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We're pleased to offer this secure online payment option for Tickets to this year's Republican Of The Year Dinner. We’re delighted to honor Annette de Modena for her years of service to the community. Our guest speaker is Howard Jarvis Taxpayer Association President Jon Coupal.

The Republican Of The Year Dinner is Saturday, May 6th, 2017 at The Carson Mansion in Eureka, California.
No Host Cocktail/Bar begins at Five O’Clock
Dinner served at Six O’Clock
Program begins at Seven O’Clock

Please R.S.V.P. NOW. - Reservations Required
If you have any questions or need additional information, please call John Schutt at 1 (702) 561-5268, or call the Humboldt GOP Headquarters at (707) 442-2259.

You may purchase Tickets using our secure online Piryx server:
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Moment of truth for the euro as France votes

What was Obama trying to do? Teach Americans a lesson?

...The FBI knew about the attack before it happened, but did not alert law enforcement or my security apparatus. When I first heard that the FBI had prior notice of the attack, I thought that it was very short-term notice. It was assumed by many people that the FBI had had some sketchy prior knowledge of the attack, but nothing particularly specific.

Now we find they were in on the planning of the jihad attack, and did nothing about it. If you recall, the FBI only got around to alerting Garland police about Simpson’s jihad plans three hours before our event. It was Garland police, not the FBI, that coordinated all the super security efforts with our own security team.

The FBI knew about the impending attack, one of their agents told Simpson to “tear up Texas,” and an accomplice of Simpson was even communicating with the undercover agent at the time of the attack.The Daily Beast reported that this accomplice “asked the undercover officer about the Draw Muhammad event’s security, size, and police presence, during the event, according to an affidavit filed in court. The affidavit does not specify what the undercover responded to questions about size and security.” Why not? Why weren’t the agent’s answers released?

They knew about the attack, yet they didn’t have a team there in case the jihadis started shooting? It’s hard to escape the conclusion that the Obama FBI wanted me and the other speakers at the event dead. What other conclusion can be reached...

Oh, yes, Donald Trump got elected -- seemingly a calamity equal to, if not greater than, the Vietnam War.

...Since his inauguration, and to a great extent before, the whole country has gone more or less berserk. Just the other night, comedian Stephen Colbert, in what I presume we were supposed to take as an edgy witticism, accused our president of fellating Russia's Vladimir Putin. Although I recall many bad things being said about LBJ back in the day (Barbara Garson wrote a play comparing him to Macbeth, and who can forget "Hey, hey, LBJ, how many kids did you kill today?"), nothing approached Colbert's angry joke in terms of pure unmitigated hostile vulgarity, not on late-night TV anyway.

But his was just the culmination (for now) of a modern Days of Rage which has metastasized into Months of Rage with no end in sight....

One way to look at it is that the left, or what we call the left (liberal and progressives of various stripes), are actually by far the most conservative or rigid people in our culture in terms of personality. The slightest alteration in policy or change in the zeitgeist threatens them all out of proportion to reality and they act out, like these self-described anarchists (assuming they have even heard of Bakunin or Kropotkin) just did the other day in Portland, naming themselves, as did the increasingly pathetic and desperate Hillary Clinton herself just did today, "The Resistance." In what sane universe does calling yourself "The Resistance" to Donald Trump make sense when the original "Résistance" was to counter Hitler and the Nazis taking over France, and prevent them from sending people to concentration camps and doing away with the underground in firing squads?

Friday, May 5, 2017

Trump expected to travel to Israel, the Vatican and Saudi Arabia on first foreign trip

State Dept. Ordered to Release Clinton Emails on Obama’s Response to Benghazi

U.S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson has ordered the State Department to turn over previously redacted material in Hillary Clinton's emails that immediately followed the terrorist attack on the U.S. mission in Benghazi to Judicial Watch, a conservative watchdog group.

Overlooked: Dem-controlled Oregon state legislature is contemplating cutting 335,000 people from Medicaid.

Thursday, May 4, 2017


Mast argued that every American with a pre-existing condition should be asking themselves how they still have coverage as insurance providers continue to rapidly drop out of Obamacare.

“Who is it that’s going out there and saying pre-existing conditions won’t be covered? It is the exact same group of people that went out there and lied to the face of every single American, telling them that if they like their plan, they would keep their doctor; if they like their doctor, they would keep their doctor,” Mast added. “That was a bald-faced lie.”

Mast went as far as to allege the “architects” of Obamacare intended to “prey on the American people.”

“I think that’s the great irony of this,” he continued. “Obamacare failed at every level, politically the Democrats were crushed over six years and four elections. Whereas you say they lost seats in the House, the Senate, the governorships, et cetera, largely because of Obamacare, it failed on the ground as was pointed out earlier. The insurers are in a death spiral.”

“The Obamacare exchanges are collapsing,” he added. “You’ve had these exchanges, these community exchanges completely disintegrating. But the irony is in the end I think Obamacare wins the day because it changed expectations.”

“Look at the terms of the debate,” Krauthammer explained. “Republicans are not arguing the free market anymore, they have sorted accepted the fact that the electorate sees healthcare as not just any commodity. It’s not like purchasing a steak or a car. It’s something that poeple now have a sense that government ought to guarantee. And because of that, even Republicans are trying to say, ‘oh we’re not gonna lose that many, oh yes you’ll be covered if you have a pre-existing condition.’ The terms of debate are entirely on the grounds of the liberal argument that everybody ought to have insurance.”

“Once that happens,” he concluded, “you’re gonna end up with a single payer.”

Susan Rice refuses to testify before Congress on Russian hacking, here's why

Hillary’s worst nightmare? NYT: ‘Shattered’ may become limited TV series

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Illegal Aliens Tell Donald Trump To Go F*ck Himself

With #Obamacare, more than 1,000 counties have only one health insurer to choose from. That's not a choice. That's a monopoly.

It’s the same old song and dance again in Sacramento. Only this time it’s to the tune of $450 per year for every California household. Under the guise of solving California’s infrastructure problems, politicians in Sacramento passed one of the largest tax hikes in recent history.

In another hit against hard-working Californians, Sacramento just increased the gas tax by 43 percent in addition to raising the car tax. Families relying on their vehicles to make a living will now find their budget under even more strain while the state collects an additional $52 billion over 10 years.

Living by a budget is something that we all have had to learn at one point or another. Unfortunately, the state has yet to learn this valuable lesson. They continue to spend money they don’t have knowing that hard-working taxpayers will pick up the tab....

Benefits are taking a big bite out of school budgets in a number of states that have made lavish pension and retiree health care promises to workers.

...Oregon benefit costs consume nearly 30% of school budgets, leaving education districts and local governments bracing for a 44% jump in pension bills alone in the next two years — amounting to $885 million in new spending. A study concluded that the additional burden could lead to significant staffing cuts in Oregon, costing as many as 10% of all public employees their jobs.

A recent study estimated that pension contributions from California school districts will have to increase from $3 billion in 2014 to $9.45 billion in 2021. "It's scaring districts right now. A lot are questioning whether they can stay afloat," an official with the California School Boards Association recently said.

As the bills come due, public officials will discover that the actual costs are even higher than reflected in these alarming data. The reason: Many state and local governments have been contributing less than they should to fund their benefits — and they can't keep doing it.

A 2016 study by Pew, for instance, found that only 15 states were putting enough money annually into their pension systems to meet future obligations. In total, Pew found that states paid 75% of what they needed to add to pensions in 2014 — leaving $28 billion in contributions unpaid.

A page from the assignment begins with the following sentences: “Prudence is thirty-four. She’s had sex with twenty-one men and three women.”

A 16-year-old student at a Missouri high school brought home an English class assignment that her mom felt crossed the lines of good taste.

A page from the assignment begins with the following sentences: “Prudence is thirty-four. She’s had sex with twenty-one men and three women.”

The description goes on to say that Prudence met a guy named Larry, and they got romantic and talked about their “sexual histories.” Other topics such as “heavy petting,” being “inhibited in bed” and faking orgasms were covered as well....

The teacher in question confirmed Tuesday night to KTVO-TV that he submitted his resignation after administrators asked for it. The station didn’t name the teacher.

Turns out the photo of the page with the sexual content comes from a satirical short story called “Test” by G.A. Ingersoll, the station said. The text is structured just like a typical page of mathematical word problems, along with instructions, except that the purpose is to “lampoon testing conventions and may not be appropriate for PG audiences,” KTVO said.

President Trump and Palestinian Authority President Abbas Joint Press Conference…

House passes $1 trillion spending bill to avoid shutdown

Huma Abedin Emails Uncovered by @JudicialWatch Show Clinton Foundation-State Department Haiti Links

"Don't use Jimmy Kimmel's viral newborn story to defend Obamacare"

Tuesday, May 2, 2017


“We don’t believe the mid-air explosion was an accident... It’s believed the explosion was a test to develop a nuclear weapon different from existing ones.”

There May Be More To North Korea’s ‘Failed’ Missile Test Than Meets The Eye - Daily Caller

Bioethicist Fears Saving Babies’ Lives Could Make People Oppose Abortion

German Parliament Bans Burqa, Approves Ankle Tags On Terror Suspects, Merkel Finally Gets Around To Holding Arab Countries Accountable For Refugees

Portland: After the march began, police say, agitators began throwing rocks at police officers, who responded by donning protective helmets. Things went downhill from there.

...Police arrested 25 people after they said anarchists started fires, destroyed property and threw homemade explosives at law enforcement officers. Rioters reportedly tossed fireworks, rocks and Molotov cocktails at police officers....

...Portland, a known leftist hotbed, has struggled to contain explosive anti-Trump protests. The mayor admitted in February that the “culture of protest” will be the norm in Portland for the “foreseeable future.”

Organizers of the 82nd Avenue of Roses Parade, which was supposed to take place this past weekend in Portland, were forced to cancel the event after activists threatened violence against a Republican group taking part in the parade.

Lawyer Cites Muslims’ ‘Religious Practice’ In Defense Of Female Genital Mutilation. Here’s Why It Won’t Work

...“It’s not an absolute right that just because someone has a religious belief, they’re protected to do it. And it’s subject to when there’s a compelling state interest to the contrary,” Brad Dacus, head of the Pacific Justice Institute, explained to The DCNF.

The court usually allows religious accommodations in medical situations, Dacus went on, but not if the medical procedure permanently harms a person or causes death....

Portland Parade Canceled After Activists Threaten To ‘Drag And Push’ Republicans

Berkeley school district said BAMN operatives -- including teachers -- were "actively trying to brainwash and manipulate these young people"

Far-left activists behind recent anti-conservative riots in Berkeley tried to “brainwash” and “indoctrinate” students into supporting left-wing social justice causes, Berkeley Unified School District argued in court filings reviewed by local news organization Berkeleyside.

By Any Means Necessary (BAMN), a far-left activist group with deep ties to pro-pedophilia advocates, places a priority on youth involvement in its protests, according to the group’s stated principles.

Middle school teacher Yvette Felarca, a prominent BAMN organizer, repeatedly abused her position as an educator to push left-wing activist causes, the school district claimed....

MUST READ: ...The lie is obvious now, isn't it?...



...Because it is not conservatives who coerced today's young people or made them afraid of ideas that challenge them. Conservatives did not shame people into silence, or send thugs out on college campuses to beat down those who wanted to speak.

The left did all that.

It's there in front of you, the thuggish mobs of the left killing free speech at American universities. The thugs call themselves antifas, for anti-fascists.

They beat people up and break things and set fires and intimidate. These are not anti-fascists. These are fascists. This is what fascists do.

Some wear masks to cover their faces, or hide bike locks in scarves and swing them at the heads of any who disagree. They're all about intimidation. And intimidation on a national scale, so angry and violent, is a fascist thing of the left....

American universities were once thought to be the last great refuge of ideas, where ideas could flourish and be challenged and debated. But today, the university is the place where liberty and ideas go to die.

The American university is where intellectuals with dissenting views are silenced -- even physically assaulted -- by mobs. And administrators sit by and watch, afraid to anger those mobs....

What has been the general liberal response to Americans who insist on speaking after being threatened?

Annoyance. The response sounds like this: Hush. Go away. Come back later when it's quiet. Why cause trouble? Shhh.

Right-wing provocateur Ann Coulter has been silenced at Berkeley, where the free speech movement was born. And other intellectuals, including Charles Murray and Heather Mac Donald, have been silenced at other colleges, attacked by mobs.

If the left agrees with your views, you may speak. If the left doesn't agree, they will shut you down. This is America now....

If a late night host had said this about Obama, every activist group in the country would be calling for their job - and they'd get it.

Video: ‘Peaceful’ May Day rallies turn violent in Paris

With the final vote in France’s presidential election less than a week away, unionists turned out on May Day to protest right-wing candidate Marine Le Pen. Le Pen has been gaining in the polls though her rival, Emmanuelle Macron, is still leading by about 20 points. NBC News tweeted the”peaceful” march had (unexpectedly) turned violent....

Video shows police engulfed in flames. Toward the end of this clip you can also see some vandalism taking place:

Rush on the terrible spending bill: “Why is anybody voting Republican, if this is what happens when we win?”

These biographical details throw light on the pope’s ideological instincts. Yet many commentators have ignored them, breezily casting his leftism as a bit confused but basically harmless.

In the early twentieth century, as Marx’s socialism spread across the world, Pope Pius XI declared the theory anathema. “No one can be at the same time a good Catholic and a true socialist,” he said. To hear Pope Francis speak today, one might conclude the reverse: that no can be at the same time a good Catholic and an opponent of socialism.

“Inequality is the root of all evil,” Pope Francis wrote on his Twitter account in 2014. One can imagine Karl Marx blurting that out, but none of Francis’s predecessors would have made such an outrageous claim. According to traditional Catholic theology, the root of all evil came not from inequality but from Satan’s refusal to accept inequality. Out of envy of God’s superiority, Satan rebelled. He could not bear his lesser status.

He was in effect the first revolutionary, which is why the socialist agitator Saul Alinsky — a mentor to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton (who did her senior thesis at Wellesley on his thought) — offered an “acknowledgment” in his book, Rules for Radicals, to Satan. Alinsky saw him as the first champion of the “have nots.”

...Evo Morales, Bolivia’s proudly Marxist president, offered the pontiff that sacrilegious image of Jesus Christ. Morales described the gift as a copy of a crucifix designed by a late priest, Fr. Luis Espinal, who belonged to the Jesuit order (as does Pope Francis) and had committed his life to melding Marxism with religion. Pope Francis had honored Espinal’s memory upon his arrival in Bolivia.

Had John Paul II or Pope Benedict XVI seen such a grotesque cross, they might have broken it over their knees. Not Pope Francis. He accepted the hammer-and-sickle cross warmly, telling the press on the plane ride back to Rome that “I understand this work” and that “for me it wasn’t an offense.” After the visit, Morales gushed, “I feel like now I have a Pope. I didn’t feel that before.”

Monday, May 1, 2017

The ignorance, intolerance, and violence of the “Climate Crusaders”

The FBI translator who went rogue and married an ISIS terrorist

...The man Greene married was no ordinary terrorist.

He was Denis Cuspert, a German rapper turned ISIS pitchman, whose growing influence as an online recruiter for violent jihadists had put him on the radar of counter-terrorism authorities on two continents.

In Germany, Cuspert went by the rap name Deso Dogg. In Syria, he was known as Abu Talha al-Almani. He praised Osama bin Laden in a song, threatened former President Barack Obama with a throat-cutting gesture and appeared in propaganda videos, including one in which he was holding a freshly severed human head.

Within weeks of marrying Cuspert, Greene, 38, seemed to realize she had made a terrible mistake. She fled back to the US, where she was immediately arrested and agreed to cooperate with authorities. She pleaded guilty to making false statements involving international terrorism and was sentenced to two years in federal prison. She was released last summer....

Humboldt In The News: "At least eight girls that I have served have been abused and raped..."

...female trimmers can face problems - especially working on illegal grows - when the mundane work can turn sexual. These Humboldt County residents talked with the I-Team, but didn't want to show their faces.

"It's like, you know, 'I'll give you an extra 20 bucks a pound or, whatever, if you trim topless,'" said one trimmer.

Trimmers, rape crisis counselors, and law enforcement say they have seen an increase in recent years of trimmers sexually assaulted by growers and pot farm workers.

"There are stories every single year," another trimmer added. "Like really, really terrible kidnapping stories of people being held against her will, girls coming out of the hills totally dazed and confused and really, they're lost."...

Trump: 'You make a mistake here, there is nothing to work out'

...listen closely, especially when he speaks about decisions involving life and death, and you sense that sitting here, in the Oval Office, as the 45th president has humbled even Donald J. Trump.

"You can make a mistake in deals, and you work it out," he explains at one point. "You make a mistake here, there is nothing to work out. You know it's trouble. It could be big trouble. And it is life-threatening trouble for lots of people, potentially."

A portrait of Thomas Jefferson hangs to his right, one of Andrew Jackson, perhaps his favorite president, is to his left. A bust of a sober-looking Abraham Lincoln sits beneath Jefferson, while Trump's father smiles broadly from a black-and-white photo behind the Resolute Desk, given by Queen Victoria in 1880 to Rutherford B. Hayes and used by many presidents since.

"It's a very intensive process," he says of the presidency. "Really intense. I get up to bed late and I get up early." He rarely sleeps more than four hours, which is good, he explains, because he can call leaders around the world in the dark hours while the rest of Washington sleeps.

"When I was doing many real estate deals at one time, I always thought that was going to be more comprehensive and lengthier than a day like this.

"It's not."....

Piety and Trump-bashing: The sheer awfulness of the White House Correspondents' Dinner

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FLASHBACK VIDEO: Here's how press treated Obama on first 100 days: What has enchanted you the most?

To some, it is a tax on blue-state liberalism.

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