Sunday, July 26, 2020

California Churches defying Newsom’s lockdown

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Two churches in California are defying Gov. Gavin Newsom’s orders to keep their doors closed because of the coronavirus, including Grace Community Church in a Los Angeles suburb, where Pastor John MacArthur posted a letter on Friday titled, “Christ, Not Caesar, Is Head of the Church.” The letter said the church does not need the state’s permission to hold church services and urged other congregations to follow suit. “Our prayer is that every faithful congregation will stand with us in obedience to our Lord as Christians have done through the centuries,” the letter concluded. McCarthy’s letter comes weeks after Calvary Church Chino Hills, also a Southern California congregation, opened its door for service on May 31, Pentecost Sunday — the holy day that celebrates the anointing of the church by the Holy Spirit 50 days after Christ’s resurrection. “The church transcends the governments of this world and the politics of this world because the church is a living, breathing, divine institution,” Pastor Jack Hibbs said in a video addressing other pastors about the lockdown and announcing the decision to reopen the church. “We want to be safe. We want to be wise. We want to be sensitive to the weakest among us,” Hibbs said. “Are we going to open our doors? Are we going to preach the Gospel?” Hibbs stated. Hibbs said his prayer is that a “revival might break forth across this land” because California churches opened their doors.

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