Saturday, October 26, 2019

Reports that we have killed ISIS leader Abu Bakr al Baghdadi

8:56 PM: PG&E Has Begun De-energization of Electric Lines for Public Safety - Impacts Will Include Customers in Parts of 38 Counties in Northern and Central California, Historic Wind Event Will Affect 940,000 Customers and Last Through Monday

#KincadeFire Sonoma County: 83,000 residents have been told to leave. Evacuation areas includes Forestville, Bodega Bay and most of the western part of the county.

Friday, October 25, 2019

Sometimes we forget that Tulsi is a leftist, and that she would screw up health care, open the borders and impose all sorts of climate hoax nonsense

...Gabbard is far more open to Assad than many of us cons like, but her opposition to the Fredocon warmonger model (like the opposition of many woke conservatives) seems to come from a place of genuine concern for the troops she serves and served with. Unlike most of the rest of her rivals, dead American warriors are not an abstraction. Moreover, you get the idea that, alone among the faux Cherokees, naggy mistresses, and militant furries up there on the Democrat debate stage, Tulsi actually likes America, and Americans....

There’s another issue, the fox in the room if you will, that we need to address, and it is not an indictment of Tulsi Gabbard. It’s her storied looks. She is pretty, and she does not give off the man-hating vibe of the rest of her competitors (this also goes for the nominal men on the stage). Tulsi certainly plays it up – those yoga-pants workout videos are not just to reassure us about her cardiovascular fitness. But the fact that she is a woman comfortable with being traditionally feminine gives her a leg up on that squad of bitter, spinster librarians she is running against....

So, don’t fall for Tulsi Gabbard, because just because we agree on a few things does not mean that her quirky brand of New Age socialism is acceptable. But then again, what she represents in terms of presentation is entirely laudable. She is what an American political opponent should be – a person you can discuss issues with without someone ripping out the other’s throat. We should not aspire to a political culture where we hate the folks in the other party – that current reality is immensely destructive and dangerous. Tulsi represents someone who says “Hi” to us in the hallway, and who we can say “Hi” right back to with no expectation of ever taking her to the prom.

If Tulsi Gabbard became Chairperson of the Central Committee of the socialist dictatorship our garbage elite is dying to impose upon us, she at least might not pack all of us deplorables off to the Hillary Fun Camps. That’s something.

Thursday, October 24, 2019

This is a sham of a process. When you’re talking about reversing an election, particularly for President of the United States, I think you owe it to the American people to do this out in public

Here are 10 questions that Democrat candidates were not asked.

...7. You criticize President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw troops from Syria. But when President Obama withdrew troops from Iraq, Democrats supported the policy — even though it ran counter to the advice Obama got from his national security team. The withdrawal allowed ISIS to grow and metastasize. Obama sent back about 4,000 troops, and the troop level remains about 5,000. Is it not hypocritical to criticize Trump for doing the same thing that Democrats applauded Obama for?...

For anyone who thinks that AG Barr and John Durham are on a fishing expedition around the world following “conspiracy theories”, I have a bridge to sell you in the Sahara. Their findings will change world history.

DOJ IG Horowitz sends letter to Congressional leaders. Says report is going through declassification ("nearing completion"), is lengthy, and he anticipates few redactions. Doesn't foresee "a need to prepare and issue separate classified and public versions."

‘Your question is insane.’ Full interview with Secretary of State Pompeo in Wichita

...Eagle: Has Russia been able to fill the power vacuum that was created by the withdrawal of US troops in Syria?

Pompeo: I’m actually very familiar with this issue. From my time in Congress. I remember who invited the Russians into Syria. It was President Barack Obama. I mean, he didn’t just let them come in.

He invited them in. He had them come in and pretend to be chemical weapons inspectors. He actively worked with the Russian leadership, said no, come on in, come on into Syria. And this administration has taken a very different approach in the Middle East. We’ve identified the worst actor there, the Islamic Republic of Iran. We’ve taken real actions to reduce their capacity to inflict harm, to create instability throughout the Middle East. We came into office, you’ll remember this. There were people in cages heads being cut off. You remember you’ve seen these pictures, cages on fire. The caliphate and taking a piece of real estate that was enormous. ISIS was on the rise. And this administration took a set of policies not only in Syria, but in Iraq and elsewhere in the Middle East, that destroyed the caliphate entirely. We still have counterterrorism risk. Radical Islamic extremism continues to exist not only in the Middle East, but in but in other parts of the world too. This administration is determined to keep the American people safe, to push back against the threat from radical Islamic extremism wherever we find it, whether it’s in western Iraq, or Syria, northeast Syria, in particular, Asia, wherever we find bad actors who are seeking to impose harm on the American people, this administration will seriously deal with it.

Eagle: And what good really is the word of the U.S. in light of the president’s treatment of the Kurds? Has that undercut U.S. credibility?

Pompeo: The whole predicate of your question is insane. The word the United States-- I’ll give you a good example-- the word of the United States is much more respected today than it was just two and a half years ago. The previous administration in Syria, where you asked the question earlier, the previous administration said, ‘Boy, if you use chemical weapons that’s going to be bad,’ and the president drew a red line, President Obama drew a red line. He then duly ignored it. This president said, ‘If you use chemical weapons, I’m going to take action.’ And we fired Tomahawk missiles in to take down that threat to let them know that the cost of violating this, this massive violation of human dignity, these massive human rights violations by using chemical weapons, that there would be a cost imposed for that. And when the President said he would do it. He did. I see that all across the world, we make clear the things that we will do. We also make clear the things that we’re not prepared to do. I think it’s important for people to understand that other countries have to step up too. Other countries must share the burden for not just the security of the world, but security for their own countries. So this president’s been very clear that we have high expectations for how other countries, not just our European partners, but countries in Africa, countries in the Middle East, countries throughout Asia, who depend on the Strait of Hormuz to be up, they need to, they need to do that for themselves as well. And when they do, America will continue to be an enormous partner. I get a chance to travel the world. And when I show up, people want to meet the American secretary of state. They don’t want to meet Mike. They want to meet the American secretary of state who they know can work alongside them to deliver security for their people in an important way....

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Jill Stein:

"Medicare for All will of course require crushing new taxes on average Americans."

The United Nations' Millennium Development goal of halving global poverty by 2015 was met five years early.

Study Finds Only 1.3% of Overdose Victims Had Opioid Prescription

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