Friday, November 6, 2020

"From the beginning we have said that all legal ballots must be counted and all illegal ballots should not be counted, yet we’ve met resistance for this basic principle by Democrats at every turn"

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Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes (R) announced Friday that he will assist President Donald Trump’s campaign in its legal fight, calling the 2020 presidential election process “compromised.” “Despite months of predictions about a ‘blue wave,’ @GOP kept the Senate & expanded seats in the House,” Reyes wrote on social media. “Biden & his allies know @POTUS will win if only verified, #legal votes are counted. We are making sure that happens but looks like courts may have to decide that. #RuleOfLaw.” He added: “On personal leave time to help prepare and support litigation in several states dealing with compromised election process.” Reyes did not specify which states he will work on. His announcement comes days after he defeated his Democrat opponent, Salt Lake defense attorney Greg Skordas, for re-election. The Trump campaign has alleged voter fraud in the election, filing several lawsuits in key battleground states such as Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Nevada. On Thursday, the Nevada Republican Party said its legal team sent a criminal referral to the Department of Department regarding alleged voter fraud in the state. “Our lawyers just sent a criminal referral to AG Barr regarding at least 3,062 instances of voter fraud,” the Nevada GOP’s official account wrote on Twitter. “We expect that number to grow substantially. Thousands of individuals have been identified who appear to have violated the law by casting ballots after they moved from NV.” The announcement came after the Trump campaign filed a federal lawsuit in Las Vegas in an effort to halt the counting of what it described was “illegal votes” in Nevada. The campaign alleges the deceased and nonresidents cast ballots in the state’s election.

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