Tuesday, January 7, 2020

State Of Fear

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Twenty-four Australians in the state of New South Wales alone have been arrested since early November for intentionally setting bushfires as a record number of blazes blazes continue to burn across the country. More suspects are expected to be questioned in coming days as local police work to find and apprehend culprits who have contributed to the devastating fire season, the Sydney Morning Herald reports. Two dozen people charged with deliberately setting fires are among 183 facing legal action in the state, according to the New South Wales Police Force. In addition to those facing the most serious charges of starting fires intentionally, authorities said another 53 people are facing legal action for not complying with the state’s fire ban and 47 people have faced legal action for discarding a lit cigarette or match on land. Starting a bushfire intentionally and being reckless in causing its spread can result in up to 21 years in prison, authorities said. Legal actions can range “from cautions through to criminal charges,” according to NSW police. The story of man-made fires is the same right across the country, as the Australian newspaper reports.

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