Saturday, May 30, 2020

The majority of protesters simply want to be heard - not be harmful.

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I thought this was very well said. #Repost @lynnepatton ・・・ The photo you are looking at is of a Louisville Police Officer who was separated from his team during the riots that ravaged across this country last night. . The same photo also depicts a group of black men who realized that the officer was outnumbered and surrounded him to protect him and ensure he wasn’t harmed. . And yes, these are the SAME black men who are also out there to protest AGAINST police. . But their actions in this photo also confirm that the majority of protesters simply want to be heard - not be harmful. . NOW READ THIS NEXT PART CAREFULLY . Those who are protesting, are not always those who are looting. . And those who are looting, are NOT those who are TRULY protesting. . It is all just happening simultaneously . Unfortunately, some people, of all races, take advantage of this situation. . So when you tell the story, tell the COMPLETE story. . And when you speak of people of color, speak of ALL of us. . THIS IS THE AMERICA THAT I KNOW. . DO NOT LET THE MEDIA - ON EITHER SIDE - FAN THESE FALSE FLAMES. . So @CNN & @omarcnn - YOU ARE NOT THE VICTIMS HERE. . #GEORGEFLOYD AND COUNTLESS OTHERS ARE . REMEMBER THEIR NAMES 🇺🇸 . Via #ElizabethStone

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