Thursday, June 11, 2020

Candace Owens: Black Lives Matter riots have destroyed more innocent black lives in the last month, than white officers have in a decade.

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OH MY GOD!! BLACK LIVES MATTER FUNDING GOES DIRECTLY TO WHITE DEMOCRATS AND THEIR VARIOUS INITIATIVES TO GET DEMOCRATS INTO OFFICE. This is CRAZY. It was ALL a scam! I am honestly shocked by how evil this all is. They are using Breonna Taylor’s face and George Floyd’s death to funnel MILLIONS to support Joe Biden’s campaign. This is DESPICABLE. I knew it was all suspicious. The rioting and looting and chaos was meant to make white people feel guilty enough and black people feel angry enough to donate MILLIONS. Well ladies and gentlemen, here is where all of your millions are going. TO THE WEALTHY WHITE DEMOCRATIC ESTABLISHMENT. Breonna and George Floyd died so that Joe Biden could have more funds to go up against Trump in this upcoming election. The celebrities were effectively pressured into getting their fans to pony up to the Joe Biden’s election. Black Americans have always been used as slaved to earn wealth for white Democrats. This is absolutely sickening. If you are Black person and you ever vote Democrat again after seeing this video, please know that you are not a serious person in this world. Video Credit: @libertyconscript #blacklivesmatter #joebiden #biden2020 #scam #trump2020 #democrats #georgefloyd #breonnataylor

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