Saturday, April 28, 2018

POTUS: "You may have heard I was invited to another event tonight, the #WHCD, but I'd much rather be in Washington, Michigan, than in Washington, D.C."

White House Correspondents' Dinner: "outright nasty, vulgar, hateful & hurtful “jokes” at Pres @realDonaldTrump, @VP & the women, the women working at the WH"

BOMBSHELL: House Intel Report Exposes Feinstein’s Deep Ties to Fusion GPS

Turns out, her former top aide actually HIRED the “dossier agency” to keep pushing the Russia collusion story.

Gee, that that sounds a lot like coordinated collusion, now doesn’t it?

...Those same reporters were also behind the report alleging that Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen visited Prague in August 2016, even though it has not been corroborated.

According to testimony Waldman gave to the Senate Intelligence Committee on November 3, Jones told him he was working with Fusion GPS and that a “group of Silicon Valley billionaires and George Soros” were funding his project with Fusion GPS.

58% Of Canadians Now Disapprove Of Justin Trudeau

Internet advertising is broken. It abuses users, starves publishers of revenue, and creates unprecedented levels of fraud for advertisers

Internet advertising started simply, but over time organically evolved a mess of middle players and congealed into a surveillance economy. Today, between end users, publishers and advertisers stand a throng of agencies, trading desks, demand side platforms, network exchanges and yield optimizers. Intermediaries track users in an attempt to improve revenue.

It’s an inevitable consequence of such a system that users end up treated as a resource to be exploited. When you visit the celebrity website TMZ, for instance, you face as many as 124 trackers, according to a Crownpeak test. Your data is stored and profiled to retarget promotions that shadow you around the Internet. You become the product. Some claim your data is not “sold,” but access is certainly rented out.

The Facebook-Google ad duopoly also vacuums up gigabytes of personal data: Google collects the places you’ve gone, devices you’ve used, everything you’ve searched or browsed, pictures of your children, emails, contacts and more. Facebook knows where you logged on and has access to webcams and microphones, emails, messages, call logs and more....

The inconveniences go beyond privacy. Studies show that as much as half the data consumed on mobile plans goes to downloading ads and trackers, adding significantly to fixed mobile data plans. The sheer scale of material adds at least five seconds to mobile page load times, according to the New York Times. As much as 50% of mobile battery life is consumed by ads while browsing....

The internet need not be characterized by predation and parasitism. It can once again be a place of infinite possibility. Innovation got us into this situation; it can get us out.

Britain slowly starved this baby to death, while the world watched helplessly

Lawmaker: Facebook, Twitter starving Drudge, conservative sites of viewers, demands boycott

Not all babies get tears from Jimmy Kimmel. Got it. #AlfieEvans

Friday, April 27, 2018

Bret Baier's interview with Comey was phenomenal journalism. And it indicted his peers for failing to ask tough, detailed questions that should have been asked many times before.

BREAKING: Sources tell Wired Sources that CNN's Jake Tapper met with former DNI James Clapper in January of 2016 to plan 'rollout' of Steele dossier, and how to maximize damage for then President-elect Trump.

New Batch of Peter Strzok and Lisa Page Messages Released

Kim Jong-un Declares “End of All Hostilities” and “Open Road to Unified Korea”

CONFIRMED: Former Feinstein staffer raised $50 million (!) and used it to hire Fusion GPS and Christopher Steele after the election to keep pushing the bogus Russia narrative. Feinstein never disclosed it, even while overseeing an investigation of Fusion.

A declassified congressional report confirms that Daniel Jones, a former intelligence committee staffer for Sen. Dianne Feinstein, hired Fusion GPS and Christopher Steele to push the Russian collusion narrative against Donald Trump.

"Today I am honored to welcome Chancellor Angela Merkel back to the White House... We are also pleased to have our newly confirmed United States Ambassador to Germany, Richard Grenell."

Even Mother Jones is criticizing Jerry Brown's crazy train

800,000 people about to flee New York and California because of taxes, say economists...

Trump should beware of the Korean peace trap, writes @EliLake

This is fascinating on many levels. The college canceled Day of Absence, so the students are going to do it.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Attorney General Sessions has called for the end of the Mueller Investigation. He also stated that he will NOT be appointing a special counsel for the "Deep State" related crimes because he already has the outside prosecutor appointed.

Mexican Rapper admits to dissolving student's bodies in acid...

Happy Birthday Melania!

Is ‘Guilty Until Proven Innocent’ the New Standard?

Broward County that the police deputies have voted overwhelmingly (85%) in favor of "no confidence" concerning Scott Israel's leadership

Mike Pompeo has been sworn in today as the 70th U.S. Secretary of State.

REAL FEMINISM> Support grows for woman who was viciously beaten by 'morality police'

The most controversial thing I've done was decide to think with my brain instead of my skin tone