Thursday, October 1, 2020

The Shame Of Racist Hoaxer Chris Wallace!

Make a note of the format: (1) ideology, (2) particular groups, and (3) denounce, denounce, denounce as a way of implying association or guilt. 

What many viewers didn't know is that Wallace asked this same question—same format in 2016 of Trump. This was in the middle of the Republican primary. If Trump was looking for a political advantage he'd be willing to place over principle or his own values, this would've been the time to do it. Trump did not hold back in repeating his denunciation of white supremacy, David Duke, the KKK—and all that stuff. 

 Did you notice that Wallace has the same format in 2020 that he used in 2016? (1) the ideology of white supremacy, (2) particular groups, and (3) call to denounce. 

 Here are the facts (just off the top of my head): 

  • In 2014, when I met Trump, he told me wild stories of him and Sammy Davis, Jr. He also denounced Donald Sterling's racism that very day. That was my first day with Trump. I shed some of my preconceived notions about him then but still opposed him in the 2016 primary.  
  • In 2016, Trump received a larger portion of the Black vote than any modern Republican. Trump pushed Black unemployment to an all-time low.  
  • Last week, Trump announced that he was designated ANTIFA and the KKK as terror groups.  
  • Last week, Trump announced a $500 billion plan to invest in the African-American community. 
  • Chris Wallace didn't mention any of Joe Biden's racist comments—from even this year!  
  • Chris Wallace knows how often and how regularly Trump denounces racists — of all types. Wallace is attempting to frame Trump up as someone who peddles in racism and militia groups.