Wednesday, January 20, 2021

This is certainly a message of hope.

Thank you, Mr. President, for everything you’ve done. It shouldn’t be ending this way, but I and 74 million other Americans just want to thank you for all your efforts on our behalf over the past four years, actually since you came down the escalator at Trump Tower back in the summer of 2015.... Thank you for Operation Warp Speed, an amazing achievement for which you will never receive the appropriate credit. Thanks for pardoning all the persecuted victims of the Russian collusion hoax, among them Gen. Michael Flynn and Roger Stone. Thank you for eliminating Obamacare’s “individual mandate,” which fined individuals for not buying health insurance they didn’t want or couldn’t afford. Thank you for taking more questions from (almost always hostile) reporters than all of the last three or four presidents combined. Thanks for getting the U.S. out of such foreign policy disasters as the Iran nuclear deal, the Paris Climate Accords and the Trans-Pacific Partnership, as well as ending the fiasco for American workers that was NAFTA. Thanks for such a booming economy that seven million people got off the food-stamp rolls. Thanks for all those tweets that drove the Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) crazy. Also, a personal note on Twitter: Thanks for the three tweets promoting my book, “What Really Happened: How Donald J. Trump Saved America from Hillary Clinton.” As Donald Trump Jr. told me: “That’s two tweets more than he gave my book!” Thank you for not turning the IRS into an instrument of persecution against your political foes, the way your predecessor did. Thanks for not surveilling reporters a la the Obama administration.... read the rest at the link.