Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Clinton Bagman and Scumbag Terry McAuliffe Concedes Race —posted by Ace

Youngkin Wins in Virginia !

"Here's my take-away: This is cause for relief and happiness and vindication and even joy.

And maybe even a newfound confidence in our... sanity.

For five years -- or maybe fourteen, going back to Obama's first campaign -- we on the right have consistently told ourselves, "The left is going too far, the public will not have it, they will check and chastise the left for their lunacy."

And yet, with some occasional setbacks (the Red Tide of 2010, Trump's momentous victory), the left has gotten crazier and crazier and nastier and more fascist and have paid very little price. In fact, they've mostly... prospered.

This has left many of us feeling despondent, dispirited, and alienated from a country we used to love. We felt as though we were internal exiles in a country that was now occupied by a hostile, alien, lunatic force.

But this win may indicate that the Slow Bus Public, even the Surburban Karens and Wine Aunts, may have finally realized that, yes, the left is quite insane and they are infecting and reinfecting each other with more viral insanity and cultivating their insanity and deliberately infecting our children with insanity and competing with each other in some psychologically morbid olympics of lunancy.

And so there is comfort to be had in feeling: Ah, thank God! And I was beginning to worry that I was the crazy one here!

That has immense personal benefits and it will also have great political benefits. A demoralized movement is a defeated movement. An energized movement is an advancing one."