Saturday, August 10, 2019

FBI investigating apparent suicide of Jeffrey Epstein in Manhattan jail

Friday, August 9, 2019

The Ohr 302’s reveal a mess, in terms of FBI ethics and justice department abuse

AOC 's chief of staff is being accused of setting up 2 companies, where about $1 million was funneled

McConnell campaign's Twitter ban new shot in Big Tech war on conservatives

The president “wasn’t there to be pushing any kind of political agenda,” he said, describing “a private conversation between human beings.”

Tito Anchondo wishes people would stop politicizing his family’s tragedy.

Anchondo, who lost his beloved brother and sister-in-law in the rampage by an El Paso Walmart on Saturday, said he wanted to take his orphaned nephew to University Medical Center on Wednesday to meet the president and first lady. The 2-month-old suffered two broken fingers in the shooting but survived after his parents, Andre and Jordan Anchondo, shielded him from the gunfire and were slain themselves.

Tito Anchondo said he sought to meet the president to share his family’s grievous pain. “He was just there as a human being, consoling us and giving his condolences,” he said about Trump in an interview outside his family’s auto-body shop in south-central El Paso....


Intelligence veterans are expressing relief at Trump’s decision to tap former Navy Vice Adm. Joseph Maguire as the nation's interim spy chief

Multiple California residents who were wrongfully registered to vote at the DMV voted in the 2018 midterms

The left's dangerous game

"victimhood is the new hotness right now"

Dear Rosanna Arquette:

I don’t know if you were just feeling extra woke when you tweeted out a bizarrely self-hating statement on Wednesday, but your “apology” for your whiteness felt so wrong to me on so many levels. Here are your own words:
“I’m sorry I was born white and privileged. It disgusts me. And I feel so much shame.”
...Rosanna, you are fearfully and wonderfully made. Your life is a gift. Your experience is yours alone and your perspective can be given by none other than you. No one loves like you, laughs like you, cries like you…no one is you. It doesn’t get much more special than that. Aside from that, you are insanely talented and physically beautiful to boot. You also have managed to carve out a very lucrative living doing something most Americans can only dream of. You are living the dream!

You seem to think complaining about your circumstances will engender you to poor people and minorities. All it does is make you look ungrateful....

Venezuela: Trump Freezes All of Maduro Regime’s U.S. Assets

Former DNC Chair Donna Brazile: "President Trump had nothing to do with the maniac…who shot up a Walmart store. …This is unbecoming of a country. The President of United States should not be blamed for these individual killers."

All I can say is read the article

...In our colleges and universities, first millennials and now their Generation Z successors have demanded “emotional safety,” insisting on “safe spaces” and “trigger warnings” to protect them from ideas they don’t like, because they tell us that “words are violence.” No, they are not.

Violence is SS officers using flamethrowers to clear buildings. Violence is defenseless civilians being put in front of Nazi Panzers as human shields. During the Warsaw Uprising there were no “safe spaces” — battles were literally fought house to house, room to room. There were no “trigger warnings” — only Germans pulling their triggers as they executed civilians and prisoners of war lined up on street corners....

Donald Trump has appointed 43 U.S. appeals court judges in 2½ years—about a quarter of the entire appellate bench, which has the last word on most federal cases.

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Democrat candidates are attempting to use a national tragedy to boost themselves in the polls.

Sick. MSNBC's national security analyst says Trump ordering flags at half staff for El Paso and Dayton victims is a secret code to white supremacists

Six Trump donors Joaquin Castro tried to shame also gave to him and brother JuliΓ‘n

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

California’s Democrats use their control of public education to indoctrinate millions of future Democrat voters. Sick, abusive.

"The left wants to silence us. They won’t."

Huffington Post contributor says it might be time to cut her children’s Trump-supporting grandparents out of their lives

Longtime GOP stronghold in California now has more registered Dems than Republicans

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

It was the insanity at the Democrat Presidential debates that triggered the El Paso shooter, not Trump’s language.

President and Mrs Trump will travel to Dayton and El Paso tomorrow "to express the sympathies and support of the American people to all those impacted by these hideous attacks."

The Fully Insane Media Response to Tragedy

Monday, August 5, 2019

If the E.U. doesn’t want a #HardBrexit, it should start negotiating in good faith yesterday.

How the tech giant censors conservatives and punishes thought crime

...As someone who experienced the early days of the Web in the 1990s, my view on free speech is simple. I believe that a robust marketplace of ideas is absolutely necessary for the proper functioning of our Republic, and that both government and corporate censorship undermines this objective. I believe that every American, from Communists to Nazis to everybody in between, deserves free speech so long as they are not advocating violence or breaking the law. Free speech is near and dear to my heart, and I quickly became an active participant in the nascent Free Speech movement at Google....

Unfortunately, very few Googlers adhere to the maxim “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say.” Instead, they believe that defending free speech of despicable fringe characters means you must agree with them. For merely opposing Antifa violence, I was routinely accused of being “Alt Right” despite never endorsing those positions.

I firmly believe that once political violence and censorship are normalized as acceptable tactics, there is no stopping point and America’s political situation will turn extremely ugly. In just the last few days, three Democratic presidential candidates have described the President as a White Nationalist. Antifa have justified attacks on mainstream conservatives such as Tucker Carlson and Andy Ngo on the grounds that they are fascists. Conservative gatherings are routinely attacked by masked thugs, who operate with impunity and shut down the debate by force.... read the rest at the link.

Dayton shooting was a story until they found out the shooter was a progressive who supported Liz Warren, Antifa, and gun control.

Chicago Had So Much Gun Violence Over the Weekend That One Hospital Stopped Admitting Gun Shot Victims

...Chicago had 561 gun murders in 2018, which was down about 100 from the year before. In all, the city had 2,948 shooting victims in 2018.

There are two reasons why people point out Chicago’s gun troubles in the aftermath of mass shootings, and it’s not to minimize what happened to victims of those shootings, or to play “whataboutism” games. It’s:

1) To show Democrats and the national media that even with the strong gun control measures a city like Chicago has in place, violent offenders are still illegally obtaining firearms at alarming rates – with no end in sight.

2) To point out to those same people that if they are serious about tackling gun violence, then they will not just virtue signal about it only when they believe there is a political angle they can take advantage of.

The lives of all victims of gun crime matter, not just the ones liberal politicians and their media enablers believe they can exploit for political gain.

"Hate has no place in America."

It wasn’t true before and it’s not true now,

So when we talk about "fanning the flames of racism"...

.. because the politician being criticized was black. Happen routinely during the Obama administration. There was literally NO criticism a Republican could make of him without a Democrat opportunistically accusing that critic of "racism." It happened over and over and over.

Fast fwd to Trump, where you have a president who has been called an anti-Semite and racist but who does things that anti-Semites and racists don't do, like the criminal justice reform bill and the strong alliance with Netanyahu.

Enter Democrats and the media who view everything from a racial prism, especially when it comes to Republicans, and they reflexively cry racism anytime Trump or any Republican criticizes a Hispanic or black lawmaker. This completely ignores how he has gone after people in both parties, no matter their color, gender, etc. On top of that, there have been the number of instances where a Republican's comments were taken out of context, which make them sound racist when they weren't. The media doesn't bother to correct themselves after the fact, and instead continue to characterize things as "racist" that simply weren't. Let's also consider the fact that Pelosi and Co. deliberately put fwd minority lawmakers because she/they know Trump criticizes everyone - but in the instance of criticizing a minority he gets accused of racism (just like anyone who criticized Obama did). It's appalling how often the race card gets unfairly played, for political advantage by Democrats and the MSM. This happens to almost the same extent with the woman card, too.

Dow down more than 760 points after China responds to Trump tariffs

Allen West on the lack of attention paid to minority communities until it is politically expedient

The Dayton Ohio shooter has a lot of blue check marks following him, just reading through his twitter he seemed unhinged but they don't recognize extremism on their side which is why they were following him

Sunday, August 4, 2019

"Even though we grew up in poverty, we had opportunities because of the doors that books opened up for us."

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