Saturday, December 1, 2018

When Democrats Win, Freedom Loses

Caravan Organizers Promised Easy U.S. Asylum, Say Departing Migrants

Ballot Harvesting

Friday, November 30, 2018

President George Herbert Walker Bush, 41st president of the United States, has died aged 94 "President Bush 41 - wore many hats during his 94 years - college baseball player, fighter pilot, congressman, ambassador, CIA director, VP, President, husband, dad, granddad & great-grandad. His final role - angel. May he Rest In Peace, reunited with all those he loved in life."

The Alaska #earthquake was increased to a 7.0 (7.2?) per CNN and the aftershock was a 5.8

What happens if PG&E goes bankrupt?

Former President Barack Obama: "Suddenly America is the largest oil producer, that was me people ... say thank you." Poor Barack Just Can’t Stop Lying

...Tuesday night, Barack Obama visited the Baker Institute at Rice University in Houston, Texas, and he came off as a man who is obsessed with himself and obsessed with taking credit for another guy's (Trump's) success. Here’s just some of what he said:

“And by the way, American energy production, you wouldn't always know it but, you know, it went up every year when I was president. And you know that whole, suddenly America is like the biggest oil producer and the biggest -- that was me, people. I just want you to… Sometimes you go to Wall Street and folks would be grumbling about anti-business. I said have you checked where your stocks were when I came into office and where they are now. What are you talking -- what are you complaining about? Just say thank you please.”

No, thank you. Obama's efforts at legacy building notwithstanding the difference between the two president's economic records are stark.

Now Andy Puzder, former fast food exec and one-time Trump labor secretary nominee wrote a fantastic piece in Tuesday's "Wall Street Journal."

He compared the end of the Obama economy with the beginning of the Trump economy....

"GDP growth staggered along at 1.5 percent in Mr. Obama's final six full quarters in office. But growth doubled to 3 percent during Mr. Trump's first six full quarters. … The increase in job openings over Mr. Trump's first 21 months has averaged an impressive 75,000 a month. But over Mr. Obama's last 20 months in office, the number of job openings increased an average of 900 a month. Well, during Mr. Obama's last 21 months, the number of employed Americans increased -- not bad -- an average of 157,000 a month. But under Mr. Trump, the increase has accelerated to 214,000 a month. A whopping 36 percent improvement.”

Thursday, November 29, 2018

California Doesn’t Have a Budget Surplus. Stanford University's Pension Institute says California is $2.8 trillion in debt. Yes, that's "trillion," with a "t."

It’s become common folklore that California is booming and incoming Governor Newsom and the Democratic supermajority have more taxpayer money than they will know how to spend, save, or invest. Nothing could be farther from the truth; and it’s the California voters and taxpayers who will continue to be pay for this mistake. We literally owe trillions that isn’t being discussed....

A conservative estimate of California’s total debt by the California Policy Center in a 2017 study – before new tax and bond obligations recently voted in were factored – puts California’s total local and state debt at $1.3 trillion. The Stanford University Pension Institute ( in 2017 calculated California’s unfunded liability at $1.4 trillion and CalPERS also with an unfunded liability of $1.4 trillion, with CalSTRS billions underwater as well to give, “real state debt of $2.8 trillion.” ...

@ABC, @CBSNews, and @NBCNews silent after California Democratic Party chairman Eric Bauman is forced out by sexual misconduct charges

President & Mrs Trump arrive in Buenos Aires. Greeted by Argentine Foreign Minister Jorge Faurie and US Ambassador to Argentina Edward Prado

CNN Ignores Stormy Daniels’ Claim Avenatti Filed Defamation Suit Against Trump Without Her Permission

Tijuana Health Officials: More Than One-Third of Caravan Riders Have Infectious Diseases

...Out of the 6,000 illegal aliens who are currently in Tijuana, 2,267 of them are are ill. Diseases include respiratory infections, tuberculosis, chickenpox and other more serious conditions, Fox News reported.

The Tijuana Health Department spokesperson who spoke with Fox News confirmed that there are:
• Three confirmed cases of tuberculosis.
• Four cases of HIV/AIDS.
• Four separate cases of chickenpox.
• At least 101 have lice.
• Multiple skin infections.

The department is also warning about a potential Hepatitis outbreak...

Tijuana Mayor Juan Manuel Gastelum said the city is spending approximately $30,000 a day on these illegal aliens, something he refuses to do much longer. He said the city will continue to support the caravan riders for a few more days but after that, it must end.

“We won’t compromise the resources of the residents of Tijuana,” Gastelum said during a press conference. “We won’t raise taxes tomorrow to pay for today’s problem.”

Pres Trump leaves for Buenos Aires to attend the G20 Summit

This new must-read book vividly proves the modern left must be stopped—and thoroughly discredited—before they do society real and irrevocable harm

Egypt & Saudi Arabia pushing to get other Arab state to have better relations w/ Israel

This year’s theme at the Vice President’s Residence is “Twas the Night Before Christmas.”

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

If Republicans know what they're doing, healthcare reform is easy

Dems overwhelmingly nominate Pelosi as new House Speaker

Has anyone considered the cavalier cruelty in encouraging people who don't qualify for asylum to continue this journey?

Don’t try to tell us Californians want higher taxes!

It is understandable that many California taxpayers are disappointed with the election results. The defeat of Proposition 6 means that last year’s big increases in both the car tax and the gas tax imposed on us by Sacramento politicians will remain in effect and California’s drivers are stuck having the second-highest gas tax in the nation.

Tax-and-spend progressives are interpreting the defeat of Prop. 6 as a green light to impose even higher taxes...

There are three major reasons why Proposition 6 failed and none of them are because voters were enamored with the Senate Bill 1 tax hike last year. First, the ballot label – which may have been the only thing low-information voters saw – made no reference to the tax hike passed by the legislature last year. Rather, it ominously stated that the initiative would “eliminate certain transportation funding.” This non-specific description ignores that, had Prop. 6 passed, California would still have the fifth-highest gas tax in the nation. In providing a blatantly misleading ballot title, Attorney General Xavier Becerra did the opponents a huge favor.

"I think Mexico's doing a good job. Now I'd like to see Mexico take those people and move them back to Honduras, more them back to Guatemala, move them back to El Salvador where most of them come from."

Obama’s spying scandal is starting to look a lot like Watergate

Women's March leader Linda Sarsour uses the blood of murdered Jews to line her pockets

Yale study says Democrats DUMB DOWN speech for blacks, Republicans DO NOT

"(B)ased on the embarrassing ticket sales, it appears not many are interested."

'Hot air' from Paris won't power the future of cybersecurity

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

GM to kill Chevrolet Volt, Cruze, Impala as Americans ditch passenger cars

And so concludes the 2018 federal election cycle! Cindy Hyde-Smith Breaks Mississippi’s Glass Ceiling As She Becomes The State’s First Female Elected To Congres

TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME: Now you can get unfriended (or divorced) for not hating Trump enough

By now we’ve all heard how the contentious election, and the surprising result, has frayed friendships — especially on social media. Hillary Clinton supporters, angry and dismayed at the result, have chopped Trump-loving friends off their friend lists. But the culling seems to be progressing beyond just active Trump supporters. Now, some people who are insufficiently anti-Trump, even if they didn’t vote for him, are getting the boot.

In the immediate aftermath of Hillary Clinton’s election loss in 2016, we saw women sobbing at the Javits Center and heard others tell of how they vomited when they realized Donald Trump had prevailed.

In the following weeks, we saw even more hot takes: articles about women who couldn’t stop crying, women who had given up dating, women who had cut off their hair or dyed it black to do … something … to address their pain.

We’re now two years in, and New York Magazine’s Intelligencer is tackling the problem of Trump’s presidency ruining marriages.

Supreme Court returns land rights seized to protect nonexistent frog

U.K. Guardian Reports Paul Manafort Met Julian Assange – Story Collapses Within Minutes

Left-wing U.S. media heavily-pushed a transparently sketchy story today about Paul Manafort meeting and coordinating with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in 2013, 2015, 2016. The story has the same vibe as the Steele Dossier: long on innuendo, sketchy sourcing and an over-the-top narrative; in short, nonsense...

Conservatives, Don’t Quit Twitter

...Post-2016 Twitter is a far more hostile place than it was before Donald Trump was elected. Republican lawmakers have been shadowbanned on Twitter, and the company even indulged a petition drive to banish President Trump from the site. Founder Jack Dorsey faced harsh questioning from congressional Republicans earlier this year about his company’s anti-conservative bias.

But, despite its flaws,the reality is that Twitter is ground zero in our ongoing political war. Having utterly failed to infiltrate the country’s one-sided media behemoth, or hold news organizations responsible in any way for their egregious political bias and dishonesty, the Right has no choice but to fight back on Twitter. And for now, there is no other serious alternative or legitimate replacement in the offing.

It is the only public forum where you can instantly call out a journalist for lousy news coverage or condemn a politician for bad behavior. In just the past week, Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) had to walk back his tweet threatening to use nuclear weapons against disobedient gun owners, and Sen. Brian Schatz (D-Hawaii) had to delete a tweet that suggested the use of tear gas at the southern border violated international laws on chemical weapons. Without Twitter, those ridiculous comments would have gone unanswered.

When the Left tries to exploit any tragedy such as a mass shooting or deadly wildfire for political gain, informed people on Twitter can quickly debunk rumors and misinformation. For example, while the media tried to whitewash the attempted breach at our border by illegal immigrants over the weekend, Twitter users were able to share video and first-hand accounts of what was really happening.

Twitter can quickly unite political allies in a way no other space can. Is there any doubt that the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh would have turned out differently but for Twitter? Yes, the site helped fuel vicious lies about the Supreme Court nominee, but it also provided a forum for supporters to rise up against those lies and attacks. Hashtags such as #IbelieveBrett and #confirmKavanaughnow galvanized the judge’s supporters faster than any traditional media outlet could even attempt to do. Twitter can offer immediate virtual courage to wavering politicians when they may not otherwise have it....

Why should we surrender one more time? Why should we leave the battlefield voluntarily? There will be more casualties ahead: Twitter undoubtedly is gearing up for more high-profile suspensions of influencers on the Right. Yes, it’s not fair and yes, it’s disheartening.

But it’s no time to quit because what we are doing is working. That’s why conservatives are being being targeted and banned. If what Jesse Kelly said on Twitter was inconsequential, there would be no reason to remove him.

If we are all kicked off Twitter in the end, so be it. But don’t go out without a fight. Not again. ....READ THE WHOLE THING, AT THE LINK!

"Well, we found the magic wand"

R.I.P. Stephen Hillenburg, creator of ‘SpongeBob SquarePants.’

In a sea of sad and cynical television programming allegedly created for children, ‘SpongeBob Squarepants’ has been a hopeful island of good cheer. Its creator, Stephen Hillenburg, died on Monday at the age of 57 and left behind millions of grateful viewers....

As a creator of children’s television, Hillenburg seems to have been unafflicted by the common industry urge to make edgy programming designed to make children confront adult themes. Hillenburg’s signature show was unapologetically silly and wasn’t urging anyone to be in too much of a hurry to grow up....

Really, This Is Why Trump Won

And a reminder:

Monday, November 26, 2018

School choice just won big at the ballot box

San Diego Port of Entry Shut Down as Migrants Rush Border Chanting ‘Yes We Can’

The San Ysidro port of entry, among the largest border crossings between San Diego and Tijuana, was shut down by U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents Sunday after hundreds of caravan migrants appeared to have attempted to breach a U.S.-Mexico border fence.
CBP officials closed traffic roads moving in both directors and pedestrian walkways at the port of entry. An Associated Press reporter said tear gas was fired at the migrants from inside the U.S....

Tijuana Mayor Juan Manuel Gastlum on Friday declared a humanitarian crisis in his border city of 1.6 million, which he says is struggling to accommodate the crush of migrants.

Every year we watch our forests burn, and every year there is a call for action. Yet, nothing gets done. Now Congress has the opportunity to pass good policy that saves forests and lives by including House-passed proposals for forest management in the Farm Bill

Partisan Divide Keeps Popping Up in Supreme Court Rulings

First Lady Melania Trump Reveals Christmas 2018 at the White House