Thursday, March 31, 2016

Donald Trump huddles with RNC in Washington

Trump’s visit to the RNC came as he swung back into presidential mode on Thursday, also convening a meeting in Washington with members of his newly established foreign policy team and rolling out his U.S. House Leadership Committee as the real estate mogul tries to build a more sturdy campaign.

Those close to Trump say, despite appearances to the contrary, he’s interested in unifying the party around him and reaching out to key GOP figures. His advisers remain optimistic that Trump will win the 1,237 delegates needed for the Republican nomination, but say he’s eager to coalesce the party — including those who’ve been reluctant to embrace him.

Trump himself expressed a desire for unity, tweeting on Thursday afternoon, “Just had a very nice meeting with @Reince Priebus and the @GOP. Looking forward to bringing the Party together --- and it will happen!”

Paul Ryan's speech this morning

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Trump, Cruz, Kasich abandon pledge to support the eventual GOP nominee

Kasich busily promoting amnesty for illegal aliens; says it's "ridiculous" to expect foreigners to respect our laws.

Conservative super-PAC launches #NeverHillary ad campaign

"If a Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research’s estimate is accurate, public pension debt in California is even worse than feared."

Hugh Hewitt imagines Ted Cruz and John Kasich plotting a brokered convention

Monday, March 28, 2016

Fidel Castro Rips Obama’s Starry-Eyed Cuba Visit

U.S. Capitol suspect shot & in custody

Clinton email probe enters new phase as FBI interviews loom

How CA GOP Rules Could Help Ted Cruz: Winner-take-all-by-district system, only Republicans can vote in the Primary

...only Republicans can participate in the primary process in the nation’s largest state, and California has a winner-take-all-by-district system that may allow Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)97%
to mount a comeback against frontrunner Donald Trump.

In 1998, Michael Schroeder was Chair of the State GOP. Schroeder was instrumental, as a member of the RNC’s Rules Committee, in securing language that was adopted into the official Rules of the party:

Any state Republican Party may set the date for any primary, caucus, convention or meeting for the purpose of voting for a presidential candidate and/or electing, selecting, allocating or binding delegates to the national convention. … To the extent a state Republican Party’s rules are in conflict with its state laws with respect to this rule, the provisions of this rule and the state Republican Party’s rules shall control.

Schroeder also successfully led an effort to amend the California GOP rules to make it clear that only Republicans can vote in the primary....

Also in 1998, then-State Senator Ray Haynes, a prominent California conservative, was lamenting the atrophy of GOP infrastructure in parts of the state from which Republican legislative representation was receding. Haynes worked with a member of his staff, Tom Hudson, to shift California’s delegate selection process to winner-take-all-by-district....

“By giving presidential candidates an incentive to develop that infrastructure in every congressional seat in the state — that is, the incentive of delegates — the California Republican Party will be strengthened.”

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Sunday Funnies (And Not-So-Funny)