Sunday, June 28, 2020

Despite the surveys showing Biden leading President Trump by double digits...

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🔷Democrat Party Disaster🔷 Key battleground state voters remain unsure on Joe Biden’s (D) ability to “mentally and physically” handle the duties of the presidency, a Restoration PAC poll released this week found. Voters across three key Rust Belt states — Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania — were asked, “Do you believe Joe Biden is fully up the task mentally and physically to handle the duties of president of the United States?” Despite the surveys showing Biden leading President Trump by double digits in each of the states, voters appear to remain unsure if the former vice president is up to the task of the presidency. Slightly over 50 percent of Michigan voters said “yes,” Biden is up to the task. However, 40.2 percent said “no,” and another 9.5 percent indicated that they were “undecided” on the matter. Similarly, 50 percent of respondents in Wisconsin expressed confidence in Biden, while 42.2 percent said “no” and 7.8 percent remained undecided. Pennsylvania voters expressed similar sentiments. Only 48.7 percent said Biden was up to the task both mentally and physically, compared to 45 percent who said “no” and 6.3 percent who remained unsure. Across the board, the results are virtually split between those who definitively say Biden is mentally and physically able to handle the presidency and those who said “no” and remain uncertain. The survey was conducted June 8-20 among 600 likely voters in each of the three states. The margin of error is +/- three percent. The results come as the Biden campaign continues in limiting the former vice president’s appearances, thereby minimizing the number of verbal flubs, freezes, and controversial remarks. Biden came under fire on Thursday after falsely stating that the coronavirus had killed 120 million people — right before a live stream of his event in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, appeared to glitch out. There have been 495,020 coronavirus-related deaths worldwide, according to the Johns Hopkins database’s Saturday morning results.

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