Saturday, November 2, 2019

As we move back the clock tonight

Iranian beauty queen seeks asylum in Philippines, fears death if extradited

A little fun

What would have happened to Obamacare if the American people in 2009 had known it would cost $52 trillion to "fix" it?

There has never been a president like him.

"California", argues Victor Davis Hanson, is "becoming pre-modern"

...Millions of fed-up middle-class taxpayers have fled the state. Their presence as a stabilizing influence is sorely missed. About one-third of the nation's welfare recipients live in California. Millions of poor newcomers require enormously expensive state health, housing, education, legal and law-enforcement services.

California is now a one-party state. Democrats have supermajorities in both houses of the legislature. Only seven of the state's 53 congressional seats are held by Republicans. The result is that there is no credible check on a mostly coastal majority.

Huge global wealth in high-tech, finance, trade and academia poured into the coastal corridor, creating a new nobility with unprecedented riches. Unfortunately, the new aristocracy adopted mindsets antithetical to the general welfare of Californians living outside their coastal enclaves. The nobodies have struggled to buy high-priced , pay exorbitant power bills and deal with shoddy infrastructure -- all of which resulted from the policies of the distant somebodies.

California's three most powerful politicians — House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Sen. Dianne Feinstein and Gov. Gavin Newsom — are all multimillionaires. Their lives, homes and privileges bear no resemblance to those of other Californians living with the consequences of their misguided policies and agendas.

The state's elite took revolving-door entries and exits for granted. They assumed that California was so naturally rich, beautiful and well-endowed that there would always be thousands of newcomers who would queue up for the weather, the shore, the mountains and the hip culture.

Yet California is nearing the logical limits of progressive adventurism in policy and politics....

(Victor Davis Hanson is a classicist and historian at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University, and the author of "The Second World Wars: How the First Global Conflict Was Fought and Won," from Basic Books.)

“If the reporting is correct, it implies the ‘whistleblower’ could have been worried Trump was getting close to uncovering Democrat links to Ukraine’s interference in US elections in 2016,”

Trump won in 2016. Democrats have done EVERYTHING they can to un-do it. “Impeachment” is a complete sham.

Both threats of fire and the #KincadeFire itself have brought disruption and destruction to #SonomaCounty wineries

Chip Roy: Republicans must unite around health care freedom

In an age of job mobility, technology, and innovation, Americans require a 21st-century health care system that is affordable, fully portable, and highly personalized.

Everyone, regardless of political party, agrees that our highly regulated health care system isn’t working. Indeed, Democrats cannot run away from the system fast enough, but rather than running in the right direction, they are running into the fire by pushing for Medicare for All. They are doubling down on the very government regulations that have caused our broken system.

It is time for Republicans to offer a true vision for health care reform that will inspire a new generation of Americans to believe in what is possible, not just in what the government says you must have. What we need is a vision of health care freedom.

Health care freedom is the key to unlocking the door for the American spirit of ingenuity and innovation. It will create a vibrant system that will rapidly lower prices by removing government and insurance bureaucrats from between you and your doctor. It will also address the concerns Americans have about pre-existing conditions by fixing the problem before it exists....

Friday, November 1, 2019

#ByeBeto Another one bites the dust.

California (CA-42): Ken Calvert For Congress

Trump Mississippi Rally

Brown blames Trump for fires

Kamala Harris ’ New Hampshire campaign is closing their three field offices in Nashua, Portsmouth and Keene, and has cancelled her trip to New Hampshire that was originally scheduled for next week

Trump confirms US and China have reached partial deal

Also I don’t remember this sentiment ever stopping you from coming to @realDonaldTrump ’s office begging for $.

“Mark Zuckerberg is to be commended for showing the courage to defend free speech."

”Pelosi pleaded the Democrats’ case on the morning of Hallowe’en, titillating her caucus of ghouls, witches, tramps, and thieves with tales about the scary monster in the White House.”

After preparing a failed bill of particulars against the president—Russian election collusion, porn star payoffs, income tax evasion, obstruction of justice, the Emoluments Clause, the 25th Amendment, the Charlottesville rally, the two Michaels (Avenatti and Cohen), Deutsche Bank, Alfa-Bank, and Orange Man Bad—Representative Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) finally has Trump dead-to-rights: A quid pro quo without the quid, the pro, or the quo.

...ringing in the ears of every Democrat and NeverTrumper across the land were the iconic words of #TheResistance hero Rep. Rashida Talib (D-Mich.): “We’re gonna impeach the motherfucker!” You will recall that the freshman Democratic congresswoman from Michigan didn’t waste any time before uttering that profundity. She shouted it on January 4, 2019, just hours after she was sworn in....

“…surrounded by enemies and spies catching and perverting every word that falls from my lips or flows from my pen..."

Thursday, October 31, 2019

One of Turkish President Erdogan's biggest allies met w/Democrat Ilhan Omar last month and donated money to her campaign This week Omar refused to recognize that Turkey committed the Armenian Genocide and she voted against sanctioning Turkey

Not all heroes wear capes...

Report: Saudi National Used A Middleman To Send Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars To The US For Obama Inauguration

Lee Smith's "The Plot Against the President" suggests the present "impeachment inquiry" is the fruit of a poisoned tree.

Democrats steamroll ahead with secret Impeachment scheme...

Overall, about seven-in-ten — or 70 percent — of likely voters say they are believers in America First

Kanye West slams cancel culture and the attempt to diminish Christianity in America

Kamala Harris Laying Off Dozens of Campaign Staffers

Kamala Harris (D-CA) has been forced to lay off dozens of campaign staffers at her Baltimore headquarters as her flailing bid for the White House continues to suffer from poor polling figures and money woes, according to a report.

Politico writes Wednesday that in addition to the layoffs in Baltimore, Harris’s campaign is also slashing or re-deploying staff at her offices in key primary states such as Iowa, New Hampshire, and California. Further, the Harris campaign is cutting salaries of top officials, including campaign manager Juan Rodriguez, who was earning $10,000 per month. “Harris’ consultants will also have their payments reduced and the campaign plans to trim and renegotiate other contracts to slash overhead,” Politico reports.

Harris’ sluggish fundraising performance, paired with overspending, has prompted some inside and outside of her campaign to wonder how long she can keep running for the highest office in the land....

CA blackouts are a self-inflicted mess – Don't just blame PG&E for the new Dark Ages

REPORT: Secret Schiff whistleblower EXPOSED

...Federal documents reveal that the 33-year-old Ciaramella, a registered Democrat held over from the Obama White House, previously worked with former Vice President Joe Biden and former CIA Director John Brennan, a vocal critic of Trump who helped initiate the Russia “collusion” investigation of the Trump campaign during the 2016 election.

Further, Ciaramella (pronounced char-a-MEL-ah) left his National Security Council posting in the White House’s West Wing in mid-2017 amid concerns about negative leaks to the media. He has since returned to CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia.

“He was accused of working against Trump and leaking against Trump,” said a former NSC official, speaking on condition of anonymity to discuss intelligence matters.

Also, Ciaramella huddled for “guidance” with the staff of House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, including former colleagues also held over from the Obama era whom Schiff’s office had recently recruited from the NSC....

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Amazing Photo Shows Doctors Removing Womb With Unborn Baby to Repair Spina Bifida

Hypocrisy: Kamala Harris, Who Convicted Brett Kavanaugh Without a Trial, Says Katie Hill Should Be "Given Due Process"

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez used the wildfire in California to push her extreme climate change agenda

What Happened at Evergreen College

Sunday, October 27, 2019

New Poll Shows Voter Enthusiasm at a 20 Year High and It Has Democrats Nervous

Trump Wins Bipartisan Justice Award, Kamala Harris Throws a Fit

Exposed: Biden Used his Position at Least Twice to Help Issues Hunter’s Firm Was Lobbying

Politicians and special interests are again sounding the alarm saying they “need” more money. But how are they doing with the hard earned dollars we already send them?

"Take the kill shot on Flynn"

The evidence suggests John Brennan’s CIA and the intelligence community did much more than merely pass on details to the FBI. It suggests they fabricated events completely.

The Russia hoax:

The latest list of those allegedly targeted for illegal monitoring by ousted Obama holdover Amb to Ukraine: