Saturday, October 16, 2021

This is what's called anarcho-tyranny. It's selective punishment while ignoring the rule of law.

Democrats are against free speech and the free exchange of ideas

Democrats care about being woke, not about you

Friday, October 15, 2021

American-made products don't get stuck on cargo ships

A Nike Executive Admits to Murdering Someone and Gets 'Positive' Responses

Why take the job if you're not going to BE THERE?

Virginia Democrats actually voted to allow schools to refrain from reporting sexual battery incidents

Thursday, October 14, 2021

Sheet Metal, Air, Rail and Transportation Union Announces Stand Against Forced Vaccines

Newsom is now asking a Court of Appeals to remove the vaccine mandate for a union that gave him $1.75 million. Every other mandate needs to go immediately

Everything costs more

The truth comes out about the Biden Crime Family, one piece at a time. They can't hide it forever

“The last time oil and gas prices were this expensive, Joe Biden was the sitting Vice President.”

We are being locked into platforms by virtue of their undeniable usefulness

“Facebook’s behavior isn’t just anti-competitive; it’s anti-consumer. We are being locked into platforms by virtue of their undeniable usefulness, and then prevented from making legitimate choices over how we use them—not just through the squashing of tools like Unfollow Everything, but through the highly manipulative designs and features platforms adopt in the first place.”

More disastrous polling for Democrats

San Francisco's COVID-19 vaccine mandate goes into effect today and more than 100 police officers are being pulled off the force for failing to get the shot.

Too bad. American and Southwest stand by vaccine mandate despite Abbott's ban on mandates

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Not so fast

So much more corruption was revealed by this exposé than anyone could have imagined - BUT WAIT! There's more!

One year ago, The Post revealed that Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop carried proof he sold influence while his father served as vice president — and his dad, now president, knew it. Yet most other media treated the story itself as the scandal, reporting only on vague claims that sought to undermine it rather than rushing (as they would’ve under the last president) to advance it themselves.

And Twitter and Facebook rushed to block it, squelching vital information even as America voted.

None of them has learned any lesson except that it worked: Big Tech and Big Media got their way, at the expense of our democracy....

The Post’s Miranda Devine has detailed many other shocking stories from the laptop, with texts suggesting Joe paid for Hunter’s drug-fueled stay in Los Angeles that had the Secret Service concerned. And still the Bidens don’t deny a thing, while other media sit silent....

Big Media and Big Tech don’t want you asking such questions. We’ll keep asking them. They shouldn’t be allowed to get away with it again.

Happy Birthday to our @USNavy!

jUsT pRiNt mOrE mOnEy 💰