Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Trump gave the Democrats all the rope they wanted, and they put it to the best possible use. THEY STRUNG THEMSELVES UP.

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🔴Good luck with that, Democrats 🔴 Voters who have experienced violent anti-police protests in their community are more likely to vote for President Donald Trump in the election, according to a recent poll. The poll from Rasmussen Reports showed that nearly 42 percent of U.S. voters had some form of anti-police protest in their community over the summer. Nearly half of those voters said the protests turned violent, and of all voters, 65 percent say the violent protests in communities across the country are an important factor that will determine their election choice this November. The poll also showed that among the voters who experienced violent protests in their communities, 76% consider the violence important to their vote. In June, some of these property owners and potential voters had to hire private security forces to defend themselves against violent protesters. Of these voters, 63 percent of them “strongly approve” of the job Trump is doing, while 35 percent of voters “strongly disapprove” of Trump’s job performance, according to the poll. The overall RealClearPolitics average job approval rating for Trump for the week of September 3-September 14 is 45.1 percent.

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