Saturday, November 13, 2021

Andrew Cuomo barred state health officials from coordinating with their local government counterparts, including the NYC Dept of Health

"Their final, most essential command."

"The only white supremacists in this situation were the white people trying to destroy a black neighborhood."

Netherlands: Protestors arrive in force to stop the tyranny

How to destroy the economy

Does the Biden administration really not know the difference between $0 and $1.75 trillion?

Chinese embassy has reportedly been lobbying American companies to oppose China-related legislation

Seattle So Dangerous They Will Escort Public Workers Out of City

Federal Appeals Court Blocks Biden’s ‘Staggeringly Overboard’ Vaccine Mandate

Friday, November 12, 2021

The San Francisco Soros DA recall is happening.

California's draft congressional map

The Igor Danchenko Indictment Reveals How the DOJ and FBI Used a Known Liar to Target Political Enemies

...Durham’s indictment makes clear that Danchenko was not “truthful and cooperative,” and the DOJ was aware of that fact while they continued to use the Russian as a credible source to pursue FISA warrants on Trump associates. Worse, it appears likely that the DOJ and FBI were also aware of the Clinton campaign’s connections to the dossier and Danchenko....

Thursday, November 11, 2021

Navy Seals suing Biden over his vax mandate

Inflation, Skyrocketing Gas Prices, Worse and Worse

DOJ ‘Deepest level of corruption’

Thank you Veterans!