Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Are you buying it? Gavin Newsom Goes Captain Queeg

Between the U-Haul trucks heading due South and East, the shuttered small businesses, the high crime, and stepping over feces, needles, and inebriated and blunted homeless people, tell us, Hair Gel: what exactly are you doing right?

...Is he auditioning for the role in Rainman? Is he high? Jealous much?! Hair Gel continued to gaslight about how all this “growth” and innovation that is resident in the State is not just for the “fancy folks in Silicon Valley”.

Uh huh…

Tell that to the independent professionals who have been destroyed with AB5. Tell that to Toyota, Oracle, Charles Schwab, and all the other big corporations that have done the California Adios. Unlike Newsom’s friends in the media, they would all laugh in his face; and some of us might even spit in it.

It’s that real.

Then Newsom really went on a tear about Texas...