Friday, July 19, 2019

“Iran’s hijacking of two British oil tankers in international waters is its latest act of piracy on the high seas”

I'm not “playing this game anymore.”

In a video posted to his Twitter feed on Thursday, Rubio talked about the media’s and left’s double standards when it comes to incendiary political comments and their demands for reactions. He also noted the media/left’s long history of falsely labeling Republican presidents and presidential candidates “racists” – including Republicans like Sen. Mitt Romney (UT) and the late Sen. John McCain (AZ), who they now claim to respect.

Fox News reports:
“So this is how it’s been working, the president says something and people cringe because you don’t like it, but then the other side- these left-wing politicians, people on the media, they go crazy with their outrage,” Rubio began his video message. “And they demand that you immediately answer what he said and answer the way they want you to answer.”

The Florida Republican then listed several examples of previous GOP presidents and presidential candidates like Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush, John McCain, Mitt Romney, who “these same people” called “racist.”

“These are the same people, by the way, who one of their members of Congress from their party says that support for Israel is ‘all about the Benjamins’ and they couldn’t even pass a resolution condemning anti-Semitism by itself, but it took them less than 72 hours to pass a resolution condemning the president of the United State’s tweet as racist,” Rubio said.

He continued, “The hypocrisy, the self-righteousness outrages people too. And on top of it, you have these members, who are all Americans… but they’re also political bullies. They go around attacking people, calling other Democrats just like southern segregationists, but when you hit them back, it’s ‘because they’re women of color.'”

Thursday, July 18, 2019

US warship destroys Iranian drone in Strait of Hormuz


Pelosi called the BDS movement “bigoted” and “dangerous.” So, what of Rep. Ilhan Omar’s resolution for the U.S. to back the anti-Israel BDS movement?

20 Democrat candidates have qualified for two nights of debates in Detroit later this month

Colorado State University 'Inclusive Language Guide' discourages use of terms 'America' and 'American'

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Donald Trump rally in Greenville, North Carolina tonight at 7pm ET

President Trump has reduced the price of prescription drugs & increased access to more affordable health care.

Trump brought the allegations that Democrat Rep. Ilhan Omar (MN) committed marriage fraud into the national spotlight. For those wondering, here’s Ilhan Omar’s hometown newspaper’s editorial last month on her complicated marital history and her breaking of tax law

U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar is back in the news again, and not in a good way. The former state representative who won a seat in Congress last fall continues to be dogged by past missteps, this time eight violations of Minnesota campaign-finance law that will cost her nearly $3,500 in reimbursements and civil penalties.

So complex were the allegations that the state Campaign Finance Board spent nearly a year assessing the case, deposing staff people and former staff people, along with Omar herself. The investigation was broadened in October — just a month before her election to Congress — to look more deeply into the allegations. Board Executive Director Jeff Sigurdson said that between six and eight people were deposed separately.

In an October 2018 editorial, we called on Omar to more fully explain her travel and other expenses. We noted that the allegations “suggest a pattern of carelessness and/or self-dealing with legally restricted funds. Neither conclusion inspires the confidence voters deserve to have in someone they send to the U.S. House to represent them.”...

Democratic-Run House Blocks Effort To Impeach President Trump

President Trump Has the Moral High Ground Against the Democrats

The Democrats aren't fooling anybody. Americans are big-hearted towards those who wish us well, but their righteous anger is aroused against those who wish us harm. We are fortunate to have a president who can tell the difference, unlike his predecessors.

According to a YouGov poll, a majority of Hispanics approve of the Trump's tweet about progressive squad

“They’re getting the access to your phone so all of your contacts, all of your pictures. Once you allow that you are giving away everything."

"How the Democratic Netroots Died"

Planned Parenthood President Ousted after Less Than a Year in Charge

In Early 2017 FBI Found VAST MAJORITY of Steele Dossier Was Wrong or Unverifiable --USED IT AGAINST TRUMP ANYWAY

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

50 years ago this morning

It is unsurprising- but still outrageous- that there has been so little media coverage of a terror attack that tried to blow up a federal ICE building in Washington state

To say that the Democrats are obsessed with race these days is the equivalent of saying the sky is blue.

To say that the Democrats are obsessed with race these days is the equivalent of saying the sky is blue.

I'm a racist. You're a racist. Donald Trump's a racist. Nancy Pelosi was a racist until she attacked Trump for racism. Your neighbor's a racist. Your insurance broker's a racist. Your dentist's a racist as well as your periodontist. All white males are racist. Some white females are racists, especially those married to white males. Everywhere a racist.

Never mind that many of those people have no history of racism. It doesn't matter. Never mind that their families came here in 1923 to flee the Armenian Holocaust or mass starvation in Ukraine, they owe reparations for slavery. It's all about racism—yours.

The Dems' presidential campaigns are based around proving the other man or woman is more of a racist and vice versa, or about showing you're not so racist as people say you are, even if you are or even if you pretended to be a race you weren't. And don't you dare criticize Ilhan Omar or you're a triple-racist even if her ideas are more racist than anyone else's. Got it? ...

Leaving California: Interviews With Californians Who Moved To Greener Pastures

Everyone is piling on California these days, and for many valid reasons. California is always ranked as one of the worst states in the country in which to run a business, while Texas always ranks as one of the best. Chief Executive rankings show Texas in first place and California in an embarrassing last place at 50th.

California’s real estate market is good for sellers, but bad for buyers – it’s expensive and there is a shortage of available and affordable residential homes. The rental market is even worse, largely because of thousands of pages of regulations imposed on developers and builders making it cost prohibitive even before the ground has broken.

Last month in the California Senate, Sen. Hannah Beth Jackson argued that it is a myth that people are leaving the Golden State. “I am frankly tired of hearing how people in the state of California are leaving,” Sen. Jackson said. Jackson added that when people are stuck in legendary traffic on the 405 in Los Angeles, or on the 101 in Santa Barbara County, “people aren’t leaving the state. They are going from place to place.”

Gov. Gavin Newsom argued that California’s “gross domestic product outperforms all other states.” The state “is still the envy of the world,” Newsom told the San Francisco Chronicle.

Newsom also promised a group of executives at the June 2019 Pacific Summit in San Francisco: “We’re not going to be the cheapest place to do business, but you knew that 50 years ago,” WolfStreet reported. “He mentioned some of the reforms. ‘We’re making progress, and I hope you’ll start focusing on that rather than the 13.3% damn tax rate.’”

The denials are expected, but a dose of reality is also important....

Another WIN as the economy saw a STRONG gain in core retail sales in June

IMF chief Christine Lagarde resigns

"I’ve never seen anything like it."

Despite what the left keeps saying...

In the Democrat’s world, free speech is a one-way street.

Monday, July 15, 2019

Beto's Fundraising Craters in Second Quarter

How Trump flipped the script on Pelosi and The Squad

Sunday, July 14, 2019

REPORT: Trump Plotted Clinton-Epstein Takedown For Years, Knew About Clinton ISLAND PHOTOS

"1984 should not be a user manual on how to run society"

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