Saturday, September 23, 2017


NKorea says 'inevitable' missiles will hit USA...

Berkeley 'Free Speech Week' canceled...

Trump has the high road, once again. Haha. Baited the Elitists, who are now defending disgracing the flag.

Mainstream polls use 29% more Democrats than Republicans

Seems @benshapiro's speech last week was a success.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Senate Plans to Vote on Latest Obamacare Repeal Bill Next Week

Spying on Republicans and Political Opponents: WHY OBAMA REALLY SPIED ON TRUMP

... the mission to unseat Trump never changed. And it remains ongoing.

Paul Manafort was wiretapped. Cater Page was wiretapped. Donald Trump Jr. was wiretapped. Jared Kushner was wiretapped. Gen. Michael Flynn was wiretapped. And likely there were others.

And none of it was very legal.

...FBI sources said finally obtaining the FISA warrant was important because it provided the agencies cover for previous illegal wiretapping which they believed would never be discovered.

“This would make for an incredible string of Senate hearings,” one federal law enforcement source said. “I don’t think they ever thought he (Trump) would win and information would come out about how they manipulated evidence.”

...Each individual pretext might be technically defensible. But together they add up to the crime of the century.

Obama’s gamble was that the illegal surveillance would justify itself. If you spy on a bunch of people long enough, especially people in politics and business, some sort of illegality, actual or technical, is bound to turn up. That’s the same gamble anyone engaged in illegal surveillance makes....

If everyone were being spied on all the time, many crimes could be exposed every second. But that’s not how our system works. That’s why we have a Fourth Amendment.

Nor was Obama Inc. trying to expose crimes for their own sake, but to bring down the opposition.

That’s why it doesn’t matter what results the Obama surveillance turned up. The surveillance was a crime. Anything turned up by it is the fruit of a poisonous tree. It’s inherently illegitimate.

The first and foremost agenda must be to assemble a list of Trump officials who were spied on and the pretexts under which they were spied upon. The pattern will show the crime. And that’s what Obama and his allies are terrified of. It’s why Flynn was forced out using illegal surveillance and leaks. It’s why McMaster is protecting Susan Rice and the Obama holdovers while purging Trump loyalists at the NSC....

It’s why the media increasingly sounds like the propaganda organs of a Communist country. Why there are street riots and why the internet is being censored by Google and Facebook’s “fact checking” allies.

It’s not just ideology. It’s raw fear.

The left is sitting on the biggest crime committed by a sitting president. The only way to cover it up is to destroy his Republican successor.

A turning point in history is here.

If Obama goes down, the left will go down with him. If his coup succeeds, then America ends.

NFL TV ratings continue to tank after viewers boycott over Kaepernick

WikiLeaks Releases #Russian Mass Surveillance System Documents

WikiLeaks recently released documents that reportedly detail a mass surveillance system used by the Russian state to spy on Russian Internet users.

The whistleblowing group WikiLeaks has released new documents that the group claims outlines a mass surveillance system used by the Russian state to spy on Internet and mobile device users. The latest release, titled “Spy Files,” claims that a well-known Russian company that provides software to telecommunication companies is also, under state orders, installing infrastructure enabling the Russian government to spy on citizen’s digital activity.

In the summary of the leak series, WikiLeaks writes, “While the surveillance of communication traffic is a global phenomena, the legal and technological framework of its operation is different for each country. Russia’s laws —especially the new Yarovaya Law — make literally no distinction between lawful interception and mass surveillance by state intelligence authorities (SIAs) without court orders.” ...

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

"What Happened" is but another falsification of the Clinton reality

All in all, Trump has had a pretty good eight months

...On national security, Trump has assembled a team of exceptional competence, and the Trump coalition is happy with most of what that team has done, from the cruise missiles into Syria to the explicit embrace of Israel as one of our closest allies....

His regulatory rollbacks are proceeding. He and the GOP-led Congress used the Congressional Review Act to rescind 14 Obama-era rules. Key figures including Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt, Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price and many others are pursuing ambitious and much-needed rollback agendas....

How an Op-Ed Praising the 1950s Triggered Leftist Snowflakes

...Well, I’m 66, people my age and one generation younger grew up with certain undeniable truths: hard work, studiousness, seriousness, self-discipline, self-reliance, and patience, those were the values that were rock solid, that had the best chance of leading to a happy, healthy, productive life with the likelihood of an expanding, increasing standard of living. Those were time-honored values, and people would think — and they’ve been time-honored for generations. They have been time-honored since days prior to this country.

Those were active ways of living that led to the best life: seriousness, studiousness, hard work, no cutting corners, no cheating, no pacing yourself, self-discipline, telling yourself “no,” self-reliance, don’t have kids before you get married, respect for authority. That’s what we all grew up with. I’m sure most of you in this audience did as well....

Well, this op-ed triggered an immediate uproar... those values were attributed to white to white supremacy by the dean of the law school at the University of Pennsylvania. Hard work, self-discipline, self-reliance, don’t have kids ’til you get married, try to stay married, all of those things to pursue were called white supremacy in an op-ed by the dean of the law school....

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Climate Alarmists Finally Admit 'We Were Wrong About Global Warming'

Bold and Courageous: Trump’s U.N. Speech the Best of His Presidency

Fact: the Obama administration conducted surveillance on members of the Trump campaign, including Trump himself. "Wires tapped" indeed.


Republicans' last push to roll back Obamacare gains strength...

Jedediah Bila Off 'VIEW After Asking Hillary 'Tough Question'

GREAT AGAIN! DOW Up 4,000 Points Since Election...

19 percent of college students think it's OK to use violence against a controversial speaker

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Sunday Political Cartoons

California approves measure to move presidential primary to March

...If Brown signs the measure, California would likely hold its presidential primaries before spring on Super Tuesday, when several other states hold their votes. That would force candidates to compete in the nation's most populous state early on in the nominating contest.

California's current primary schedule puts the state's voting in June, typically weeks after the eventual Republican and Democratic presidential nominees have rounded up the delegates to secure their name on their party's ticket.

"California is the most populous state in the nation, the most diverse state in the nation and has the largest economy of any state in the nation. And we ought to have a significant say in who the nominees for president are," California Secretary of State Alex Padilla (D) told CNN....

Hillary Clinton spent a third of her miserable adult life trying to get into the White House. Now the nation’s failed Harridan-in-Chief is determined to spend her remaining years blaming everyone, from Matt Lauer to the Electoral College

...What Happened is a unique post-campaign biography: it chronicles why its author should never have been president.

After a catastrophic defeat, Hillary has spent her political retirement dividing the country by casting doubt on her opponent’s victory. The Russia conspiracy theory was the brainchild of her political operatives and it helped convince Dems to push for impeachment while calling Republicans, traitors. The unhinged ravings of Louise Mensch and Keith Olbermann have their origins in her conspiracy theory.

This wasn’t a gift to the Dems....

The "Dreamers" Can Stay but Not Vote