Saturday, August 17, 2019

MUST WATCH: Massive overflow crowd outside of Trump rally in New Hampshire

Violent antifa thugs strike again, Police stand down. Why?

Eight Things to Know About the Biden Family’s Culture of Corruption

Denying Rashida Tlaib entry won't make her dishonesty go away

...Let’s start with the organization sponsoring the trip. Miftah, a Palestinian advocacy group, has been linked to terrorist organizations in the region and regularly promotes anti-Semitic doctrines, like the “blood libel,” which claims “the Jews used the blood of Christians in the Jewish Passover.”

Miftah also supports Palestinian terrorists, such as Wafa Idrees, one of the first female Palestinian suicide bombers who blew herself up and killed at least one, injuring 150 others. In a January 2017 interview, founder and chair of the Miftah board of directors Hanan Ashrawi described Idrees as “the beginning of a string of Palestinian women dedicated to sacrificing their lives of the cause.”

It gets worse. Miftah published a Neo-Nazi article that describes a “white racist” as “any racially conscious White person who looks askance at miscegenation or at the rapidly darkening racial situation in America.” It goes on to claim Jews control the media in America and thus public opinion. “And who are these all-powerful masters of the media?” asks the author “As we shall see, to a very large extent they are Jews. … The preponderance of Jews in the media is so overwhelming, however, that we are obliged to assume that it is due to more than mere happenstance.”

Martin Luther King's dream...

Friday, August 16, 2019

NASA chief announces Alabama facility as moon spacecraft headquarters

"America is governed by Americans... We reject the ideology of globalism, and we embrace the doctrine of patriotism.""

Deep State Spy Stefan Halper Claims He Cannot Be Sued for Lying About General Flynn Because He's a Government Agent!

Just watch

Artist who painted Bill Clinton in dress and heels had 'no idea' it was hanging in Epstein's mansion

Thursday, August 15, 2019

U.S. Economy Upgraded One Day After Yield Curve Panic

Beto said late last year that he would absolutely not run for President because it would destroy his family, so...

"So, you have questions about Epstein’s death? Good, because you should."

San Diego residents file lawsuit against California’s assault weapons ban

New York Times editor explaining Times 'built our newsroom' around Trump-Russia; letdown when it didn't pan out; pivot to Trump racism.

Dana Loesch wants to know why Philadelphia mayor Jim Kenney is calling for gun control & blaming law-abiding citizens for the actions of someone who should be in jail if it weren't for liberal "politicians' incompetency."

The California Channel is shutting down. Where will you get ‘gavel to gavel’ Capitol coverage?

“Three years ago, we campaigned across the country on a pledge to make America great again and that’s exactly what we’ve done.”

Israel Barring Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib Was the Right Move. These women could have joined other congressional members on an Israel trip a week ago, but good faith wasn’t their goal. They wanted controversy and attention

Nationally, there are about 3.5 million EXTRA names on voting rolls. LA County began process of removing 1.59 million of them

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Judicial Watch Finds Documents Showing Fusion GPS Working Directly With Obama's DOJ to Frame Trump

...Judicial Watch obtained the documents through a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit.

"These documents show a crazed DOJ-FBI effort to use the Clinton spy ring at Fusion GPS, namely Nellie Ohr, to smear President Trump - even before he was sworn in as president," Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said about the findings. "Clinton campaign operative Nellie Ohr may as well as have had a desk at the Justice Department."

After two years of investigation, thousands of interviews and hundreds of subpoenas, Special Counsel Robert Mueller found zero collusion between any Russia operative, asset, government official or individual and the Trump campaign.

Did you know: San Francisco spent $385,000 to register 61 non-citizens to vote in their elections

The 99% get A Bigger Raise

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

AG Barr Reassigns Epstein Prison Warden, Places Two Guards on Leave

China Agrees to Restart Trade Talks as White House Delays New Tariffs

California has no land in drought conditions and all reservoirs are above historic average levels

How many more ICE facilities have to come under attack before Democrats condemn this violence?

“Remember President Obama? ‘You need magic to bring back manufacturing jobs! You need a magic wand!’ Remember? Well so far we've brought back 600,000 manufacturing jobs!"

Trump Administration Issues New Rules To Restrict Entry Or Naturalization Of Aliens Needing Public Assistance

Texas paper which supported @BetoORourke last year is now pleading with him to leave presidential race.

Tulsi Gabbard is leaving the campaign trail to go on active duty military service

The way to fix the issues with our health care system is to give Americans more choices and allow for innovation, NOT a government takeover of health care.

Did you know

Here is the Ground Zero in the war against authoritarian rule

“…The data indicates grassroots enthusiasm for Trump's populist message.”

These are the types of people our parents got their news from.

Sunday, August 11, 2019

UPDATE: Universal Pics cancels "The Hunt," a movie showing liberals murdering conservatives

Vice-Chair Feinstein’s lead staffer was a man named Daniel Jones. Dan Jones was the contact point between the SSCI and Fusion-GPS

Improvements in Human Well-Being in the New Millennium

...The world is not a perfect place and never will be. As long as there are people who go hungry or die from preventable diseases, there will always be room for improvement. Everyone has a role to play in helping those in need. Genuine help, however, should start with a clear understanding of what works and what does not. Free societies characterized by the rule of law, property rights, domestic competition and free trade have a much better record of tackling human misery than their socialist alternatives. The young followers of Corbyn and Ocasio-Cortez should, therefore, keep the Hippocratic Oath in mind: If you want to help, first do no harm.....

Oops! Leaked: Clinton propaganda machine is at work sending Out talking points get attention away from #ClintonsBodyCount & on to Trump

35th week! Again thousands of citizens and patriots of the #YellowVests protested against #Macron and his policies in #Paris.

5 killed in blast at Russian nuclear agency test site

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