Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Rioting in Minneapolis

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This is Minnesota where black people are now looting and rioting to avenge the death of George Floyd. EXACTLY AS I PREDICTED AND WHY I TOLD YOU MORONS NOT TO TAKE THE MEDIA BAIT. No one—not a single solitary person defended or excused the death of George Floyd, so why is this rioting happen? Because that is what the media wanted. Because it’s what they have trained us to do since the mid 60’s, when they married us to the Democrat Party. The riots of the late sixties should have taught us a lesson: when black Americans began looting, burning, and rioting in Detroit and Chicago, the white business owners left those flourishing cities—which plunged those cities into the poverty and crime-ridden hubs that we see today. When we riot, we harm NO ONE BUT OURSELVES. All of you MORONS who couldn’t see this coming—who did exactly what the left wanted you to do and drummed up the rhetoric claiming that blacks were constantly under threat and there was no way forward— just whose lives did you think you were going to help when you said that? YOU DESTROYED BLACK LIVES. Now, as always, the result will be that black neighborhoods are decimated, black people are arrested, and black families are impoverished, while white liberal politicians will stump on our issues, pretending to be our shoulders to cry on. They will tell us it’s because of system oppression and we will believe it and repeat the same bullshit again, EVERY FOUR YEARS. The truth is that WE DO THIS TO OURSELVES. We allow our black youth to be programmed by a satanic media that tells them that they will never be anything, and life will never be fair so they MIGHT AS WELL lead a life of anger and crime. Our inability to THINK through emotional tragedies is our biggest curse, and the Democrat Party’s biggest blessing. But I’m a coon, right? Well I must be a coon with a crystal ball since I keep accurately predicting EXACTLY what will happen every election cycle. You want me to show some compassion? Why don’t you show some brain cells, and STOP allowing entire generations of our black youth to be ROTTED by the racist white liberals that own and operate the mainstream media. Why don’t you #BLEXIT

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