Friday, April 16, 2021

10 Local Residents Have Contracted Covid-19 Despite Being Fully Vaccinated

10 Local ‘Breakthrough’ Cases Reported

They can't handle the truth. Project Veritas releases bombshell undercover footage showing senior CNN employees admitting to using “propaganda.” Twitter bans James O'Keefe in retaliation.

But WAIT!! There's more... 

Why has the @CAGOP chairwoman been locked out of her Twitter account...? Did she commit the sin of criticizing the Governor or dare to point out failures of the left?

From 47% to 12% WOW!!!

Poll: MLB Falls To Lower Approval Ratings Than Football [Ace] — Ace Open Blog

Baseball had gained in popularity due to the contrast with the absurd and selfish posturings of overpaid children in the NFL and NBA.

New data from Morning Consult Brand Intelligence, which tracks consumer attitudes, indicates that MLB’s net favorability rating among Republicans plummeted from 47 percentage points in mid-March to just 12 points at the end of last week, following the league’s decision to relocate its events. Net favorability is calculated by taking the difference between the share of respondents with a positive opinion of the league and the share with a negative opinion.

MLB had the highest net favorability rating among Republicans of the four major sports leagues prior to the All-Star Game decision, but last week dropped below that of both the NHL and NFL

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

From Tom Lifson @ American Thinker

The National Collegiate Athletic Association, a cartel controlling the multibillion-dollar college athletics business, may be painting itself into a corner…..

Because of Title IX regulations, women's sports receive equal funding to male collegiate sports, so for males who cannot qualify for the varsity in their own sex, declaring themselves female can gain access to varsity status, including the travel and coaching benefits that come with such status, especially at major schools with multimillion-dollar athletic budgets.  Hop on to that charter flight to a distant school and enjoy the status of big-time athletics, even if you couldn't make the men's team junior varsity. 

If push comes to shove with the NCAA versus the Great State of Florida, it will be irresistible to the media, and I doubt very seriously that the public will line up behind the NCAA.

This could get fascinating and at times hilarious.

Monday, April 12, 2021

HRWF April 15th Lunch Meeting with Special Guest Speaker!!!!!!

    Doors open at 10:30, meeting starts at 11:15

Make your reservations now! 


 Contact Valerie Simons at no later than Monday evening, April 12 to make your lunch reservation.  

            Enjoy a box lunch from Murphy's for $15.  

            No lunch?  $5 will supply you with coffee/water and help pay the rent!

            Bring your friends with you!   

            Know someone you'd like to join HRWF - bring her along!

            We are looking for more Republican women to become members!

Join us at the Eureka Veterans Memorial Hall to hear from Richard Stenger of Press California.  He will help us learn about news that is being buried in our challenged blue state. 


FYI: April newsletter is at the printer. It should be in your mailbox before the meeting.  Bring your copy with you and help up save paper by not having to print as many copies of the revised bylaws.


We are looking forward to seeing you Thursday!!

Politicians Seek Revenge Against Those Who Signed the Recall Petition.  This Tyranny and Intimidation must be Stopped!

Failing to stop the rcall effort, politicians are seeking revenge and intimidation against those who signed the petition. Click to read more:

Sunday, April 11, 2021

CNN/Brian Stelter/Media Matters melting down that conservatives are not posting vaccine selfies


Not just one mansion... but four high-end homes for $3.2 million in the US alone, complete with airplane hangars

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