Friday, May 29, 2020

This is getting really scary.

Meanwhile: Across the country people are posting this message on their Facebook pages:

I am respectfully asking this of all my friends and family.

I understand that some of us differ in our beliefs regarding COVID19.

I also understand that some of you will be downloading the COVID19 app which promotes "for the greater good, for our safety, for the safety of our loved ones"!

If I am one of your "contacts" and YOU intend on installing the app,"Healthy Together""AB Trace Together"or a similar tracing app, please DELETE ME from your phone contact list, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter pages PRIOR to installing the app on your Smartphone! The app WILL ask for permission to access your contact list, and NO ONE has my consent to use my phone number or any other identifying contact info in connection with these tracking apps which will identify me and locate me without my knowledge or permission.

Even Snopes verifies that GPS capabilities are part of these apps and there are several more in development that have raised serious privacy issues.

Thank you for understanding that this is NOTHING personal! To educate yourself simply Google COVID19 APP ~ and feel free to copy and paste this to your page