Friday, June 11, 2021

Normal, Healthy People Don't Want To Be Dictators

“Everyone should reflect on the bloody history of socialism and communism, so often with beautiful banners and abundant promises, but a decade later, most of the wannabe bosses are dead or missing in action, replaced by others like themselves.  The smell of death hangs over this history.  The bigger the government, the more power is taken from the people and given to commissars and bureaucrats.  These people work to increase the concentration of power in fewer hands — their hands.

“Here is the essence of the matter.  Communists want you to think their theories and plans are concerned with you and your happiness.  That's a lie.  Their theories are concerned with helping them gain control of you.

“ Indeed, the real common denominator of the top socialists and communists is their extreme comfort level with imprisonment, suffering, and death.

“You probably have noticed that our public schools seem determined to teach everything that makes America look bad.  In reality, American history contains almost nothing comparable to the vast, relentless Terror that is the norm in most historical socialist and communist countries.

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