Saturday, December 29, 2018

More than a mortgage: Obamacare's skyrocketing costs - 25% year-to-year increases


Trump says trio of Central American countries will have federal aid cut off after news that another migrant caravan is forming

Kamala Harris and Mazie Hirono are trying to bar observant Catholics from public office

#SanctuaryStateKills Liberal Democrat politicians killed a police officer - their sanctuary city nonsense was responsible for the officer's murder. Liberal Democrat's partners, the media, are burying the story and deliberately not reporting it

The Progressive Movement’s Sordid Past

...Liberals have become skillful in revisionist history about their Party’s past, bamboozling voters along the way. They skillfully separated black people from their history ignoring the fact that the Democratic Party was the party of slavery whom pre-civil war fought hard in Congress to uphold the ugly institution. They ignore the reality that the Democratic Party opposed the Civil Rights and Voting Rights Acts of the 1960s. They want voters to forget that the Ku Klux Klan was their fighting force during the post-reconstruction and Jim Crow era that enforced southern Black Codes. They are hoping voters never learn the Klan’s mission was to maintain white supremacy by violence and threats against newly freed blacks and Republicans. They hope voters are too intellectually lazy to research and discover it was the Republican Party that was founded on the principle of ending slavery and later pushed for and passed the Civil Rights and Voting Rights Act....

Fake News

Friday, December 28, 2018

Was there any doubt that CA would top the list? “Four States Likely to Go Big on Taxes in 2019.” California, Illinois, New York, and Oregon.

American natural gas will help solve global energy poverty

"Look forward. Always. There isn’t any upside in replaying the past or its decisions, glories and failures"

This post by @danielduquenal from 2010 has aged well

This year could be the first in recorded weather history when not a single violent tornado — those ranked EF4 or EF5 — touched down in the U.S.

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Mexico has increased the minimum wage for its workers

The leader of Turkey has reassured the President that he will clean up what’s left of Islamic State terrorists in Syria

Bombshell: New Info Reveals Khashoggi Was A Foreign Influence Agent

Gov. Moonbeam Just Pardoned And Commutated Hundreds of Felons, Including 'Refugees' Facing Deportation

Satellite images show an Iranian rocket storage facility that was “completely destroyed” by reported Israeli air strikes in Syria earlier this week

Would someone PLEASE remind Dick Durbin that HIS PARTY (THE DEMOCRATS!) is keeping the government closed?

When the stock market goes up, California's political elite raises taxes and gleefully spends more money. When it goes down, tax revenue goes down, and then they say they need to raise taxes some more ...

WATCH OUT: Proposition 13 is no longer off-limits in California

Plagued by Anti-Semitism, Chicago Cancels Women’s March

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

The @IraqiGovt announces Christmas Day to be an official holiday across Iraq. Happy Christmas to our Christian citizens, all Iraqis and to all who are celebrating around the world.

The Dow soared more than 1,086 points, its biggest point gain in history

By the time NBC/CNN's snarky dishonest Tweet was posted, the President and Mrs. Trump were in Iraq with the troops.

The folks at CNN are having a meltdown over President Trump's surprise visit to troops in Iraq on Tuesday.

“Despite the efforts of a miserable American media and liberal establishment to malign her, first lady Melania Trump continues on with work that endears her to the American public.”

The New York Times has a consistent position on Syria: The opposite of whatever Trump wants

Was there ever a better time to be alive?

Coordinated talking points are one thing but here the tweets are identical.

Wow. Almost two years after the Women’s March we now learn the Nation of Islam was doing their security.

...Some Jewish women have announced on social media that they will not attend the mass protest in Washington on Jan. 19 being organized by the Women’s March group. Last month, Teresa Shook, a white woman from Hawaii who created the first Facebook page proposing a march, called for the group’s leaders, who include Ms. Mallory and Ms. Perez, to step down....

The allegations of anti-Semitism are particularly painful because Women’s March organizers made a commitment from the beginning to work across racial and religious lines, and to be led by what they considered the most “marginalized” women.

Now Women’s March activists are grappling with how they treat Jews — and whether they should be counted as privileged white Americans or “marginalized” minorities, especially in the aftermath of the October mass shooting in Pittsburgh, when 11 people were gunned down at their synagogue....

Behind the scenes, Ms. Wruble said she felt cast aside.

She said she was told by one of the march leaders that “we really couldn’t center Jewish women in this or we might turn off groups like Black Lives Matter.” While Black Lives Matter is a diffuse movement, some activists have issued statements expressing solidarity with Palestinians under Israeli occupation.

At one point, Ms. Wruble said she asked about security for the march and was told by the leaders that the Nation of Islam would be providing it....

Obamacare's pre-existing condition regulations lose support when the public learns the cost

This market drop is about 2 things: Interest rates and the fact America lost it's mind and put anti-business Democrats back in charge of Congress.

Saudi Arabia has now agreed to spend the necessary money needed to help rebuild Syria, instead of the United States.

Of the 12,000 children being kept safe in America by @DHSgov, 10,000 were handed to the coyotes by their parents. THEIR PARENTS.

Drive, walk, ride a bike or a scooter? New California traffic laws might affect your ride

Monday, December 24, 2018

Merry Christmas!

#Santa's sleigh gets loaded with goodies for all the believers. #NORAD pilots can't wait until they get to fly with the big guy! #NORADTracksSanta

Sunday, December 23, 2018

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