Sunday, August 22, 2021

Democrats increasingly embrace censorship from the government and Big Tech

...It seems that the pandemic has increased Democratic support for censorship when it should have had the exact opposite effect. From Dr. Anthony Fauci’s repeated lies to the World Health Organization accepting the Chinese government’s information about the virus uncritically, health officials have shown that their declarations can’t be trusted when it comes to policing the internet.

And, of course, the big winner is the Chinese government, which caused this pandemic in the first place and used its clout at the WHO to suppress that information by dismissing the theory that COVID-19 leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology. It wasn’t long ago that the lab leak theory was treated as a conspiracy theory by many public health experts and American media outlets, including most notably by the Washington Post.

This is something that some Republican politicians and pundits should keep in mind as they advocate for more government regulation of the tech policies on censorship. Democrats are increasingly eager to use both tech companies and the government to restrict the flow of information, even if it means censoring content based on inaccurate information.