Saturday, September 2, 2017

Two Seismic Events In North Korea are a Suspected Nuclear Test – Possibly: One Explosion,…

Melania and Donald swing by Texas and Louisiana and visit the thousands made homeless by Hurricane Harvey... and the delighted children can't get enough of their President!

Who is this person and why is he so happy? It's Senator Bob Hertzberg and he's so happy because the State Assembly just voted to authorize new taxes on our water bills.

Orwell: "So much of left-wing thought is a kind of playing with fire by people who don't even know fire is hot."

66% of Americans now fear speaking their minds in a politically correct nation

This should be mandatory listening to every single earthling (this sounds like hyperbole, but it's an understatement - trust me)

THANK YOU to all of the incredible HEROES in Texas. America is with you! #TexasStrong

Republicans urge President Trump to let Congress take the lead on #DACA

California lawmakers pass bill on storm water fees. Californians could see their water bills increase

Friday, September 1, 2017

George Soros, a chief financial supporter of #Antifa, was himself a Nazi collaborator & still has no regrets—watch!

NOT SO FAST: Judge Orders Feds to Release Details of Hillary Clinton Email Investigation After FBI Refused

Houston Rescuers Prove the Lie of ‘Toxic Masculinity’

The events at Evergreen State are similar to the 2015 protests at the University of Missouri, which is now suffering major long-term consequences where enrollment has dropped, dorms were closed, and hundreds of staff members laid off

...“At the end of the day, we the Legislature and the people have to speak up and say, ‘We are not going to contribute our taxpayer dollars to a college that wants to re-institute a Jim Crow approach to education and segregation,” Manweller said. “When you cross the line and start attacking a Jewish professor when you cross the line and you start telling white people or anybody based on their skin color that they can’t come to school, that violates our anti-discrimination laws.”
Evergreen State College President George Bridges admitted there had been a drop in enrollment. With this leaked memo, we now have actual numbers of students who dropped off. The events at Evergreen State are similar to the 2015 protests at the University of Missouri, which is now suffering major long-term consequences where enrollment has dropped, dorms were closed, and hundreds of staff members laid off.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau: Trump is surprisingly "authentic"

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Senate Committee Confirms Comey Reached His Decision to Exonerate Clinton BEFORE the Investigation Started

Once left-wing activists forced cities and states to pull down their politically incorrect statues in the dead of night, and once they got off scot-free in defacing and destroying publicly owned monuments, it was an easy step up to the next level: waging war against words themselves

...Recently, there were progressive calls at the University of Southern California to rename the school’s mascot, the white Andalusian horse “Traveler.” Members of the Left thought that the mute animal’s name too closely resembled the name “Traveller,” the favorite horse of Confederate general and sudden demon of 2017 Robert E. Lee.

But the mob was not finished there. An Asian-American sportscaster named Robert Lee was recently yanked by the sports channel ESPN from broadcasting a University of Virginia football game. Apparently, Lee’s name was too close to that of Robert E. Lee.

Nearly a century and a half after his death, General Lee has gone from tragic figure to Public Enemy No. 1 of the Left. Lee the sportscaster, like Cinna the poet, was found guilty on the basis of ignorant association with his name. If the politically correct herd could not get its hands on the long-dead Robert E. Lee, it would apparently settle for anyone in the present who shared nearly the same name.

Why would a supposedly civilized country descend into such linguistic fascism?...

Zuckerberg Group study unintentionally revealed how many more job opportunities American workers would have if President Trump were to repeal DACA, as he promised his supporters he would do.

A study by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s open borders organization revealed that if an Obama-created amnesty program for young illegal aliens is ended, it would open nearly 700,000 American jobs.
Zuckerberg’s group – a pro-immigration lobbying group – released the study with the intention to show the hardships of ending the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, where more than 850,000 young illegal aliens have been given temporary amnesty would have on the American economy.

The study unintentionally revealed how many more job opportunities American workers would have if President Trump were to repeal DACA, as he promised his supporters he would do.

Read @FreeBeacon 'Southern Poverty Law Center Transfers Millions in Cash to Offshore Entities.'

Trump cuts Obamacare outreach ads budget by 90 percent

...For the 2017 open enrollment, which ended Jan. 31, the Obama administration spent $100 million on ads. That was double the $50 million that was spent on ads for the 2016 open enrollment.

In comparison, President Trump's inaugural Obamacare open enrollment will spend $10 million on ads. The money will also go towards different types of ads, focusing on more targeted ads through e-mail, texting, radio, or digital engagement, an official from Health and Human Services said.

The Trump administration downplayed the impact of boosted ad spending, noting that during 2017 open enrollment there was a decline of 5 percent in overall sign-ups. It also saw a 42 percent decline in first-time enrollment and enrollment of people who pay their premiums decline by 500,000 people....


Harvey Will Be the Turning Point of the Trump Presidency

...a flood of Noah-like proportions has a way of focusing the mind, at least for some, maybe even most, of us.

And Donald Trump has clearly done well thus far in his capacity of crisis-manager-in-chief. It seems the presidential activity he was born for, the one must akin to running a large hotel construction job or renovating an historic ice-skating rink. Moreover, reconstruction is certain to go on for quite a while and remain a focal point of our national attention for a significant period. Trump should know how to handle it as well as anybody who has held the office.

For this reason, Harvey will likely be the turning point in the Trump presidency. His adversaries sense it too....

All you will ever need to know about the cancer rotting the soul of #America...

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Harvey downgraded to a tropical depression

Here's a "journalist" reporting on two different women...

Former San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed says the Legislature is on the wrong track to solve California's #HousingCrisis

...Most of the debate recently has been about “streamlining” the approval process, basically by eliminating or restricting local discretion. As a former mayor who has participated in a thousand hearings on housing, I know there are many other things that could be done instead of removing local control.

We have to deal with the facts at the center of the lack of production: Building new housing has a negative financial impact on city budgets. And housing opponents can easily kill projects....

CNN’s Supposedly GOP Pundit Gave Big Bucks to Democrats

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

"Antifa" violence in Berkeley becomes problem for left-wing activist community

The University of California in Berkeley was again the scene of violence recently, as protesters claimed license to silence those with whom they disagree. Their fight against “fascism” took the form of not just stopping a speech, but assaulting those who came to hear it.

For those of us at universities and colleges, these counter-demonstrators, and in particular the masked antifa protesters, are a troubling and growing presence on our campuses. They have been assaulting people and blocking speeches for years with relatively little condemnation. They flourish in an environment where any criticism is denounced as being reflective of racist or fascist sentiments.

However, as the latest violence in Berkeley vividly demonstrates, there is no distinction between these protesters and the fascists they claim to be resisting. They are all fascists in their use of fear and violence to silence others. What is particularly chilling is how some academics have given this anti-speech mob legitimacy through pseudo-philosophical rationalizations....

#TexasStrong is America

Ivy League professors band together in letter encouraging students to reject "groupthink"

The letter goes on to address a point we raised in an editorial this week, urging students to resist the urge to follow the Left's lead and broaden the definition of terms like "bigot" to incriminate non-bigots, a strategy that often results in the censorship of anti-liberal viewpoints on campus.

"Merriam-Webster's first definition of the word ‘bigot' is a person ‘who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices,'" the professors stated. "The only people who need fear open-minded inquiry and robust debate are the actual bigots, including those on campuses or in the broader society who seek to protect the hegemony of their opinions by claiming that to question those opinions is itself bigotry."

The letter's signatories include the widely-respected Princeton philosopher Robbie George, psychologist Paul Bloom, and Nicholas Christakis, the professor who was famously berated by enraged students in 2015 for opposing efforts to censor offensive Halloween costumes.

On the cusp of what's sure to be another tense school year throughout the country, with more professors and students seeking to silence political dissent, the message in this letter is one students desperately need to hear.

It can be read in full here.

John McCain: Admits he obtained the Russian Dossier & gave it to Comey! Pundits And Politicians Are Tacitly Admitting That They Lied About Russia

Berkeley mayor tells University to cancel Free Speech Week

POTUS and FLOTUS in Corpus Christi, Texas, for briefings on Tropical Storm #Harvey.

Liberal reactions:

‘Texas just broke all-time contiguous U.S. rainfall record’

Bernie Supporters lost big time in court! Judge Says DNC can choose whoever they want to as presidential nominee

Speech police? Californians could go to prison for not using transgender pronouns

Box Office Bomb: Al Gore’s climate doom movie drops 75% in weekend box office take

New Study: Americans still support free speech… and would even die for it

Monday, August 28, 2017

NBC: "Could antifa violence lead to violence against mainstream politics."
Antifa: "No, because we would NEVER attack Democrats."

Why is homeschooling illegal in so many places?

Missile fired from North Korea reportedly flew over Japan

Finnish Pres @niinisto and @realDonaldTrump in the Oval Office

Pres. Trump: "Tragic times such as these bring out the best in America's character: Strength, charity, and resilience."