Saturday, September 21, 2019

Mars InSight lander finds possible immense subterranean water reserve & mysterious magnetic pulses at night

Harmeet Dhillon: I discussed the fake “whistleblower” drama and our @gop @cagop victory in court yesterday over California’s attempts to suppress the vote

President Trump explains his strategy on Iran

Trump nominates wave of California judges, in fresh bid to reshape courts

After three years of renovations, the Washington Monument is open!

Friday, September 20, 2019

President Trump held bilateral meeting with the PM of Australia in the Oval Office, followed by State Dinner

"In his own words, with video cameras rolling, Biden described how he threatened [the] Ukrainian President ... if [he] didn’t immediately fire Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin."

Federal court halts California tax return requirement for presidential candidates

Watch out for fake news - every day.

'Utopian authoritarianism': Conservative British think tank director pulls the mask off the 'hugely dangerous' Global Climate Strike movement

Bill de Blasio Ends His 2020 Presidential Campaign

Obama’s Legacy: A Historic War On Whistleblowers

...As our country takes stock of Obama’s tenure as commander-in-chief, the Press determined it appropriate to scrutinize his record on press freedoms and his ongoing and unprecedented federal crackdown of whistleblowers....

Thursday, September 19, 2019

What do self-defined socialists actual mean by "socialism" in modern America?

Democrat Candidate Buttigieg Hopes Story About Abortionist Keeping Over 2,200 Murdered Babies "Doesn’t Become Political"

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Democrat Megadonor Ed Buck Nearly Kills a Third Man; LA District Attorney Finally Files Criminal Charges



The body of another young black gay escort was found at the West Hollywood home of Ed Buck, a top Democrat donor and and political activist.

Sheriff’s deputies are investigating after an African-American male was found dead early Monday morning at the Laurel Avenue apartment belonging to one of Hillary Clinton’s donors, Ed Buck.

...Buck gave $2700 to Hillary Clinton’s campaign in 2015 and another $250 in 2016. He also donated to CA Gov. Jerry Brown and Congressman Adam Schiff (D-CA).

He was also influential in the most recent city council races (to which he gave thousands of dollars to support the incumbents), making him one of California’s most prolific and substantial political donors, WeHo Times reported.

Trump Is Right to Ditch the California Auto Waiver

Democrats will regret their latest Brett Kavanaugh smear

...Since the story broke, the media and left-leaning politicians have been caught up in a self-congratulatory smirk-fest over the relitigation of the the Kavanaugh controversy. But, for several reasons, the Left will likely rue the day the New York Times published the hit piece on Kavanaugh.

First, the article omitted several facts relevant to the new charge against Kavanaugh. While the writers identified then-Yale student Max Stier as the witness to Kavanaugh’s supposed misconduct, they failed to mention that Stier had previously butted heads with Kavanaugh when he served on Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr’s team, with Stier representing Bill Clinton during the impeachment proceedings.

Even more damning to Stier’s claim are the additional details included in the book but (initially) excluded from the Times article. "The book reports that the female student declined to be interviewed and friends say that she does not recall the incident," reads an Editor's Note from the Times, added after conservative media exposed the omission.

By omitting these facts initially and then being forced to correct the record, the Times has lost much of its credibility, especially on the Kavanaugh controversy. The Times just reminded the country how shaky its reporting is as the country prepares for the 2020 election.

The hit piece on Kavanaugh has also served to remind Republicans of what the Left put the man and his family through during the confirmation hearings. That righteous indignation propelled conservatives to the polls in the 2018 midterm elections, helping Republicans to make gains in the Senate....

California for Trump

Good news! There is less war and more food. We live healthier and longer lives...

It's a surprising message, since most journalists tell us everything's terrible.

Donald Trump’s agenda is already paying off for America’s blue collar workers — who are in a better position today than under Obama and Biden!

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

This is ALL bad.

It's Constitution Day in America—marking 232 years since the Framers met in Philadelphia to sign our great Constitution

Thank you Donald Trump for coming to California. This state is not a lost cause and it is worth fighting for.

DHILLON: Taking Trump off the ballot is unconstitutional, twice

President Trump clearly meets the specific requirements to be on the ballot, Dhillon said. According to the U.S. Constitution, a presidential candidate must be a natural born citizen of the United States, a resident for 14 years, and 35 years of age or older.

In California, to be eligible to run, a person needs only be a “generally recognized” as a presidential candidate, and collect a certain number of signatures, which Trump will surely get, she said.

Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) saw the greatest drop in support from voters

31% of the people that attended President Trump’s rally last night in New Mexico, are registered DEMOCRATS!

TV RATINGS: Fox News won every hour over CNN and MSNBC in total viewers

Gaetz and Lewandowski expose Comey, Clapper, Brennan, and the Obama/Biden Administration

Publius Lex, Harmeet Dhillon started this nonprofit organization to fight First Amendment Rights Abuses in California

Anti-PC Comedians Are Single-Handedly Bringing The Left To Its Knees

They played @Metallica in the @WhiteHouse yesterday.

Attacking Kavanaugh again is the single greatest thing the left can do to re-elect Donald Trump



“I was told behind the scenes that certain things could be spread about me if I didn’t comply,” Keyser told the authors.

The book moves on from there with the book’s authors declaring that despite Keyser’s inability to back up Ford’s claim despite being a supposed key witness, their gut feeling is still that Ford is telling the truth.

And that’s it. A single line that reveals a bombshell of a factoid that doesn’t get much discussion after that.

The fact is that Keyser was threatened to cooperate from those supporting Blasey Ford seems to just skate right by everyone, including the media. As of this writing, it’s mostly right-leaning news outlets that are reporting this.

Keyser’s inability to back up Ford’s claims have indeed seemed to damage her life. Her son even started a GoFundMe to help alleviate some of the damage done to her Keyser’s personal life and states that the entire debacle put both a financial and emotional strain on his mother according to the Daily Wire...
According to Alex Beckel, the son of Mrs. Keyser and her ex-husband, former Fox News personality and ardent Democrat Bob Beckel, Keyser was pressured by Blasey Ford allies to lie during the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings about the incident.
“Nearly a year after Trump nominated Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, most have moved on. But for one of the key players in that fight, Leland Keyser, the struggle continues,” a GoFundMe account set up for Mrs. Keyser by her son reads.

“Despite her lifelong friendship with Christine Blasey Ford and her opposition to Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination, Keyser resisted immense personal pressure and courageously came forward with the truth, putting everything in her life at risk,” the GoFundMe post continues. “As a result, she faces great personal hardship. The harsh glare of the public eye has taken a tremendous physical, emotional, and financial toll on her.”

“Leland stood up and did what was right when she had everything to lose and nothing to gain,” the post added.