Saturday, March 13, 2021

The liberal fake news media oversold the January 6th protest and “riot” at the US Capitol as a terrorist attack, an armed insurgency, a pre-planned plot to take over the US Capitol. It was all a lie.

Without question, Gavin Newsom has failed the people of California. Now, the people are standing up and speaking out.

The long knives are out for Cuomo


Friday, March 12, 2021

Actually, the Portland Riots were FAR WORSE. AND STILL ARE.

Joe Biden's Inspiring Vision of Defeating COVID-19 Is Depressingly Bleak

Some additional thoughts on Biden's speech posted earlier

“On Thursday, President Joe Biden held out a promise of returning to normalcy amid the COVID-19 pandemic that perfectly encapsulates the depressing nature of his presidency.”  PJ Media.

From 'Just the News"

GOP Rep. Thomas Massie of Kentucky tweeted: "If you’re waiting for permission from the chief executive to celebrate Independence Day with your family, you clearly don't grasp the concept of Independence." 

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) also characterized the speech as "bizarre."

"That was the most bizarre speech from any US President I’ve ever seen. Does Biden know about all the open states? He says everyone must get the vaccine & we might get to have a BBQ with our families on July 4th. Should we tell him most of us have been doing that the past year?" the Georgia Republican tweeted.

"This is a free people, this is a free country, how dare you tell us who we can spend the Fourth of July with," conservative commentator Tucker Carlson said on his Fox News program not long after Biden had concluded his speech.

"So Biden says that if we're good little boys and girls, we can get together in small groups by July 4," conservative commentator Ben Shapiro tweeted, while pointing to the CDC recommendations. "In other words, he's promising something by JULY that we're already doing today. And the CDC guidance is already too restrictive by an order of magnitude. But I guess we're supposed to be grateful for any crumbs of liberty offered by his beneficent hand," Shapiro wrote.

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Thursday, March 11, 2021

Only 7,141 people tuned in

There is something wrong with this man...



Update - We have reached 1.95 Million Signatures (unofficial count)! - Let's bridge the gap to 2 Million! WE CAN DO THIS! SIGN THE RECALL PETITION TODAY! Come in to our office to sign the petition or SEE BELOW TO PRINT OUT AND SIGN THE PETITION. Thank you!

If you already signed prior to June 10th, 2020 you MUST sign again now… RECALL GAVIN NEWSOM! Gavin Newsom has failed California. SIGN THE RECALL PETITION TODAY! Come in to our office to sign the petition or SEE BELOW TO PRINT OUT AND SIGN THE PETITION. Thank You!

You can mail the petition in according to the printed instructions on the bottom of the petition or drop off at:

EUREKA, CA 95501

You can also SIGN THE PETITION at our office, or pick up copies to get friends to sign. Our Office is open 10:00 - 1:00 Monday through Saturday Thank you!

“The federal government refuses to test migrants before release unless they're visibly sick, even though COVID-19 continues to rage in Mexico.”

Miracle Premature Baby Born at 25 Weeks in a Car During a Snowstorm is Now Thriving

Steve Bannon Says It’s Time For Americans to Prepare for the Big “Transition”

From Big League Politics:

Former Trump White House advisor and Breitbart editor warned of a pending transition to Kamala Harris as President last week, pointing to the neoliberal corporatist’s high profile within the Biden administration and Biden’s seemingly worsening cognitive decline.

Bannon made the prediction of an upcoming Harris presidency in an episode of his War Room show last week.

Harris’ candidacy was wholly rejected by Democrat primary voters in 2020, and the neoliberal corporatist was placed onto the Democratic ticket at the behest of influential oligarchs within the party. Shoehorning Harris in as President would allow Democrat elites to ignore promises related to policy concerns of everyday Americans, instead touting Harris’ identity checklist features while ramming through an establishment agenda.

“This has to be put on the table. This is going to happen. How do you transfer power to Kamala Harris, and quite frankly, how is the fix in on this in the first place?”