Sunday, December 19, 2021

The perfect comeback for mask bullies this holiday season

The perfect comeback for mask bullies this holiday season: The first time I heard “Omicron” I thought it was a new Transformer villain. Before you laugh, I have a sneaking suspicion that COVID variants are named with an eye to creating alarm. Delta Force is a Special Forces unit involved in count...

"I went shopping today for the first time since the new mandate took effect. As I entered the store, an employee waved a handful of masks and asked if I would like one. I said no, I would not.

She responded that most people are happy to put on a mask because they want to avoid infection. I told her that I believe in the vaccine, that it is safe and effective and will prevent illness, and just like that, she backed off like a vampire confronted with garlic.

It was the perfect comeback, scientific, logical, and irrefutable, especially to anyone who does not exercise critical thinking. I recommend it to one and all for a happy holiday season."

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