Saturday, March 28, 2020

Another unprepared Democrat who is now scrambling to blame others instead of accepting responsibility

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🔵 Another unprepared Democrat who is now scrambling to blame others instead of accepting responsibility for weak leadership and preparedness.🔵 Thursday on CNN, New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell said her city was given “no red flag” from Homeland Security, FBI or the CDC to cancel the Mardi Gras celebrations to help stop the spread of coronavirus. She argued the agencies follow the “response of our national leader,” who Cantrell said was not taking it seriously. Anchor Wolf Blitzer said, “Experts say, Mayor, that the Mardi Gras celebrations at the end of February in New Orleans may have actually played a role in accelerating the spread of this virus. More than a million people came to your beautiful city at the time. We are showing some video of that right now. At the time, Mayor, did you have any guidance from health experts on the potential risk of coronavirus?” Cantrell answered, “Well, you know that the city of New Orleans as it relates to Mardi Gras, we plan Mardi Gras as a year-long effort. Around a part of our unified command is the federal government. Homeland Security, as well as the FBI. So in reaching out, meaning my health directors and public safety officials, every step of the way consulted with federal partners as well as the CDC in reference to COVID-19.” She continued, “The federal government did not issue any red flags and, therefore, we moved forward with federal agents being a part of our unified command on the ground. And with the first time the city of New Orleans for Mardi Gras, we’re at a rating that was an improvement given to us by the federal government. So every step of the way, the federal government has been partners with us with Mardi Gras. No red flags were given. So absolutely, we moved forward.” Blitzer said, “Yeah, you certainly did. I’ll ask you the same question I asked your governor yesterday with hindsight. We are all obviously a lot smarter with hindsight. Do you think Mardi Gras could or should have been closed this year?” Cantrell said, “Well, if red flags were given at the federal level, leadership matters.”

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