Friday, December 1, 2017

#ABC Makes "Epic Mistake", RETRACTS Bombshell #Flynn Story

White House claims Obama admin approved Flynn calls with Russian ambassador

California Governor Jerry Brown is expected to give a green light to a bill allowing HIV positive people to knowingly expose their blood to others. reports: State Sen. Scott Wiener, a San Francisco Democrat who introduced the bill, said the current law discriminates against people with HIV because people who expose others with different viruses get only a misdemeanor rather than a felony....

The bill – if passed – would also apply to people who donated semen or blood without disclosing they have HIV or AIDS.

All Republicans came out against the bill, claiming a reduction in penalties for exposing someone to HIV puts the public at risk.

“I’m of the mind that if you purposefully inflict another with a disease that alters their lifestyle the rest of their life, puts them on a regiment of medications to maintain any kind of normalcy, it should be a felony,” state Sen. Joel Anderson, of San Diego, said, the L.A. Times reported....

Justice Dept. has filed arrest warrant for Jose Garcia Zarate, the man acquitted of murder in Kate Steinle's 2015 San Francisco shooting

The Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017 (H.R. 38), is headed to the House floor for a vote soon. Contact your rep TODAY and urge them to vote for #HR38

Michael Flynn pleaded guilty Friday to lying to the FBI about his contacts with Russia

Did you know? Things haven't gotten better. Pass it on.

While the deed is being reported, what is being swept under the rug is the raging hypocrisy.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

GOP senators vote against sending tax bill back to committee after dramatic showdown

#KateSteinle will leave an enduring legacy. The stunning depravity of her murderer’s acquittal will be a turning point in American history. The lines are drawn. #BuildTheWall

Donald and Melania Trump light the National Christmas tree

Speaker Ryan Invites President Trump to Speak for His First State of the Union Address

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R., Wis.) has formally invited President Donald Trump to address a joint session of Congress so he may deliver his first State of the Union address as president.

Ryan's office tweeted out the letter sent a letter to Trump on Thursday inviting him to speak on Jan. 30, 2018.

...An invitation is required before the president may address Congress in the Capitol. The Constitution mandates the president "from time to time" update Congress; however, there is no mandate that such address must be done by a speech. Some past State of the Union updates have been delivered by written report. In recent decades, the president's State of the Union audience has expanded to include both the nation and Congress.

Although this will be Trump's first State of the Union address, it won't be his first address to a joint session of Congress. As is custom for recently sworn in presidents, Trump gave a speech on Feb. 28, but it wasn't technically considered a State of the Union address.

CFPB Collects Fines From Banks And Gives To Left-Wing Activist Groups, After 241 years, the United States experiences its first coup attempt

Holman Jenkins had an excellent editorial at the Wall Street Journal on Wednesday with a timely reminder of the several ways in which the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, created by Dodd-Frank in 2010, is basically a rogue agency in the U.S. federal government.

The reminder is timely, of course, because of the attempt by the CFPB’s departing director, Richard Cordray, to outmaneuver the president and prevent him from gaining influence over the Bureau’s operations by installing the new chief.

...It’s worth reviewing the basis on which those fines are imposed. Here is Jenkins:
Recall that one of the new agency’s first priorities under Mr. Cordray was to go after auto dealers, though Dodd-Frank explicitly excluded them from the agency’s oversight.

Recall that he sought not to regulate their disclosures but to ban a practice that he and other activists decided they didn’t like, namely dealer-negotiated interest rates on car loans, though the agency had no authority to do so. …

Because he can’t regulate auto dealers, he targeted banks that finance auto dealers. Because auto dealers are forbidden from collecting racial data on borrowers, the upstream lenders can’t know the race of borrowers. Yet Mr. Cordray charged them with disparate impact based on so-called Bayesian Improved Surname Geocoding, which assigns borrowers to a racial category based on their names and zip codes, though the method is not designed for such purposes and known greatly to overestimate the number of African-Americans in the U.S. car-buying population.

Even this does not do justice to the disingenuousness of the agency’s method. Any person identified as having a black-sounding name who paid a higher rate than the average of people with white-sounding names was deemed to have been a victim of discrimination, never mind that many people with white-sounding names also paid a higher rate. …

By such means the agency fabricated—there is no other word—evidence of racial disparity in auto lending to shake money out of lenders, without effective court appeal, because the agency was able to hold necessary approvals the banks sought from other federal agencies hostage until the banks settled.

Study carefully. This is the thread that unravels the cheap Hillary email suit.

Here’s something you don’t hear every day — but an inspector general who was actually appointed by Barack Obama told Tucker Carlson of Fox News that there was “strategic coordination” taking place among the State Department, Campaign Team Hillary Clinton, certain key legal minds and politicos on Capitol Hill, regarding the behind-scenes talk of The Emails. Yes, those emails — the ones that were marked classified and top secret and that were found on Clinton’s private and unsecured email system. Thud. That’s the sound of Democrats’ jaws dropping. From the mouth of former Inspector General Charles McCullough III, as reported by Mediaite...

what he told Carlson on Fox was a “deliberate effort” to mislead the public about Clinton’s emails. And who was driving that effort?

In McCullough’s view — the Obama administration and Team Clinton.

GREAT AGAIN! Dow crosses 24,000 for first time, Increased About 6,000 Points Since Trump’s Election


Satellites Show No Acceleration In 'Global Warming' For 23 Years

The study is sure to be contentious. Christy has argued for years that climate models exaggerate global warming in the bulk atmosphere, which satellites have monitored since the late 1970s.

Christy, a noted skeptic of catastrophic man-made global warming, said his results reinforce his claim that climate models predict too much warming in the troposphere, the lowest five miles of the atmosphere. Models are too sensitive to increases in carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere, he said.

WHOA. The Dow is surging over 300 points.

Tax relief is near. Let the Senate know you’re ready for lower taxes and more jobs. Sign the petition

Pelosi's comments on John Conyers "set women back ... decades" UPDATED: Pelosi says “Congressman Conyers should resign.” Calls the allegations against him “credible” and “disappointing.”

Something is very wrong when 1% of people pay 48% of taxes and 49% of the people pay nothing or get a rebate for, doing Nothing.

Scientists 'Self-Censor' Climate Change Language to Protect Funding

Senate Passes Motion To Proceed On Tax Reform "Now comes the moment of truth”

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

"Funny to hear the Democrats talking about the National Debt when President Obama doubled it in only 8 years!"

Trump Admin Halts Taxpayer-Funded Purchases of Iranian Nuclear Materials

The New York Times’ agenda wasn’t to generate sympathy for the Nazi, it was to inject into the public discourse the notion that the average American was, and could actually be, a literal Nazi. Without you knowing. It was a story meant to change, in the most horrific of ways, how Americans think about their neighbors. It was meant to sow paranoia and division.

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley called for drastic sanctions against North Korea, and said that President Trump had asked the Chinese President to cut off all trade with the “hermit kingdom.”

BREAKING: Garrison Keillor says he's been fired by Minnesota Public Radio over allegations of inappropriate behavior

Wow. NBC Fires Matt Lauer for 'Inappropriate Sexual Behavior in the Workplace'

Throughout much of the Western world, free speech is under assault. How did we come to this?

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

When you get the gov out of the way & let small biz grow then people have the opportunity to achieve the American dream. You should decide how you want to spend your $$. That's what works. This is all about cutting taxes for the future of this country.

In California - the crown jewel of blue states - only 30% of current 9th graders will graduate college. The national average is 90%.

Why Ajit Pai Is Right on Net Neutrality

GREAT AGAIN! Dow, S&P 500 and Nasdaq all finished the day at new RECORD HIGHS!

What to do with Charlie Rose, Al Franken, John Conyers?

Trump Is Right To Appoint A New CFPB Head. And Democrats Are Liars To Say He Can't.


Trump on N. Korea missile launch: US will "take care of it... it is a situation that we will handle."

Pres Trump calls his lunch meeting with Senate Republicans "phenomenal." Calls it "something of a love-fest." Says GOP Senators want to see tax cut bill enacted.