Thursday, June 4, 2020

I walked away from the left because I realized they were terrible...I had no idea they were THIS terrible

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From #WashTimes' @HeyTammyBruce : Courtesy of our educational infrastructure having been transformed into leftist indoctrination centers, the result is politicians who care only about ideology where citizens are collateral damage in their march toward a leftist utopia. ➤Tap the link in our bio to read more Our media is populated with news-actors who are similarly bound to their teachers’ idols of social justice, political correctness and identity politics. All of our institutions are suffering from the twin masters of identity politics and woke philosophy. In New York City during the riots, two individuals were arrested for attempting to bomb a marked New York Police Department cruiser with a Molotov cocktail. Upon arrest, police found additional material in the car to make more Molotov cocktails, and the booking complaint alleges they intended to hand out the bombs to other rioters. @IWV #commentary #opinion #education #riots #washingtontimes #antifa #politics #culture #police

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