Saturday, June 27, 2020

Mounting Evidence Points to Covid Refugees from Mexico as a Major Factor in Border-State Spikes

States appear to be transporting many to interior facilities to keep bed space free on the border as the influx continues, adding to the impression that these imported patients were infected inside the United States due to lifting lock-downs rather than in Mexico, where few social distancing measures were implemented.

The Times and now Reuters have reported that California, for instance, has been airlifting Covid patients from "saturated" border clinics to hospitals in the state's interior.

In a recent interview with California Pastor Tim Thompson, who produces a Youtube video program titled "This is Our Watch", registered nurse Megan Hill, who is working with Covid patients in Riverside County, Calif., said her patients say they are being flown by helicopter to her hospital from border facilities overwhelmed by Mexico Covid refugees.

"According to my patients, they are coming over from Mexico because they're not getting treated in Mexico. They are flying helicopters every hour — bam, bam, bam — constantly flying them. It's definitely happening."

Hill said she does not know the nationalities of the patients, nor does she ask, but "What I do know is that a lot of them are Spanish-speaking only. What I do know is what my patients said, is a lot of them are coming over the border and going to the hospital and they're flying them from that hospital."

Hill also said she believes California is double counting these cases, once at the border, and then again at Riverside County hospitals.

"Our county is counting these people as [new positives in] Riverside County. They are not. They have tested positive already in the county of San Diego. They're flying them over to the county of Riverside so if they're going to do that why is Riverside taking those counts?"