RLC Straw poll. Congratulations Rand!

Obama to Arm and Aid Al Qaeda in Syria

Number Of Illegal Entry Attempts To UK *QUADRUPLES* In Just 24 Months

Ted Cruz sets sights on Rand Paul’s libertarian base

Insiders to Clinton: Lay off Sanders

Yesterday Obama tastelessly staged a spectacle in Roseburg, reducing the grieving Oregon community to a prop, despite it having been made clear in advance that he was not welcome

Over 80 dead 86 dead in Turkish bomb blasts

Dem senator slams Obama's "joke" of a plan for Syria:

Friday, October 9, 2015

Donald Trump has entered his second act. His polls, sometimes characterized as weakening, are in fact strong. As Bloomberg’s John Heilemann said on “Morning Joe,” if Jeb Bush had Mr. Trump’s numbers everyone would declare the race over.

The first act was “I’m Here and I’m Yuge.” Now Act II: “I Mean It and I’m Staying.” He has unveiled a tax plan and come forward as a family man with a seven-page spread in People. He’s emerged as a noninterventionist on the Mideast—“Russia wants to get rid of ISIS. We want to get rid of ISIS. . . . Let them get rid of ISIS. What the hell do we care?” He apparently has decided to stop certain media wars....

Here is a mystery question. Mr. Trump has been the Republican front-runner for three months. The first voting, in Iowa, is in just more than three and a half months. If Mr. Trump does well in the early contests—if he retains his lead and it starts to look like he can really win the nomination—then at some point it will come down, sharply, to him versus the party establishment. And that establishment, such as it is, will presumably try to kill him. The question: What will that look like? We’ve never seen that before. What will it be to have a party establishment try to kill the guy who’s No. 1 in that party’s polls?

Thursday, October 8, 2015

These records show that the ethics review of Bill & Hillary Clinton’s potential conflicts of interest was a joke. With huge sums of money flowing to the Clinton Foundation there is no doubt that the Clintons abused the Office of Secretary of State for their personal gain.

Judicial Watch’s court filing details how it was “wrongful and in violation of federal law and State Department regulations” to allow Hillary Clinton “to retain exclusive access to this agency system of records (Clinton’s separate email server) and the official State Department communications and records it contains after she left office on February 1, 2013.”

“These records show that the ‘ethics review’ of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s potential conflicts of interest was a joke. There is no doubt that the Clintons abused the Office of Secretary of State for their personal gain,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “This Judicial Watch lawsuit helped force the disclosure of Hillary Clinton’s separate email system. And now we hope that it results in getting all the Clinton emails searched to find out what else Hillary Clinton didn’t want the American people to see in her shady dealings.”

Judicial Watch’s FOIA lawsuit has become particularly noteworthy because it has been reported that the Clinton Foundation, now known as the Bill, Hillary, & Chelsea Clinton Foundation, accepted millions of dollars from at least seven foreign governments while Mrs. Clinton served as Secretary of State. The Clinton Foundation has acknowledged that a $500,000 donation it received from the government of Algeria while Mrs. Clinton served as Secretary of State violated a 2008 ethics agreement between the foundation and the Obama administration. Some of the foreign governments that have made donations to the Clinton Foundation include Algeria, Kuwait, Qatar, and Oman, have questionable human rights records.

What Gallup's exit reveals about 2016...

As pollsters confront unprecedented obstacles, the biggest name in the business backs away.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

GOP voters are more satisfied with their 2016 choices than they were in 2008 and 2012

A "new world order." Judge Jeanine: Obama Is Letting Putin, Russia Take Over as World's Superpower

Jerry Brown: too many laws, too many crimes

Trump maintains strong lead in new Pew pol

The media want to see Mr. Trump’s wife, Melania Trump, brought out onto the campaign trail. There is a historical reference here that bears repeating and warning. The media don’t do this unless they fully intend to utilize the spouse of their target in a concerted effort to marginalize the candidate.

Who is Ben Carson’s wife? Who is Marco Rubio’s wife? Where is the story on Carly Fiorina’s husband or Jeb Bush’s wife?

Why are none of the other candidates being asked the same or similar questions? The answer lies within two words “Sarah Palin”.

The Park Row and Madison Avenue conscripts have failed to gain any traction with direct attacks against Donald Trump. Wall Street, via the RNC/GOPe Rovian “Operation Hummingbird” can only do so much from the perimeter; they need an inside attack to exponentially assist their cause. This is simply how they roll.

Sunday Funnies:

Fact: if we had grown at Reagan growth rates during the Obama “recovery” there would be 12.2 mllion more americans at work.

The #Forbes400 is full of big givers influencing nation’s politics

Syria is Obama's Watergate