Saturday, December 12, 2015

Get those snow plows ready in the Sierra.

FBI recovers items from San Bernardino lake

WHOOPS => Obama Admin Temporarily Stopped Refugee Influx in 2011...

'She did such a bang-up job as Sec of State': Hillary's vow to defeat ISIS taken with grain of salt

Ex-Homeland Security official: Obama gutted program that tracked Islamic groups

Media want Trump and Cruz to attack each other

“You’ve got to get used to it.”

Friday, December 11, 2015

VICTORIA'S SECRET Fashion Show is quickly becoming a Holiday Classic for Women (and men)

ObamaCare will die if the scam artists who created it can't pick our pockets for a bailout.

South Sudan’s leaders tore their country apart. Now they want Western donors to pay to put it back together again.

These Hands...

Terrorism Arrests Reveal Britain's Jihad Hotspots

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Rand Paul unleashes on the White House after it dubbed Trump "disqualified"

Here are the 10 reasons the Kentucky senator and White House hopeful cited:

  1. "Tried to take over 1/6 of the economy in Obamacare, wrecked the system and hurt patients and taxpayers."
  2. "Thinks an executive order is legislation and how you make law."
  3. "Fought an undeclared, unconstitutional war in Libya, turned it into Jihadist wonderland."
  4. "Fighting an undeclared, unconstitutional war in Syria, [and] trying to put ISIS in Damascus."
  5. "Signed into law the indefinite detention of American citizens." (Paul is referring to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) signed by Obama in 2011, which earned heavy criticism from groups like the American Civil Liberties Union).
  6. "His copy of the bill of rights obviously goes from 1 to 3, skipping the 2nd amendment."
  7. [A federal appeals] Court ruled his NSA spying on every American was illegal."
  8. "He has added more debt than anyone in history."
  9. "Appointed an attorney general who thinks speech against Muslims is a bigger threat than terrorism."
  10. "[Environmental Protection Agency] rules by executive FIAT trying to kill an entire American industry and way of life (coal)."

Pew: Muslims fastest growing religious group in the world, 70% vote democrat in U.S.

NO CONSEQUENCES: Iran missile test violates two UN resolution

For millions, Obamacare coverage more expensive than penalties

Kiplinger rates CA worst state to retire in, but Washington DC slightly worse

Angela Merkel, TIME's Person Of The Year

ISIS show off TANKS, hi-tech weapons... Made in US


San Bernardino shooters began plotting attack before their marriage, FBI chief says


Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Hillary lied, people died.

Send me that rosewood knife. I'm in.

...I wouldn't doubt the editorial board of the NYT is also aware that the policy of the Nazi party was pretty close to what they are recommending, the confiscation of guns -- for the National Socialists so that they could be sure they were only in the hands of those deemed acceptable (not Jews, etc.). To use Orwell's term this time, that would make the NYT "objectively pro-fascist."

But perhaps less harmful than our own government. Reacting to the San Bernardino Islamic ideology-based terror rampage... er, workplace violence... the first thing out of our attorney general's mouth was to warn James Comey, director of the FBI, that the real danger from this event was anti-Muslim backlash and to watch his language. In other words, don't call a duck a duck. According to DCWhispers, the order had come down from Obama and Jarrett to Lynch, in which order was unspecified, that Comey's statements should be bowdlerized. It was.

Okay, I've had it. Mr. LaPierre, as I told you, I'm in. You've got another one-time Jewish lefty in the NRA. That should make at least one of us.

We need words other than "fascist" and "unconstitutional" to say "I strongly disagree with that proposal."

Bombs left at a Southern California social services facility by the gun-wielding radical Muslim couple who killed 14 and wounded 21 were set to go off when first responders arrived

So Who Does Speak For Islam, President Obama?

The Conservative Case for Temporarily Stopping All Immigration To America

Tax deal could gut Obamacare revenue

House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Kevin Brady, R-Texas, said Republicans and Democrats could strike an accord that at least postpones Obamacare's so-called Cadillac tax on high-end insurance plans, as well as the medical device tax.

"We are going to take a serious look at having a pause for the medical device and Cadillac tax," Brady said Tuesday after a closed-door GOP conference meeting near the Capitol. "Probably several years, but it hasn't been determined."

A Legacy of Failed Leadership

Dems Worried About Senate Candidate’s (ahem, Kamala Harris's) Lavish Spending of $20,000 on Luxury Car Services

California Attorney General Kamala Harris has burned through more than 40 percent of the $6 million she’s raised for her Senate run, National Journal reports. The thousands that Harris’ campaign has spent on ritzy hotels, among other expenses, has some Democrats worried.

[H]er high-priced expenses, staff turnover, and anemic fundraising have dimmed her aura of inevitability, and among her former and current allies, there’s already a proliferation of finger-pointing over who, exactly, is to blame.

“Harris’s frivolous spending on airfare, luxury cars, and hotels is highly unusual for a Senate candidate that has a relatively competitive race,” said the national Democratic strategist. “And the campaign is in the financial mess that it’s in because of its decision to do those things.” […]

The campaign’s splurges aren’t limited to hotels. Since Harris announced she would run for Senate in January, the campaign has spent nearly $20,000 on luxury car services and purchased expensive airfare—with some trips costing nearly $2,500.....

Who funded this terrorist attack?

Monday, December 7, 2015

U2 returned to play Paris this weekend: "The killers couldn't steal the spirit of the city"

Russia gives France a puppy to replace brave police dog who died during Paris siege

Paris Defies Terror To Celebrate Hanukkah

Federal Judge Rules No-Fly List Process Is Unconstitutional

Killer Syed Farook’s mom is part of a pro-caliphate group

Rubio surges in New Hampshire

On Terrorism, President Obama Is Divorced From Reality.

Great tips that everyone needs to know:


Ted Cruz Shoots To 1st Place In Latest Iowa Poll

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Piled up like a huge landfill site, the 25ft mountain of lifejackets discarded by the 412,000 migrants who have arrived on Lesbos over the past six months

Conservative Pols, Media React to 'No Strategy' Obama National Address

Exit polls show French far right National Front party on track to win more than 30% of the votes

Mother killed in San Bernardino shooting had fled Iran for a safe life in the US

Pluto's rugged 'badlands' and mountainous shoreline are revealed in incredible detail

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